Given below is the flight time from brand-new York, United claims to Nairobi, Kenya. Trip time calculator to calculate time taken to reach Nairobi from new York through air. The nearest airport to new York is john F Kennedy worldwide Airport (JFK) and the nearest airport to Nairobi is Jomo Kenyatta worldwide Airport (NBO)

Flight time from brand-new York to Nairobi is 13 hours 45 minutes

Non-Stop flight duration from JFK to NBO is 13 hrs 45 minutes (Operated through Kenya Airways)

Non-stop flight time is roughly 13 hrs 45 minutes.

Quickest one-stop flight takes close come 16 hours.

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However, part airlines might take as long as 40 hours based on the stopover destination and waiting duration.

Non-stop trip time indigenous United states (JFK) come Kenya (NBO) by various airlines

Flights of major airlines departing from brand-new York arrive at Jomo Kenyatta worldwide Airport. Nairobi has actually 1 worldwide airport and also 1 tool airports.

JFK ➝ NBO 13 hrs 45 minutes
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Number of Airports in Nairobi :1 international Airport and 1 medium Airport variety of Airports in brand-new York :2 worldwide Airport

Distance Between new York, United claims & Nairobi, Kenya is 11840 Kilo Meters

Flight time from brand-new York come Nairobi via Dakar • JFK come NBO via DKR

Flight term from john F Kennedy global Airport come Jomo Kenyatta international Airport via Dakar-Yoff-Léopold Sédar Senghor global Airport, Senegal top top Delta waiting Lines trip is 24 hrs 28 minutes

JFK to DKR7 hrs 28 mins DKRWaiting Time6 hrs 50 mins DKR come NBO10 hrs 10 mins Total Duration:24 hrs 28 mins

Flight time from brand-new York come Nairobi via Dubai • JFK to NBO via DXB

Flight term from man F Kennedy global Airport come Jomo Kenyatta global Airport via Dubai Airport, joined Arab Emirates ~ above Emirates Airline trip is 36 hours 25 minutes

JFK to DXB12 hrs 25 mins DXBWaiting Time18 hrs 45 mins DXB come NBO5 hrs 15 mins Total Duration:36 hrs 25 mins

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Airlines operation flights between new York and also Nairobi

New York time is8 hoursbehind Nairobi

Current time in new York, United claims : Sun, 14 Nov, 2021,New York Timezone: EST (-05:00)

01:48 to be

Current time in Nairobi, Kenya :, Sun, 14 Nov, 2021,Nairobi Timezone: EAT (+03:00)

09:48 to be

Flight Time between brand-new York & Nairobi • JFK - NBO trip Duration

How long is the trip from new York to Nairobi? What is the New York - Nairobi trip duration? What is the flying time from new York to Nairobi? find answer to these questions...

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JFK come NBO flight - new York Airport to Nairobi Airport trip Route Map

The airports map listed below shows the place of new York airplane & Nairobi Airport. Understand the trip direction and also New York come Nairobi trip path

brand-new York - Lat: 40.6444, Long: -73.7827 Nairobi - Lat: -1.3292, Long: 36.925

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Find flight time indigenous John F Kennedy worldwide Airport or brand-new York or any type of other airport or city in United claims to assorted other destinations roughly the people using this flight time calculator.