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Butterdog, additionally spelled as Butter Dog, is a nickname provided to a dog in a viral video in which it holds an individual packet of butter on its head and also thrashes a red toy while the man recording claims, "Dog through the butter on him, dog via the butter." Originating from a video posted on iFunny in late September 2020, it obtained viral spread through rewrite-ups on TikTok and also other platforms, eventually ending up being a topic of wholesome ironic memes in the complying with weeks. The video is narrated in a similar fashion to the Salami Lid.


On September 23rd, 2020, iFunny<1> user coal posted a short video of his dog holding an individual packet of butter on its head and also then thrashing an undetermined red-and-green object resembling a dog toy. The video received over 2,900 smiles in one month (shown below).


On October 23rd, 2020, Twitter<2> user RinCDot tweeted a fan art depiction of Butterdog, receiving over 50 likes and also 16 retweets in one week (checked out listed below, left). The following day, Twitter<3> user some_ape then common their artwork-related illustrating Butterdog, receiving over 105 likes and 13 retweets in 6 days (watched below, right).

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On October 25th, the Instagram<4> account cloutwhore.mp4 reposted the original clip to their feed, accumulating over 5,100 views in 5 days. On October 27th, the Instagram<5> account criminalmonkeygang.inc posted one more video of a different dog reenacting the original, accumulating over 500 views in three days (presented below).