Dora The traveler Theme tune Lyrics. Dora The traveler Lyrics Song is the latest theme song and This tune was Dora The traveler Opening layout Song. Right here One can discover Dora The traveler Song text Pdf, Dora The traveler Song lyrics in Spanish & English, Dora The explorer Song Ringtone, Dora The explorer Song Download, Dora The explorer Song Mp3 Download. Acquire Dora The explorer song lyrics here Below.

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Dora The traveler Song Information:

SongDora The Explorer
MovieDora The Explorer
Music LabelNickelodeon, Nick Jr

Dora The traveler Lyrics (Dora The traveler Theme Song):


Dora dora dora the explorer!Boots, that super cool exploradora!

Need your help!

Grab your backpacks!Lets go,Jump in!Vámanos!

You have the right to lead the way!

Hey! hey!


Swiper no swiping!Swiper no swiping! (oh man)

Dora the explorer!


Dora The traveler Lyrics in Spanish (Dora The traveler Theme Song):

Dora!¡Botas!¡Vamos dora!


Dora dora dora la exploradora!Boots, ¡esa exploradora súper genial!

¡Necesito tu ayuda!

¡Coge tus mochilas!¡Vamos!¡Saltar,¡Vámanos!

¡Tú puedes liderar el camino!

¡Oye! ¡Oye!


Swiper sin deslizar!Swiper sin deslizar! (Oh hombre)

¡Dora la exploradora!


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