It deserve to be very disconcerting if your Ford Ranger is starting and then dies. It is most likely caused by some type of concern with the electrical or fuel system. But, there have the right to be other reasons as well.

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Your Ranger’s engine demands 3 points constantly and also in the proper proportion to save running.

Air Fuel Spark

If you automobile starts up, but then instantly quits, it might be obtaining all three at first, but something is clearly keeping that from getting all three consistently.

When you revolve the vital to the ~ above position, all 3 of these mechanism engage and are all set for friend to start your Ranger. Once you fight the starter it turns the engine slowly. As quickly as the engine gets sufficient fuel, air, and also spark it operation on the own.

At this allude the starter is disengaged and the automobile will require a continuous supply of gasoline. If over there is not sufficient fuel pressure to accomplish the requirements of the vehicle, the engine will shut down. This is among the most usual reasons why a auto starts and also then dies.

Modern vehicles have complex computer solution that have the right to tell you the factor that the vehicle is dying immediately after beginning it. Us recommend spring to watch if over there are any kind of OBD2 codes before proceeding with any manual diagnosis.

Causes: Ranger dies After Starting

Here are some of the most typical reasons that your Ranger starts climate stops running:

1. Absence of Fuel Pressure


Modern fuel injected engines need a most fuel pressure to store running. When they don’t have actually the ideal pressure, lock can’t run properly. There space a couple of reasons the you may not have enough fuel pressure.

There can be a bad fuel pump. The fuel pump might be providing enough fuel press when starting the engine, but not providing enough to keep it running.

The fuel pump is found in the gas tank. But, many engine’s have actually a port that will allow you to examine the fuel pressure with a gauge that you deserve to rent or buy from a save such together Autozone. Take keep in mind of the fuel push as you revolve the an essential to the ~ above position. Currently start the engine.

Does the fuel press drop virtually immediately? walk it walk all the means to zero? If it drops all the method to 0 and doesn’t come back, it’s most most likely the fuel pump relay. If the drops lower, the engine dies, but then the fuel pressure bounces back, it’s most most likely a negative fuel pump or fuel filter.

An knowledgeable mechanic with a an excellent scanner can check the voltage in ~ the fuel pump relay to identify if that is getting consistent voltage.

2. Absence of Spark


Most modern vehicles room powered by individual coil packs. But, some older engines aren’t. If you have actually a coil ~ above distributor engine, a poor coil have the right to start a car, yet might not have enough spark to save it running.

3. MAF Sensor


The mass air flow or “MAF” sensor meters the quantity of air entering your Ranger’s engine. It sits in in between the waiting filter and the accelerator body. It is one of the many important materials that the vehicle uses to identify the air/fuel mixture.

If the is not properly offering a ideal reading, it is known to make the automobile not start. Take it a look at the wiring harness roughly it and make certain that the is plugged in an excellent and tight. Monitor the wiring as much as girlfriend can and make certain that it is no burnt, frayed, or in any other means damaged. Here’s a in depth short article on how to diagnose a bad mass airflow sensor. If you do finish up clean it, make certain that you gain a cleaner particularly designed to clean the sensor and nothing else.

4. Ignition Issue


When you start your Ranger, it might be the the vehicle’s solution are only coming on as soon as you hit the starter. This is a condition that happens once the ignition lock has worn out.

Basically, the vehicle is only being told to “be on” once the starter is engaged, and also all systems room going off when releasing the key. There space a few things you can do come tell if this is the issue with your car.

Try starting it v a different vital if you take place to have one. A newer vital in an larger ignition might be sufficient to trigger the “on” circuit and keep the vehicle running.

If you don’t have one more key, take it a look at the warning lamp on the dash. If lock come on once you put the key into the ~ above position, the probably method that this is no the issue. If lock are only coming on appropriate as you start the vehicle, that might mean that you require a new ignition switch.

Do no trust the radio, window, or power seats to tell if the auto is on. They are frequently on a different circuit.


The first thing that you would want to do is hook increase a an excellent code scanner and also see if over there are any type of trouble password present. These can really help illuminate what is walk on v the vehicle.

If nothing is found, the causes detailed above are few of the most usual reasons. Otherwise taking it right into a good shop could be what is best. A vehicle that stops ideal after beginning can be complicated to diagnose.

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Good luck addressing your Ranger. If there is anything that you would choose to include that could aid the following person, please leave a comment below.