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You’ve currently learned exactly how to speak hello in Spanish, so currently it’s time to begin saying goodbye.

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Like in any kind of language, over there are many different means you can say goodbye in Spanish depending on the context. In this article, we’ll teach you usual Spanish goodbye phrases for any situation, indigenous formal encounters to leaving a team of friend or ending a phone call. By the end, you’ll have the ability to recognize countless different Spanish goodbyes when you hear them, and understand just how to usage them yourself to sound an ext like a aboriginal speaker!

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1. Spanish goodbye Phrases because that Formal and also Informal Situations


The most usual word come say “goodbye” in Spanish is adiós, however there are number of other options depending top top the situation. In particular, the way we say goodbye tends to vary based on how formal or unshened the context is.

In English, saying “goodbye” is much less formal than wishing who “farewell,” and also the exact same thing wake up in Spanish. If you might say adiós to your friends or acquaintances, this would most likely be frowned ~ above in the paper definition of a formal meeting or project interview.

So what would a much more proper Spanish goodbye sound like? 

A- official Farewells

Hasta luego. / “See you later.”

This is a an ext cordial and respectful method to to speak goodbye come strangers, civilization in authority, or coworkers you don’t know really well.

Que esté(s) muy bien. / Literally: “That you will certainly be really well.”

This is a respectful, but slightly more intimate, way to say goodbye to neighbors, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, and strangers. Additionally, you have the right to use this goodbye phrase in both formal and also informal contexts.

Que tengas un buen día. / “Have a an excellent day.”

This phrase is commonly used in the morning, specifically as soon as you don’t arrangement on speaking to the various other party for the rest of the day. That a cordial however familiar way to speak goodbye when finishing a conversation with household or friends, or once leaving a(n):


B- informal Farewells 

There are two an extremely common Spanish goodbye words that you have the right to use through close friends and also family members.

Adiós. / “Bye.”

You have the right to say this come friends, family, or close coworkers at any time of day. It’s offered both in Spain and in Latin America. 

Chao. / “Bye bye.”

As you most likely know, this one originates from the Italian word ciao. It’s supplied in a lot of of areas in Europe and in Latin America.

2. When to usage Nos vemos (“See friend soon”)

Before us go any type of further, stop talk about the various methods of speak nos vemos (“see you soon”) in different situations.


This is a really common phrase in Spanish, and it’s provided informally with friends and family to suggest that you’ll be see each various other again.


Hasta luego. / “See girlfriend soon.”

This is a an ext casual and also polite way to to speak goodbye. It’s used to show that you’ll meet at a certain time: In the afternoon, tomorrow, following week, one more day, etc. In the funding of Spain, Madrid, it’s typical to say Hasta luego instead of Adiós, even if you’re no going to watch each various other again whenever soon.

Nos vemos. / “See you.”

This one is very comparable to Hasta luego, only more informal and reserved because that close friends and also acquaintances. The an open farewell due to the fact that it no specify when you’ll view each various other again. 

Hasta la vista. / “So long.”

This one is even much more informal, and it’s just used between really close friends when they’re unsure of as soon as their following meeting will certainly be.

Hasta la próxima. / “Until next time.”

This one is comparable to “see you,” however it’s a little much more polite. You have the right to say it come friends, acquaintances, or strangers. It’s offered to suggest that you’ll check out each other an additional time: tomorrow, in a few weeks, in another casual meeting, following month, etc. 

3. Common Ways come Say Goodbye before a long Trip


That moment when friend or a love one is about to plank a plane, train, or bus deserve to be an extremely emotional. Travel regularly leads to an ext loving and also meaningful goodbyes, nevertheless of how far away that human is going or exactly how long they’ll be gone. And for each distinctive situation, there space several ways you can tell her loved one goodbye.

Below are simply a couple of examples of exactly how you can wish a love one goodbye during those emotional last moments before they leave.

Adiós. / “Goodbye.”

This is the most popular way to to speak goodbye in the Spanish language, and the most informal.

Cuídate mucho. / “Take the easy.”

This phrase expresses your care for the various other person, and asks them to take treatment while castle away. On numerous occasions, adiós will be accompanied by cuídate mucho.

Que car vaya bien. / “Good luck.”

There’s no direct translation for this phrase, but in English, it would be like “Have a great time.” it’s a much more familiar way to wish someone fine on their trip.

Mucha suerte. / “Good luck.”

