Hey guys, Austin here. As promised, I would celebrate Ed, Edd n Eddy’s 20th anniversary by doing a countdown of my top ten favorite regular EEnE episodes -- a celebration I like to call “Ed-Athon”. This is the second of those ten episodes, so let’s get to it! *************

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The number nine slot on my countdown goes to season five, episode two-A: “Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed”. Some of you may be upset to see another season five episode following the previous entry, but I know where I am going with this list.

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This time around, the cul-de-sac sustains a power outage, and Ed believes it’s the cause of Aliens. While Double D tries to refute that belief, the rest of the kids do what they can to restart the neighborhood’s power.

This, for me, is one of the more interesting and entertaining season five episodes; I can certainly relate to these kids after having gone through power outages myself, and things here were handled pretty well.

Visually speaking, one thing that really stuck out for me was the instant the power went out for the neighborhood. The first few seconds into it, we’re treated to the title characters and their setting, Ed’s bedroom, go completely black except for white lines to tell objects apart. The first time I saw this, I was struck with interest with how dark the shots were. It helps capture the dimmed realization of power going out -- especially since this scene was just bright and colorful before the outage.

The other settings did pretty good overall in the episode as well. On top of the initial blackout above, this episode was centered entirely at night -- a unique change of pace from most of the other episodes. The cul-de-sac is the same as it has been, but with only the moon and flashlights to provide illumination, and giving the characters mostly muted colors in the darkness -- reflecting the tough situation a blackout provides.

The cul-de-sac sewers setting appears as grody and creepy as usual, with indecipherable bickering from Rolf and Kevin providing it an extra creepy ambiance when the rationally-minded Double D goes to investigate it to reason with the kids.

I don’t know why the setting was illuminated, though. Past episodes to feature it (like “High Heeled Ed” in season two) had the setting darkened, more like a realistic sewer. I guess it may have been like this to represent the bright aspects of Jonny’s flushing plan being the “answer” to their problems, but it was lit up before he came up with it, so this leaves the lighting choice confusing.

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As for the main story, it was pretty enjoyable. Ed got the idea that the cul-de-sac was being invaded by Mole Mutants, C.H.U.D.-style monsters, which gets the other kids (minus Rolf, Kevin and Double D) on the same boat as him. The kids’ gullibility for fictional monsters coming after them feels relatable; surely a lot of us had fears of monsters closing in for the kill whenever there was a power outage.

Other plot points also helped to feed into their paranoia, too -- such as Rolf and Kevin disappearing into the sewers with a generator, and Eddy exploiting the sale of food items said to repel the monsters. The way in which they take Ed’s fantasies seriously and follow his logic also adds believability to how most of the kids behave themselves during the blackout; their behaviors feel genuine despite the ridiculousness. The bullseye pupils like in this shot of Jimmy helped emphasise the kids’ terrified feelings, too.

What also helped add to the authenticness of their feelings was Jonny and Plank’s big solution to rid the cul-de-sac of the Mole Mutants -- flushing all of the toilets in the neighborhood to drown them out, and the results coincidentally coincided with the power getting restored. Certainly makes it feel like their efforts lead to the return of electricity.

The characters were also well-written here, with nobody acting too mean, stupid or otherwise. Ed buying into his comic books was well-handled, Double D shined with his efforts to rationalize with the kids, et cetera.

Meanwhile, there was also a subplot involving Kevin and Rolf trying to restore the power on their own. In this instance, Rolf acted like a commanding master to Kevin as the latter was brought along like some pack mule. The two get into mostly one-sided exchanges -- like Rolf making Kevin power the generator single-handedly.

While this didn’t carry as much weight as the primary plot line, it did lead to some of my favorite jokes in the episode, this one being my favorite from these two here:

Rolf: "Wait." "Rolf falls first!"

Even when at the mercy of Earth’s gravity, Rolf insists on being superior to Kevin here, and the pause in the fall helped to sell its humor.

Likewise, there are other jokes and visuals that I like, such as one shot where Ed is literally shown to have buttered toast for a cranium (kind of a callback to Eddy’s facetious comment on his brains in “Ed-n-Seek”), Eddy maintaining a joyous gaze at his profits off of the kids’ panic (even when launched into the air) and the kids initially getting scared when Double D returned Plank as he went to discredit Ed’s Mole Mutant beliefs.
As for character animation, it remains consistent throughout the episode aside from a few minor mistakes here and there. I especially like the frantic movements and expressions of the characters during scenes of fright or impending changes, like during the Mole Mutant revelation and Double D, Rolf and Kevin looking on at an incoming wave in the sewers.

One of the few problems I see with this episode was with Eddy’s big scam; after the kids purchased bananas and hotdog buns from him, those items were never reincorporated, making the scene feel like filler. Surely they should’ve been brought back up -- considering how kids were literally tossing their allowances to Eddy to get ahold of the “repellants”. It would’ve helped if they were put to use but the kids began to think they were useless in helping them.

Regarding animation, there are two notable flaws from my point of view: one, Nazz was shown early on to be coming from the house between those of Double D and Rolf shen she is located in the one between Jonny and Jimmy. And two, when Eddy and Ed retreat from a sewage-covered Double D, Ed is shown without Double D’s hat, yet he has it again when they enter Ed’s bedroom.

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Besides those things, I think this is a very good episode and one of the better ones in season five. It makes fun out of a relatable childhood concept with nice jokes, overall good visuals and animation, and many different subplots involving the cast to keep things interesting and smooth. For those things, I consider it one of my favorite episodes. *****************And that does it for the number nine entry in my "Ed-Athon" episode countdown. What do you think of the episode discussed above? What did you think of my coverage on it? Feel free to politely leave your thoughts in the comments down below. Remember, this is only the numbernine slot on my list of favorite Ed, Edd n Eddy episode. The numbereight entry will come out soon, so be sure to stay on the lookout. Be careful not to keep your heads too high in the clouds as you keep waiting. Stay tuned!The Ed, Edd n Eddy franchise was created by Danny Antonucci, and it belongs to A.K.A. Cartoon and Cartoon Network.
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