Katherine tried come tell Damon the Klaus would certainly kill anyone Damon ever met if he tries to stop the ritual, and Damon do the efforts to point out the he was buying Katherine an additional month to live. That’s wherein Elijah come in: that still has the elixir that had arisen for Katerina 500 year ago. Feels choose that will need to be a huge reveal in ~ the end of following week, or in the season finale as soon as he starts losing his mind in ~ Mystic Falls’ Gone with the Wind movie night. Alaric tells her it"s no a great time, but one of Liz"s colleagues find him and also calls for her. “It’s no surprised that in the "Vampire Diaries" finale, plenty of of our heroes will certainly be in mortal peril,” the site teased. Although it does speak a werewolf bite death vampires, rose isn"t proof, since Damon killed her, lock never discovered out what would occur if lock didn"t. Klaus and Elijah talk about the deal they made around finding family members members. Go the reality that Katherine climate told Damon the captives were in the tomb check she yes, really loves Stefan or just that she wants Damon come think she does? ), Elena request why that never brought up the idea that her becoming a vampire as soon as he admitted the thought had developed to him. Alaric call Jeremy, who is in ~ the Gone with The Wind screening with Bonnie and also Caroline. A still from illustration 23 confirms that Klaus will make one appearance at graduation, therefore one choice for Damon might be the werewolf-bite cure via the Originals blood. Damon couldn’t understand why Stefan wasn’t trying to readjust Elena’s mind, and Stefan told that he was trusting Elena’s instincts to to trust Elijah since she’d to be a good judge that character selecting to to trust the Salvatores. This episode had about 2.86 million viewers in the USA, which was 0.06 million more than the ahead episode. Stefan ultimately came upstairs and separated Elena and also Damon, but it was as well late. (Cruel.) Filming began on Monday, April 4 and also ended ~ above Friday, April 15, 2011. “Go ahead. She announces the she doesn"t want to lie or be fear anymore and takes Liz"s hand. “Vampire Diaries” fans better grab part tissues for the may 16 season 4 finale. Does Elena finish up becoming a vampire, because Damon"s blood saved from all the trouble through Klaus in season 2. Therefore not just do we have Aunt Jenna turning into a vampire, as Alaric’s wife Isobel had, yet now we’ve obtained Damon obtaining a werewolf bite, together his lover rose had. He turns on Stefan and stakes him close to his heart, taunting him that if he moves just slightly he will be killed. Slowly starving her? The leaked synopsis for “Graduation” reveals the Damon’s life will certainly be in peril after a ghostly encounter. Instead, he is standing versus a wall. Once Julie Plec told EW the the season 2 finale would certainly tell viewers a the majority of things would certainly be transforming in season 3, I never ever thought among those things might be Elena ending up being a vampire. Of food Klaus would have a backup setup (after 1,000 year of waiting) that associated a back-up wolf, a back-up witch, and — speak it with us, Damon — a back-up vampire. Happy for Caroline, she’d gone by the Grill earlier and told Matt she’d be ago to have lunch through him. Book SPOILER (skip a sentence): It happens at some point in the novels, but I speak not currently in the show, not after Elena’s teary heart-to-heart v Stefan. That wasn’t that high that a drop, but it looked violent. Elena and Jeremy cave out v Caroline who prepared a picnic. "Speakers" – work Difference, "Holding A Heart" – Girl called Toby Liz is confused as she believed she killed him, and Caroline defines that she did. Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and also Paul Wesley star in the CW’s romance-infused vampire soap opera. The was awesome. Damon feeds ~ above Elena because that the very first and just time in the series while the is enduring from the results of the werewolf venom. Ns doubt it. So unfortunately, Damon placed on a shirt prior to he come downstairs come argue with Stefan, Elena, and also Elijah about why they were letting Klaus go v with the ritual. The Sun also Rises She go hint the there is a cure, though. This is a variation of the surname of a. That why so numerous vampires (cough, Damon) revolve off your emotions because the pain is too overwhelming and also the great doesn’t seem worth the bad. Bonnie sobs as she believes Jeremy is dead for good, however then the wakes up. Ns don’t think the is. (Fightin’ words, i know.). But this is additionally a, Klaus says that "Ripper" Stefan would certainly "make a hell the a wing-man." She find him and also drags him away, but as she go Damon it s okay confused, mix the present with the past, once he chased Katherine v some woods. Elena speak him that Katherine was simply toying v him and also he can have walked away - he had actually a choice. Elena is keeping with Damon till the an extremely end. Walk anyone think Klaus would let Elena the end of his sight for that month if he had actually to postpone the sacrifice? conserve hide report. On the walk, she request Stefan around the best and worst components of being a vampire. If Damon make the efforts to acquire Jules to tell him just how to healing the werewolf bite, that asks Elena to keep an eye on Rose, that becomes delirious and also mistakes she for Katherine. Damon sped off to Alaric’s ar to watch Klaus. Ns wish we’d gotten the first line the it.) Damon wrestled through a snap-happy Tyler and said he was okay. Damon had knocked Matt the end after Matt shoot Maddox in the ago as the witch make the efforts to stop Damon from obtaining to “the blond hair one” and the wolf. Whatever you believed would never ever happen, happened. Then, he have to drink the blood that the doppelgänger till she dies. I was hoping who had uncovered the time to clue Caroline in ~ above the real curse, and they had. Elena speak her the she is wrong to hate the vampires, however Liz points the end that they room murderers. Credit: Tyler Lockwood is … Alaric and also Bonnie take it Jeremy to the witches" house and also Bonnie do the efforts to use the strength of the old witches come revive Jeremy. Stefan told Elena that Damon did what he did since he loves her, and Elena said Stefan that by act that, Damon only proved he knows nothing around love. The woman still look at good. (Ewww.) “You won’t,” she said. Jeremy admits that Elena walk to view Damon and Alaric alerts that he"s in bad shape and also the cops are after him.

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But will Damon it is in a vampire, ghost or a human being once the autumn rolls around? Katherine rushes off as Stefan worries that she will certainly never supply the cure come Damon.

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