This is similar to que te vaya bien. The a cordial method of wishing friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances the finest on your trip. 

Pórtate bien. / “Be nice.”

This is the literal translation of “Behave well.” aboriginal Spanish-speakers regularly say this to kids who space going on a trip.

Te echaré de menos. / “I will miss you.”

You deserve to use this to say goodbye to her loved ones: parents, children, brothers, partners, ideal friends. It’s commonly accompanied by a solid hug.

Nos vemos pronto. / “See you soon.”

This is casual and close method to to speak goodbye come family, friends, or partner to indicate that you’ll view each various other again in the close to future.

Buen viaje. / “Good trip.”

Like in English, this is a cordial means to to speak goodbye to anyone and also wish them success on their trip.

 4. How to say Goodbye once You’re in a Hurry


In this section, I’ll display you just how to speak goodbye in Spanish when you need to leave in a hurry. You may an alert while analysis that few of the expressions, once translated, are similar to those you would usage in English. By the time you end up reading v these, you should have small problem leaving a party, dinner, or meeting before everyone else! 

A- Informal 

Adiós, tengo prisa. / “Bye, ns in a hurry.”

You have the right to use this phrase with friends and family once you have to leave quickly. 

Estoy de afán. Or: Tengo prisa. / “I’m in a hurry.”

Tengo afán is the same as Tengo prisa. The only distinction is the the very first one is offered in Latin American countries and the second one in Spain. It’s casual phrase you deserve to use when speaking to civilization you’re nearby to. 

Tengo que correr. Or: Tengo que volar. / “I have to run.” Or: “I need to fly.” (Literal translation)

This is a colloquial method to speak goodbye as soon as you’re in a hurry and can’t stay any type of longer. Tengo que volar is really common in countries like Colombia.

Me tengo que ir. / “I have to go.”

You can use this unshened expression through friends and also family, much like how you would use it in English.

¡Es tarde, tengo que irme! / “It’s late, I’d far better get / be going!”

This expression goes a action farther by explaining why you have to leave: that late. 

Me voy. / “I’m off.” Or “I’m leaving.”

This is another informal method to say the you’re leaving. You have the right to soften that a little by explaining her motives first. For example: Bueno, me voy, tengo un día ocupado mañana. In English, this would be: “Anyway, I’m off: I have actually a liven day tomorrow.” 

B- Formal

Encantado/Encantada de verle de nuevo, espero que otro día podamos hablar con más tiempo!“It to be nice to watch you again, hope to capture up soon!”

Just favor in English, this is a cordial method to speak goodbye to someone in an ext formal situations. It indicates that it was pleasant to view him/her and also that you expect to meet with them again.

Adiós, espero verte pronto. / “I hope to watch you soon. Bye.”

This is a close and warm means to say goodbye to someone whose visibility you enjoy, indicating the it would be quite to view him/her again.

5. Have a quite Day

“Have a quite day!” I’m betting you to speak this to someone just around every day. Prefer in English, this cordial means to say goodbye is also used in Spanish ~ a brief chat v a neighbor, a friend, or also a stranger.


Here space some instances of when or just how you might use this phrase:

In the morning

Imagine you have a brief conversation v your neighbor early on in the morning. To finish the conversation, you might want to great them a nice remainder of their day. 

When greeting someone for the an initial time

If girlfriend run right into a girlfriend or coworker beforehand in the morning, they’ll absolutely appreciate that if you great them a nice day.

When you’re through strangers or colleagues

If you’ve began talking through someone in ~ the store, bank, or library, wishing them a nice job is a polite means to finish the conversation. 

“Have a good day.” / Que te vaya bien

This phrase literally translates as “May it go well to you.” This is a great way to great friends or household well in their upcoming tasks for the day. 

In countries like Colombia or in Barcelona, Spain, human being may say: Que vaya bien. The literally means: “May it walk well to.” It’s constantly appropriate to respond through gracias (“thank you”), and to return the wish, friend can additionally say igualmente (“likewise”).

6. Store in Touch

Here are some Spanish goodbye phrases you have the right to use come let the other human know you want to save in touch! 

Te veo al rato. Or: Te veo luego. / “I’ll see you in a bit.”Te veo después. / “Catch girlfriend later.” Or: “See girlfriend later.”Te veo pronto. / “See friend soon.” (nearby)Seguimos en contacto. / “Keep in touch.” (formal)Hasta la próxima. / “Until following time.”Hasta pronto. / “See girlfriend soon.” (formal)

Note: In Spain, you may likewise hear the phrase hasta ahora which literally way “until now.” This expression is very typical of the country and also is stated to anyone, nevertheless of whether they’ll view each various other again or not.

