Getting the end the boxes, packing them increase and starting anew – the something all military households can relate to.

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And it’s the emphasis of Lowe’s new commercial as part of the “Always Home” campaign, honoring armed forces households.

The 60-second commercial functions the lane family, whose armed forces ties operation deep.

Mark and Laquilla Lane an initial met if stationed at fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. They shortly realized they had a lot of in common. Both of their fathers to be in the military and they both spent components of their childhood in Germany. Both have actually siblings who are active military.

“All we knew was armed forces life,” Laquilla said.

And they chose to do a life together. Mark and also Laquilla have actually been married because that 20 years, and while they are no much longer in the military, it will constantly remain a huge part of that they are.

“It to be the foundation for us,” Laquilla explained. “Those armed forces values our youngsters will constantly see. We room so proud to represent that.”

The commercial, voiced by their daughter Caeli Rose, speak the story of just how the Lanes have actually grown accustomed to relocating with actual house videos.

“Over the food of our marriage, we most likely moved 10 times,” Laquilla said. “We know how it feels come bounce around. We’ve resided in a most tight spaces. We’ve learned come adapt. And we establish as long as we have actually each other, we’re good.”

Added Mark: “No matter where life takes girlfriend – whether you are military or not – in ~ the finish of the day, it’s the core values of your family members that transforms the home into a home. The a beautiful thing.”


Lowe’s has always been there to help make the moves a small easier, supporting military families through its 10 percent discount – every day, guaranteed. The Lanes bought their new appliances from Lowe’s when they made your latest move to Los Angeles. They fondly remember to buy the paint and also supplies native Lowe’s to start decorating your daughter’s room.

“We always went come Lowe’s whenever we moved,” note said.

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Everyone top top the manufacturing team was moved when castle gathered to check out the commercial. Laquilla said her daughter cried as soon as she watched it because that the very first time. The point out is a keepsake because that a proud, long lasting family.

“It was very touching come the heart,” note said. “It just method a totality lot to see the family represented. It was an respect for united state to it is in featured.”