When I was I kid I never got a chance to own the game. I clocked away countless hours at friends houses, but never had my own copy. I started playin my old PS2 the other day and realized how unbelievably awesome it would be to finally get my hands on BT3. However, everwhere I look it's priced from $49.00 (which is already out of my price range)-$199.00. What's even crazier is that all of these seem used! I was hoping to score it for like 10-15 bucks, considering it is like around 7-9 years old. Such a bummer, I guess owning one of my favorite games from my favorite series just isn't in the cards. Why is it so damn expensive?!


It's the second hand market. Sellers can sell their stuff for as much as they want.

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Bunch of bastards.

That's such a bummer. I remember when Gamestop still sold PS2 games I bought Tenkaichi Budokai 3, however when I got home I discovered that was in fact not the game in the case. Instead I got DBZ: Sagas in a BT3 box. I took it back to Gamestop and basically told me that they'd buy it back for store credit, which was less than what I paid for it. They were difficult and dishonest, and eventually revealed that they didn't even have BT3 in stock. That whole experience was absurd, they were basically telling me to "fuck off" every step of the way, when all i wanted was what I paid for. I have refused to go to Gamestop since then (2009...maybe 2010 I think?). So yeah, the universe really doesn't want me to have this fucking game and it makes me sad.

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Considering there is no way to buy the game brand new I'm comfortable suggesting this.

If you have a Wii, try there! It's no different than the PS2 version except added on (optional) motion controls.

If you don't have a Wii, but do have a good computer (I have an HD4400 graphics chip and it runs great) then I definitely recommend downloading Dolphin and getting BT3 for Wii that way, which doesn't require a Wiimote. The game has full game pad support so you can use a keyboard or even plug in a controller.

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It works great and if your computer has the juice then you can bump up the resolution, and with the cartoon art style it looks like a brand new game at 1080p.

Hah! 1080p is so bleh - if you ever saw it at 4x native resolution (2560x2112p), I think you'd cry!

I got it for $10 back in 2009. I lost it and ended up buying it again in 2011 for $35 it was so worth it. I have a backwards compatible ps3 so I play it pretty often :) Games freakin fun yo