7. Saying Goodbye indigenous a Distance

Our communication revolves around the internet and social networks, both that which have also readjusted the means in i beg your pardon we speak to every other. Because that example, many thanks to emoticons and also emojis, language is much much more universal and also less limited.

It’s fun, right? 

But it’s cooler to be able to express yourself v confidence and sound favor a native. It is why I’m walking to leaving you with several of the most generally used expressions for saying good-bye in Spanish native a distance.

A- end the Phone

Adiós. / “Bye.”Besos. / “Kisses.” Or: Un beso. / “A kiss.”Hablamos. / analyzed literally, it method “We talk,” however it really method “Keep in touch.”

B- through Mail

i. Formal 

Here room some unit volume you have the right to use if the post is occupational or otherwise official in nature.

Espero su respuesta.“I look forward to hearing native you.”Cualquier duda, no dude en contactarme.“If girlfriend have any type of questions, perform not hesitate to contact me.”Saludos cordiales.“Best regards.”Seguimos en contacto.“Keep in touch.”ii. Informal 

And right here are unit volume to use if you contacting someone around a personal topic, such regarding give an notice or to wish then congratulations. 

Mis mejores deseos.“Best wishes.”Saludos.“Cheers.”

C- message Messages

Adiós.“Bye.”Hablamos luego.“Let’s speak later.”

D- Chat

This is the most popular method to communicate with people. Return it’s an ext common come use with relatives, there room some cases where you can be chatting with a stranger. Here are some good expressions you have the right to use:

Nos vemos.“See you later.”Adiós.“Bye.”Besos.“Kisses.”Cuídate.“Take care.”Chao.“Bye.”

If the paper definition is a bit an ext formal:

Feliz día. / Feliz noche.“Have a great day.” / “Have a an excellent night.”Seguimos en contacto.“Keep in touch.”

8. Various other Cool ways to say Goodbye in Spanish

Some countries use very social expressions come say say thanks to you and also goodbye, especially in occupational environments:

Gracias por trabajar duro. / “Thanks for functioning hard.”

This phrase is famous in oriental countries to recognize someone’s difficult work.

Buen viento y buena mar. / “Good wind and great sea.”

This one is popular in Latin America. It’s provided to speak goodbye when someone will be an altering jobs soon or leaving the company.

9. Good-bye Idioms in Spanish

In Spain, although the main language is Spanish, there are various regions that usage their very own dialect. Because that example, castle speak Gallego in Galicia and also Catalonian in Catalan. Each country has details ways of saying goodbye the you have the right to only recognize if she immersed in the culture. Let’s watch at some of the most usual examples:

Hasta luego Lucas.

This is a fun method to say goodbye in Spanish. It’s supplied informally and usually amongst friends.

Me piro. / Me abro.

The expression “Bueno, ¡me piro!” is widely offered in Spain in an extremely familiar environments and never with strangers. Me abro is the same, but it’s used more in nations like Colombia.

Ahí dare quedas.

This literally translates to: “That is whereby you stay.” It indicates that you leaving the other human at the minute so you have the right to go about doing various other things. It’s provided in the area the ​​Malaga in Spain and also in some countries of Latin America, like Colombia.


This is a Catalan expression that’s generally used by the natives that Barcelona to say goodbye. It have the right to be offered with friend or strangers.


This is the official method to speak goodbye in Italian, though plenty of other languages ​​have embraced this phrase.

Ahueco el ala.

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This one is a really colloquial way of speak goodbye or informing someone to leave. Its literal meaning English translate in is: “I cup the wing,” which, as it transforms out, doesn’t make much sense. However in the local language, that really means something prefer “I’m off.”

Ahueco el ala is used in Spain, Colombia, and Mexico. Store in mind that it must only be used with human being you recognize well, and also never with strangers.

10. In Conclusion…

In this guide, you’ve learned the most typical ways to say goodbye in Spanish, from casual expression to an ext formal ones. In addition, girlfriend saw several idioms from a range of Spanish-speaking countries; this will certainly aid you immerse yourself in the culture! Do you feel all set to proceed your journey of language exploration? Remember that at tennis2007.org, you’ll discover many an ext lessons choose this one to store your vocabulary fresh and your grammar knowledge on-point!