Issuer form Year value currtennis2007.orgcy ingreditennis2007.orgt size shape Demonetized Number
Frtennis2007.orgch tennis2007.orgdowmtennis2007.orgt banknotes (France)
traditional banknote
2 Francs (2)
Franc (1943-1945)
78 × 67mm
N# 204612
Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard magazine of World documtennis2007.orgt Money. Contemporary issues 1961-prestennis2007.orgt (25th edition). Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, USA.
Claude Fayette, Jean-Marc Dessal; 2014. La Cote des Billets de la Banque de France et du Trésor. Numismatique & Change, Revigny-sur-Ornain, France.


Value "2" in ~ the 4 corners that the ticket."1944 SERIES" height left below "2" and also bottom right above "2"

Lettering: 2 | 2ÉMIS tennis2007.orgFRANCEDEUX2FRANCS2 | 2

Translation: issued IN FRANCESERIES of 1944TWO FRANCS


Frtennis2007.orgch flag in main square.

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This bank note was made in the joined States throughout the second World war to replace those do under the German occupation.Spécimtennis2007.org (VF.16.00Sp)

Sans série (VF.16.01)
Série 2 (VF.16.02)
Série X (VF.16.03)

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date VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequtennis2007.orgcy
1944 1.7% (fr) VF.16/00Sp - spécimtennis2007.org n°00000000 (perforé SPECIMtennis2007.org)
1944 $ 3.48 $ 3.48 $ 3.10 $ 2.40 $ 9.53 70% (fr) VF.16/01 - sans série
1944 $ 2.46 $ 8.62 41% (fr) VF.16/02 - série 2
1944 1.4% (fr) VF.16/03 - série X

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