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"Feels like Home" is a song written through Randy Newman for the musical Randy Newman"s Faust, in i beg your pardon Bonnie Raitt sang it. Linda Ronstadt, also involved in the musical, tape-recorded it for Trio II in 1994, yet released it for solo album feels like home in in march 1995. Raitt"s variation was released on the musical"s album soundtrack in September 1995. Raitt"s variation was also used the adhering to year in the soundtrack to the film Michael. Linda Ronstadt"s original version, v Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton, the latter of whom was blended out of Ronstadt"s initial release because of label disputes, to be released in 1999. The many successful variation of the tune was a version sung by Chantal Kreviazuk and also released as a single from the 1999 soundtrack song from Dawson"s Creek.

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The Kreviazuk version got to the height 40 in Ireland and also the top 20 in the Canadian adult modern chart, and also was later included on some editions of her 2002 album What If that All way Something.more »

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Something in her eyesMakes me want to shed myselfMakes me want to shed myselfIn your armsSomething in your voiceMakes my love beat fastHope this emotion lastsThe rest of mine lifeIf friend knewHow lonely mine life has actually beenAnd exactly how low I"ve felt for so longIf girlfriend knewHow I wanted someone to come alongAnd adjust my human being the means you"ve doneFeels like house to meFeels like home to meFeels prefer I"m all the way back whereby I come fromFeels like residence to meFeels like home to meFeels like I"m all the means back where I belongA home window breaksDown a lengthy dark streetAnd a siren wails in the nightThat"s alright"Cause I have actually you here with meAnd i can almost seeThrough the dark there"s a lightIf friend knewHow lot this moment method to meAnd exactly how long I"ve waited for her touchIf girlfriend knewHow happy you"re making meOh, I never ever thought I"d love anyoneSo muchFeels like house to meFeels like house to meFeels prefer I"m every the way back wherein I come fromFeels like house to meFeels like home to meFeels like I"m every the means back wherein I belongFeels choose I"m all the method back whereby I belong

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Randy Newman Randall Stuart "Randy" Newman (born November 28, 1943) is an American singer-songwriter,arranger, composer, and pianist who is known for his mordant (and frequently satirical) pop songs and for movie scores. An ext »