General RAAM (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) to be the main antagonist in Gears of War. RAAM has killed numerous high ranking COG soldiers such as Minh Young Kim. That is the final boss in Gears of battle 1.

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Get a co-op dude, continue to be at the very first cover till he comes over, climate leg it come the various other side and also repeat.


Ya an additional human is awesome. Have actually one guy shoot at ramm v a consistent lancer or to explode shot, then as soon as the bats walk away, have actually the human being hes no looking in ~ torque bow, or snipe that in the head.

Make sure that those bats are not around him, because that they are a shield. Also tagging him through nades work, yet thats exceptionally risky. 


i reccomend utilizing the explosive tools as protest to what the male uses in the vid, pay careful attention to wherein he throw the grenades.

use the speak bow to get rid of the birds then shoot wildly/snipe him then when he gets near conveniently run come the various other side repeat till dead

Co-op is the only method to go, really. I"m no saying it"s not possible on your own, yet Co-op helps a long means to making it easy. Share up top top Grenades, then have one man with the Sniper and one with the Torque. As soon as he appears, torque him and also the Bats won"t shield the afterwards, usage that time to shoot him in the head. Repeat this till you operation out the ammo. Then, lob "nades in ~ him till he dies. You shouldn"t need to do much much more than that, despite it might take a couple of tries.

It takes around 20 headshots with the sniper, even if the Kryll are roughly him due to the fact that they don"t protect his head. When I did it by myself ns didn"t bother with torque. Ns just acquired sniper and made sure I had the maximum lot of ammo.I"m certain there is an easier means but more than likely not, since whenever someone asks this inquiry people constantly say "co-op it." i personally dislike co-op, it takes far from the an obstacle of a game. I"d fairly beat a game an initial on mine own.

Wow! many thanks for every the good responses and assist everyone. I really evaluate it! We"ve tried single player but Dom simply rushes in and gets his ass busted. So now we room doing co-op, one player v lancer the other with sniper/torque.We will shot out all her tips this particular day (and possibly even try shooting RAAM wiT da gunzz).Thanks again!

I had actually my freind torque bow that so the kryll would leave while i shot him v lancer while ns did the he charged up his shot and also held it until it shot automatically and it exploded simply as the kryll to be coming in. These dealt an ext damage when the kryll remained off him. He just stood there acquisition it. Finest strategy.

"That" s glitch, when he was standing still choose ass way to beat him. I prefer to try and get off 7-8 head shots v sniper rilfe prior to he obtain to me, then once he it s okay to the pipes ns huck all my frags. Then siwtch come the lancer to finish him off. Uneven the guy in the vid . I have tendency not to have actually much luck to run to the back of the train. I have beat RAAM countless times this way. Some times in a few tries others, in one hour of trying. An excellent luck =>
DeathStar said: That" s glitch, once he stands still choose ass means to to win him. I choose to try and obtain off 7-8 head shots through sniper rilfe before he acquire to me, then as soon as he gets to the pipes ns huck every my frags. Climate siwtch come the lancer to end up him off. Unlike the male in the vid . I have tendency not to have much luck to run to the back of the train. I have beat RAAM plenty of times this way. Some times in a few tries others, in one hour that trying. Good luck => " yeh that cheap. But its not much of a ceo fight anway. Every you have the right to do is shoot that a bunch, and hope for the best.

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I gain the emotion that RAAM"s wellness isn"t always consistent. It"s practically as if it is much easier to kill him periodically than that is others. The only time ns beat that on my own, the dropped after six sniper rifle shots, and also I"ve had actually several events of beating that ridiculously easily in co-op. 

Sir_Ragnarok said: sniper rifle shots That"s the method to go. Sniper headshots take him down the fastest. In Co-Op I always use only the Sniper, when the various other player lobs nades.
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