In the work of the Soviet Union, Christmas was no celebrated very much. Brand-new Year was made into the crucial time. Complying with the transformation in 1917, Christmas to be banned as a religious holiday in 1929 and Christmas Trees were banned until 1935 as soon as they turned into "New Year" Trees! If world did want to celebrate Christmas, they had to perform it in secret just in their families.

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After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, human being were totally free to memory Christmas again. However it"s quiet a quieter and smaller vacation in Russia after ~ the huge New Year celebrations.

The brand-new Year is the big time because that spending numerous money and also eating and drinking lots. Christmas is much much more religious and also private.

New Year is likewise when "Grandfather Frost" (known in Russian as "Ded Moroz" or Дед Мороз) bring presents come children. The is constantly accompanied through his Grandaughter (Snegurochka). On new Year"s eve children hold hands, do a circle approximately the Christmas tree and call for Snegurochka or Ded Moroz. Once they show up the star and also other lights on the Christmas tree light up! Ded Moroz dead a large magic staff. The classic greeting for Happy brand-new Year is "S Novym Godom".

Christmas in Russia is normally celebrated on January 7th (only a few Catholics can celebrate it on the 25th December). The date is different because the Russian Orthodox Church uses the old "Julian" calendar for spiritual celebration days. The Orthodox Church likewise celebrates Advent. But it has actually fixed dates, starting on 28th November and going come the 6th January, therefore it"s 40 days long.

The official Christmas and new holidays in Russia last from December 31st to January 10th.


In Russian Happy/Merry Christmas is "s rah-zh-dee-st-VOHM" (C рождеством!) or "s-schah-st-lee-vah-vah rah-zh dee-st-vah" (Счастливого рождества!). Happy/Merry Christmas in lots an ext languages.

Some people fast (don"t eat anything) top top Christmas Eve, until the an initial star has appeared in the sky. Civilization then eat "sochivo" or "kutia" a porridge make from wheat or rice offered with honey, poppy seeds, fruit (especially berries and also dried fruit like raisins), chopped walnuts or sometimes even fruit jellies!

Kutia is sometimes consumed from one usual bowl, this symbolizes unity. In the past, some households like to throw a spoonful that sochivo increase on the ceiling. If it grounding to the ceiling, some world thought it expected they would certainly have great luck and would have actually a good harvest!

The Russian word because that Christmas night "sochelnik", originates from the word "sochivo".

Some Orthodox Christian Russians also don"t eat any meat or fish during the Christmas night meal/feast.

Other famous Christmas Eve foods items include, beetroot soup (borsch) or vegetable potluck (solyanka) served with individual vegetable pies (often made v cabbage, potato, or mushroom); sauerkraut, porridge bowl such together buckwheat through fried onions and fried mushrooms, salads regularly made native vegetables prefer gherkins, mushroom or tomatoes, and also potato or other root vegetable salads. The meal often consists of 12 dishes, representing the 12 disciples of Jesus.

"Vzvar" (meaning "boil-up") is frequently served in ~ the finish of the meal. It"s a sweet drink make from dried fruit and honey boiled in water. Vzvar is traditionally at the birth of a child, so in ~ Christmas it symbolizes the birth of the infant Jesus.

Following the meal, prayers could be said and people then go to the midnight Church services. They frequently don"t to wash the dishes until they obtain home native Church - sometimes not until 4.00am or 5.00am!

The key meal top top Christmas job is often much more of a feast with dishes prefer roast pork & goose, Pirog and Pelmeni (meat dumplings). Dessert is regularly things choose fruit pies, gingerbread and also honeybread cookies (called Pryaniki) and also fresh and also dried fruit and an ext nuts.

There are Russian Christmas cookies called Kozulya which room made in the shape of a sheep, goat or deer.

In part areas, kids will go carol singing round the dwellings of friends and also family and to wish world a happy new year. Lock are normally rewarded through cookies, sweets and also money.

To civilization in western Europe and the USA, one of the most famous things around Christmas in Russia is the story that Babushka. Babushka method Grand mommy in Russian. It speak the story of an old women that met the Wise men on their means to see Jesus.

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However, most human being in Russia have NEVER heard that the story together it was probably produced by one American poet and writer referred to as Edith Matilda thomas in 1907! I"ve had countless emails from Russian visitors to the site who have actually never heard the story before!

The Story the Babushka

Once in a tiny Russian town, there lived a women called Babushka. Babushka constantly had work to execute sweeping, polishing, dusting and cleaning. Her house was the ideal kept, many tidy home in the entirety village. Her garden was beautiful and also her cooking was wonderful. One night she was busy dusting and cleaning, so busy that she didn"t hear all the villagers exterior in the town square talking around and looking at the new star in sky.

