If you are in search of the procedure to uncover out “whether the corn ~ above the cob has gone bad, unhealthy?”, here we have defined how you can identify or tell the corn is bad.

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So right here we will talk about how to avoid buying or eat wasted corn. There will also highlight below how to recognize if corn on the cob is bad, how long go corn preserve, exactly how long I have the right to store the corn in the fridge, what will happen if girlfriend eat rotten corn?

How lengthy That Corn Lasts?

The shelf life the harvested corn ~ above the cob is up to 3 days. However, it counts on number of factors, I,e the storage place and procedure.

If the is stored in a fridge, it deserve to last 5-7 days. However, if it is frozen it can last about eight months. ~ above the various other hand, you deserve to store cooked corn because that 5-7 days. However, frozen cooked corn might last 10 months.

Corn save TypeShelf Life
Fresh corn (After Harvested)1-3 Days
Fresh corn inside the fridge5-7 Days
Frozen corn top top the cob8 Months
Cooked corn5-7 Days
Frozen cooking corn10 Months
Corn Shelf Life

The baby corn doesn’t list this lengthy they have around shelf life. Currently let’s learn how we have the right to know if the corn is rotten or unsafe come use.

How come tell if the is Spoiled or bad Corn?


We deserve to identify spoiled corn in various ways. The primary and critical symptoms room as follows:

The grains space not fine nourished. If less than 75-80% mature, then we can consider it as spoiled corn.Suppose wrinkled or torn on the leaves. If its weight is so light, then continual is one ear the rotten corn.When the husk and grains fade discovered on leaves.When the stem rots, black spots space noticed in ~ the base of the scattered seeds.The lower leaves have actually elongated grey spots, and the inner dominance is fragile.

When you space buying corn and also found any kind of of the given symptoms, think about it together spoiled. However, you may experience the terrific corn taste.

How to recognize if the Corn on the Cob is Spoiled or Bad?


Corn is a critical component of our diet. It likewise helps us to balance our food pyramid. Countless of us love to eat corn. But sometimes part corn comes into our mouth, which is really uncomfortable to eat.

Many times, it it s okay so bad, and we can not eat it however throw that away. The reason for this is spoiled corn. Yes, we often buy or cook rotten corn without knowing it. This are extremely harmful come our bodies.

Here are some advice to recognize that corn is bad-

Slimy and moldy appearance,Smell Moldy or rancid or both,If corn is dark.The optimal spray look at moist and also darkening.

Now if you space a farmer and also find out the height spray is moist, immediately cut them out. Don’t store them v others. The molding normally starts on a moist tip, climate spread.

What makes Corn go Bad?

A harmful pest of maize is ripe corn. Its scientific name is Chilo parties, household Pyralidae and class Lepidoptera.

Adult mature 4 cm. Tall, light-skinned, with black clues on the back. They put white eggs in the center veins under the leaves and also cover the eggs v memes.

In 2-5 days, the larvae hatch in the eggs. Lock then go into the stem and eat the organization inside the branch.

In both seasons, summer and also winter, insects can assault harmfully. The visibility of pike have the right to be conveniently detected through eating feet or feces ~ above the stem.

A brawl will not create if this pike assaults the apex the the stem. As a result, the yield will severely reduce. They routinely attack and eat corn.

This pucca pierces the stem and eats the inside tissue, resulting in the limb to loss off. Castle eat the pipeline horribly. They used to assault the leaves and corn. However, the most damage causes by attack the agar the the stem.

How to keep Corn to prolong its Shelf Life?

After collecting the corn, clean it nicely at first, dried in the sun, and also stored it for a lengthy time. This process can store lot maize in ~ once. This technique is straightforward and cost-effective and can hold for as much as 1 year.

Therefore, throughout drying in the sun, the grains should have 12-14 percent humidity an ideal for irreversible storage. The grains have the right to then be handle well and also stored in polythene paper.

A range of insects can assault preserved corn. Therefore, that is essential to save the area the store and also surroundings clean regularly.

The processing and storing that maize will host under a cool, dry, and also shady place. That can likewise be save in cold storage if desired, thus prolonging the warehouse period.

How to store Corn in the refrigerator to degree Shelf life?

We can also preserve corn in the fridge. Because that this, we need to clean the corn neatly and also discard all the unnecessary parts first.

After that, it should be washed and dried in the sun. It have the right to then it is in wrapped in a clean plastic container or polythene bag and stored in a deep freezer drawer.

To store it in excellent problem from freezing to prior to use, we need to take care, which way that there need to be no readjust in its temperature. Because if there is a difference in temperature in between it, that quality and also nutritional worth will likely be lost.

Everyone can boil and also save them for the future if castle want. For cooking it, firstly, you have to stripe the seeds and also then boil them perfectly.

After boiling, you need to make that cool or store it in a cold place for a while. Together an example, you have the right to put lock in a constant standard fridge.

It have the right to then be wrapped in a clean plastic container or polythene bag and stored in a deep freezer drawer.

Deep freezing does not result in lose of quality, nutrition, and food quality and also prolongs the storage period. Corn save on computer in a deep freezer normally stays great for about one year.

What happens if you Eat negative Corn?

Many of united state eat corn regularly. Countless times we deserve to unknowingly eat spoiled corn. For this reason a question always comes to mind, is it healthy and balanced to eat wasted corn? Or how much rotten corn will certainly not be harmful come health? therefore let’s uncover out what can occur to the body by eating wasted corn.

Food poisoning

Studies have shown that bacteria in food rise by 40 levels Fahrenheit and 140 levels Fahrenheit.

If you perform not refrigerate cooked corn within two hours, bacterial production chances increase significantly. Before eating refrigerated corn, heat it in the oven. Leaving it until its internal temperature is 165 Fahrenheit or 64 levels Celsius.

Digestive problems

Bacteria created in spoiled corn space the causes of cradle problems. Bacteria also interfere through the digestion of food. Because of this, there are digestive problems.


Do you often suffer from acidity problems? Stomach ache or heartburn. Responsible for her diet. The is a far-ranging problem because that those that eat wasted corn by mistake.


Although the corn watch fresh, it has actually bacteria in it, which may reason your nausea to it is in an indigestion problem.

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Diarrhea and abdominal muscle pain

Diarrhea is a pervasive health difficulty of eating rotten foods regularly. Eating spoiled corn eventually causes pain in her stomach.

It also causes stomach pain as result of gas developed in the stomach. Stomach aches reason by refrigerated corn eaten hot. Lug the food the end of the refrigerators. Then left it at room temperature for a while. And also finally, warmth the food and eat it.