“An automatically victory deserve to be asserted by the plater whose hand has this card together with the Left Leg/Right Leg/Left Arm/Right arm of the Forbidden One.”

This card, as the center piece of all Exodia cards, trends much greater than the other four limbs. Used to loss the key antagonist, Seto Kaiba.

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The PSA CardFacts problem Census perform the ten best PSA-graded examples of a particular card. The top five in the census are provided on the specific card"s "home page." The whole ten-card census have the right to be viewed by click the "more" connect at the bottom left that the home page census.

By default, every of the ten finest cards will certainly be displayed on a solitary line in the problem Census grid. If more than ten cards room tied because that the height ten positions, climate cards may be group by position into a single line in the grid. Once cards are grouped in this way, the total variety of cards per position will be presented in parentheses after ~ the PSA grade.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The PSA CardFacts problem Census is a work-in-progress and also should only be provided as a guide. While every initiative is make to be as accurate as possible, errors and also omissions might occur. In addition, the census that any specific card can and also does readjust as new cards are graded and/or discovered. Buyers or sellers the a details card must do their very own research to determine the relative prominence of that card. PSA CardFacts welcomes the intake of knowledgeable collectors and dealers to aid improve the PSA CardFacts problem Census listings.

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Prices by Grade

Grade most Recent Price mean Price SMR Price populace POP greater
GEM - MT 10 $6,500.00 $6,355.00 $10,000.00 83
MINT 9 $2,375.00 $2,173.33 $3,500.00 123 83
NM - MT 8 $349.99 $1,150.00 57 207
NM 7 $575.00 $1,189.13 29 265
EX - MT 6 $457.00 $775.67 31 294
EX 5 $410.00 $417.50 21 325
VG - EX 4 9 346
VG 3 6 355
GOOD 2 3 361
FR 1.5 1 364
PR 1 $99.99 6 365
Auth $750.00 2 371


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