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below is my delima... Ns am a first time painter and also didn\"t do enough research. Determined to go level black on mine 33 ford replica. ~ doing the study I should have actually done ns realized that flat finish is not only hard to spray right, but hard to maintain. Right now I to be at primer, v a gallon that the flat black (eastwood dead rat flat black) deciding come ditch the flat paint, leaving it in inside wall or spray the flat. Now for the question... If ns am no happy with the flat can ns spray gloss clear over it and also will the look like a basic / clean coat or will it look off? right here is mine project....
I to be only into the flat paint about $100 and also don\"t think I have the ability yet to spray that right. I require something relatively easy and black to complete the all black theme, I need some advice. Here are a couple of pics of the primed body.
there is no a nice paint booth the flat and also matte paints space really hard to spray without obtaining dirt in them. To me it appears you can not touch these finishes without imparting some shine in those areas.
for a quite project like that i would take into consideration a deep black base and also then shoot a matte clear over it, if that is the look friend want.This a 2007 Ford Ebony Black password UA
It has actually ********** Euro clear coat ~ above it however the photo shows the depth of the black.This is ********** black color base through the same clear:
Its absolutely true black if there is together a thing. Ns can\"t see any kind of reddish brown or bluish color to it prefer you have the right to in most blacks.I get a most compliments on my Harley because I painted it. Of course, i see whatever wrong through it, knowing I painted it in a hurry so I could get it back together gradually for a ride up the CA coast.
ns wouldn\"t try to put clear end the flat black. Flat end up paints get their flatness from a surface ar which is irregular, not smooth and also flat. That isn\"t necessarily the end up that is appropriate for a clean and, being a finish coat the will require sanding/scuffing i m sorry may display through. I\"d view if her distributor will take back the flat and exchange because that a basic coat. If they won\"t the you\"re just out $100 and you can probably find another use because that it what
NFT5 wrote:I wouldn\"t try to placed clear end the flat black. Flat finish paints acquire their flatness indigenous a surface which is irregular, not smooth and also flat. The isn\"t necessarily the finish that is ideal for a clean and, gift a end up coat that will require sanding/scuffing which may present through. I\"d check out if her distributor will certainly take back the flat and also exchange for a basic coat. If castle won\"t the you\"re just out $100 and also you deserve to probably find an additional use for it somewhere
Your summary may it is in an throughout the pond difference yet flatness, or gloss level, is accomplished by the addition of flattening agent. A flattened repaint will lay under smooth through no structure if shoot correctly. Ns shoot satin and flat repaint often and it walk not have irregularities.What requirements to be detailed is flattened paint can lose the true black hue. Far better off to buy a BC/\"CC or SS mechanism if gloss black I preferred.
simply to reinforce what\"s been said about the Ford UA black, being the deepest andtruest black color available. If you want black, this will look better than some of theother blacks which might have a brown tint.That stick deserves the best, not a repaint that has actually \"dead rat\" in the name....

ns would absolutely use part quality products on the car.... Also standard factory colors from house of Kolor, **********, etc. Would certainly be within a budget. I am not 100% sure, however I have seen it quoted numerous times (in several various places) that Eastwood is private labeled Kirker brand paint. When Kirker repaint is not terrible (I use it myself), that is not the finest material of choice for a car that is worth decent money. I conserve the Kirker for the cars that i am making a rapid flip and want a great shine that will certainly last a couple of years. That is kinda tricky come shoot and needs to it is in laid under pretty hefty to watch right. There\"s a factor they can price it approximately $70/gallon for a kit.

ScottB wrote:Your description may be an across the pond difference however flatness, or gloss level, is completed by the enhancement of flattening agent. A flattened repaint will lay down smooth through no structure if shooting correctly. Ns shoot satin and flat paint often and it walk not have actually irregularities.
At the clearly shows level, yes, that lays down nice and also smooth and also flat however a flatting binder (usually silica) functions by introducing a micro surface ar roughness which scatters the light being reflected turn off the surface, making it appear flat or matte. Less flatting binder will have less effect and also so you can attain a semi-gloss or satin finish by differing the amount of flatting binder.This micro roughness, because it is therefore small, have the right to be easily lessened by simply rubbing a cloth over the surface. To reduce the roughness rises the gloss so you finish up through shiny spots wherein you\"ve rubbed. Hence the an obstacle of maintaining a flat surface in ~ a totally uniform level of gloss (or lack thereof).
thanks for all the replies and advice. Ns think I will certainly look for some good base coat and clear coat. Or i may just leave it in primer for a while. I have been functioning on it because that 2 years and also It would certainly be nice to have actually it assembled. The Ford black color sounds perfect. Many thanks againBrent
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