She had heard about the new star but thought, "All this fuss around a star! ns don"t also have the moment to look because I"m so behind through my work. I need to work every night!" So, she let go the star together it shone brightly, high overhead. She likewise missed the small line of twinkling lights comes down in the direction of the village at dawn. She didn"t listen the sounds of the pipes and drums. She missed the voices and whispers the the villagers wondering whether the lights to be an military or a procession of some sort. She let go the sudden quiet the the villagers and even the footsteps coming up the course to she door. But the one point that she couldn"t miss out on was the loud knocking on her front door!

"Now what is that?" she wondered, opened the door. Babushka gaped in amazement. There to be three monarchs at her door with one of their servants! "My masters need a location to rest," the servant said, "and yours is the ideal house in the village." "You desire to stay here?" request Babushka. "Yes, that would just be until night falls and also the star appears again." the servant replied. Babushka gulped. "Come in, then." she said.

The monarchs were very pleased when they saw every one of the the the home-baked bread, pies and cakes. She dashed about, offer them, asking numerous questions. "Have friend come a lengthy way?" "A really long way." sighed Caspar. "Where room you going?" "We"re adhering to the new star." said Melchior. "But where?" The emperors didn"t know, but they thought that it would certainly lead the to a new-born king, a King the Earth and Heaven. "Why don"t friend come with us?" asked Balthasar. "You could carry him a gift choose we do. I carry gold, and my colleagues lug spices and perfumes." "Oh, I"m not certain that he would certainly welcome me," stated Babushka, "and what could I lug for a gift? Toys! I understand I could carry a toy. I"ve obtained a cupboard full of toys." she stated sadly. "My infant son, died when he was small." Balthasar quit her as she went to tidy the kitchen up. "This new king could be your king too. Come v us when the star appears tonight." the said. "I"ll think around it." sighed Babushka.

As the queens slept, Babushka tidied up as quietly together she could. "What a many extra job-related there was!" she thought, "and this brand-new king, what a funny idea, to go off through the kings to discover him."

Babushka shook herself. There was no time for dreaming, all this washing-up and also putting away had actually to be done. "Anyway," she thought, "how long would she be away? What would certainly she wear? What about the gift?" She sighed. "There is so lot to do. The home will need to be cleaned once they"ve gone. I couldn"t just leave it." unexpectedly it to be night-time again and the star was in the sky. "Are friend ready, Babushka?" inquiry Balthasar. "I"ll come tomorrow," Babushka called, "I must just tidy here first and discover a gift."

The monarchs went away sadly. Babushka ran earlier into her house, keen to obtain on v her work.

Finally, she went to the small cupboard, opened the door and gazed at all the toys. However they were an extremely dusty. They weren"t fit for a infant king. They would all need to be cleaned. She cleaned every one of the playthings until each one shined. Babushka looked with the window. It to be morning! The star had came and gone. The kings would have found somewhere rather to rest by now. She could easily catch them up, but she felt so tired. She had to sleep. The next thing she knew, she to be awake and also it was dark outside. She had actually slept every day! She conveniently pulled on she cloak, packed the toys in a basket and ran under the course the kings had taken.

Everywhere she inquiry "Have you seen the kings?" "Oh yes," everyone told her, "we witnessed them. Lock went that way." for a job Babushka adhered to the trail of the kings and the villages got bigger and also became towns. Yet Babushka never ever stopped. Climate she involved a city. "The palace," she thought. "That"s wherein the royal baby would certainly be born." "No, there is no imperial baby here," claimed the palace guard as soon as she request him. "What about three kings?" asked Babushka. "Oh yes, they come here, however they didn"t continue to be long. Castle were quickly on your journey." "But wherein to?" inquiry Babushka. "Bethlehem, the was the place. I can"t imagine why. It"s a really poor place. However that"s whereby they went." replied the guard. She collection off in the direction of Bethlehem. It to be evening once Babushka came down on Bethlehem and also she had actually been traveling for a long time. She entered the local inn and asked about the kings. "Oh yes," stated the landlord, "the kings were here two job ago. They were an extremely excited, however they didn"t also stay the night." "And what about a baby?" Babushka cried. "Yes there was." said the landlord. "The emperors asked about a baby, too." when he witnessed the disappointed in Babushka"s eyes, he stopped. "If you"d prefer to see where the infant was," he claimed quickly, "it was throughout the garden there. Ns couldn"t offer the pair anything better at the time. Mine inn was yes, really full, for this reason they had actually to walk in the stable."

Babushka complied with him across the yard. "Here"s the stable." that said. He left her in the stable. "Babushka?" Someone to be calling she from the doorway. He looked kindly in ~ her. She wondered if that knew where the family had gone. She knew currently that the baby king to be the most important thing in the world to her. "They have actually gone come Egypt, and also safety," that told Babushka. "And the kings have returned to your countries. But one of them told me around you. Ns am sorry however you are too late. It to be Jesus the they found, the world"s Savior."

Babushka was an extremely sad the she had actually missed Jesus and also it is said that Babushka is still looking for him.