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(talking)Verse 1Yesterday, a male stepped to me, said,how can you smile when your world is crumbling down, i said, heres my mystery when i wanna cry, i take a look at around and also I watch that im getting by,and I host on..ChorusHold on, adjust is coming, organize on, don"t ya worry about a thang, host on, you can make it, hold on every little thing will be alright..Verse 2Some civilization like come worry, some world like to hide, some world like to operation away native the pains inside, currently dats yo bussinessDo whatever you wanna do, however if it don"t occupational out heres what you need to do..hold onChorusVerse 3When the troubles of life, sweet ya down, jus lift ya head up, ya,ya,yeaWhen the love you seek,is tough to find,Don"t provide up just be strong, save the faith and also hold on..Chorus(talking)..Chorus
Songwriters: Willie James Clarke, Clarence Henry Reid, Levi Jr Seacer, Billy O"dell Steele, Larry Troutman, i get it Troutman
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