many plants can not live in saltwater, since the water drowns their roots and the salt poisons their systems. Seaweed, however, is not a true plant and does not use solution that can be waterlogged. It has thick, rubbery stems that safeguard it from the corrosive s water, and uses simplified versions that roots and leaves to organize it in place and also absorb sunlight. More complex types of seaweed also have committed bladders that allow it come float.

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Although it each other a plant, seaweed is actually a kind of facility algae. An easy types the algae form plant plankton and the tiny colonies the live in pools and also other still-water habitats. Seaweed algae, top top the various other hand, builds chin into more complicated, multi-cellular execution that have the right to withstand the turbulent and deep waters of the ocean. Choose plants, seaweed relies on sunshine to develop energy through photosynthesis and also has simplified leaf and also root structures that help anchor the in place.

Seaweed deserve to survive in countless different water environments but practically always needs some type of solid surface ar from which to grow. The organism grow a specialized structure referred to as a holdfast that cements that to rock or right into soil, and absorbs crucial nutrients from the water around it. Some varieties of seaweed can thrive to numerous feet to reach near the water"s surface, wherein they deserve to receive essential sunshine. Many varieties of seaweed eventually build into entire nests or forests, i beg your pardon can flourish for miles. Seaweed the washes increase on the coast has broken or died and also lost call with its hold surface.


Seaweed can develop either asexually or sexually. Simpler, smaller types of seaweed usage asexual reproduction, creating small spores the swim away from the parent, establish themselves in new locations, and grow right into individual organisms. Other varieties create male and also female cells the join and also produce a brand-new organism, comparable to the means that moss reproduces.

Seaweed come in three various varieties: green, red and brown (although blue-green algae is sometimes thought about a form of seaweed together well). Environment-friendly algae grows just three feet long at the most, and is most valuable for sea creatures, who eat and also hide in it. Red algae has the most applications to human being industry, but brown algae consists of the kelp family and grows by much the largest out the the 3 varieties. The woodlands that brown algae develop are house to distinct environments of naval life that can survive nowhere else.

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Certain kelps room edible and used in various dishes, but red birds is harvest in big quantities to create a vegetable gelatin offered in a large number that foods and cosmetic products. Several of the larger kelps are also used to produce fertilizers, medicines and also dietary chemicals.

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