Riley Hanson & James Gregory AtkinsonRawr way I love friend in dinosaur

August 15, 2019–September 22, 2019Reception: Thursday august 15, 6–9pm

organized by Daisy Sanchez


James Gregory Atkinson, Hypersensitive (Blowing things out that proportion) III, 2018, Archival pigment publish on dibond. 65 x 43 inches.

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James Gregory Atkinson, Hypersensitive (Blowing things out the proportion) III, 2018. Archival pigment publish on dibond, 65 x 43 inches.

James Gregory Atkinson, Hypersensitive (Blowing points out the proportion) II, 2017. Archival pigment publish on dibond, 65 x 43 inches.


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Rawr method I love girlfriend in dinosaurinitiates a dialogue between two body of recent work-related through i beg your pardon Philadelphia-based painter Riley Hanson and Frankfurt-based multidisciplinary artist James Gregory Atkinson use digital photography together a way to inspection the connections in between the gendered dress expectations and also emotional vulnerability in assorted subcultures.

Hanson’s portraits that emo and also scene adolescents paint a tender tribute to the seditious youths the pioneered transgressive self meaning through a merger of online and actual identity, and embraced gender expectation defying settings of dress and adopt of emotional vulnerability. Hanson’s portraits that scene and emo teenagers are calculation from found images culled from a range of digital sources. Painted in swift strokes, the quality of Hanson’s execution recalls the crude pixelation of beforehand digital phone and also webcam photography—profile pics mirroring off fresh snake bites, moody mirror selfies in tight installation tees, and also tagged shots of girlfriend in heavy eyeliner and also helmets the dyed hair—online relics the this community. These snapshots aren’t intended to resurrect separation, personal, instance likenesses however rather construct personalities that embody and enliven their collective memory.

The emo subculture that arised in the beginning of the brand-new millennium at first sprung indigenous a genre of alternate rock defined by dark, emotionally lyricism. Members that this milieu the disenfranchised youth exist both on and also offline in the different landscapes that ethernet realms and also real people terrain. Alienated from their normie peers and also the boundaries of tendency culture, they to be relegated come the edge of beforehand social media platforms Friendster, MySpace, and later Tumblr; lock congregated in the mall warm Topics who signature camp aesthetic, component sinister, part whimsy, concerned define their defiant layout in which differences in sex presentations to be slight or no existent.

Atkinson’s huge scale digital photographs,Hypersensitive (Blowing things out the proportion) IIandIII, record moments the emotional and also identity power through closely cropped shots the crying eye wearing costume call lenses. Atkinson’s photographs nod to the relationship in between the photographic lens and also the ocular lens, both transmitters of intuitive information and mechanisms for developing images, which often serve together the communication of identity formation. Bulbous tears fine up the inner eyelids and also lashes that the ‘hypersensitive’ glazed end eyes sporting lenses printed with a pink heart motif and also black and also white zebra print. Together their titles suggest, the range of this inflated images portraying intimate moments of vulnerability alludes to an overblown, emotional an answer perhaps dip by the masking result of the costume lenses. Conjure up associations through The lenses obscure the iris and also conceal the wearer’s identity, which is additional abstracted by the near crop, allowing them to take it on a built identity of your choosing.

Costume call lenses have been donned by countercultural symbol Marilyn Manson or much more recently, sported through models on the Balenciaga FW19 runway. Manson’s provocative persona is born the end of sex fluidity and also the Balenciaga brand is in component defined through their comparable resistance to gendered expectations, having defied industry standards by integrated their men’s and women’s runways right into a single unisex presentation backdropped through the techno society music.

Rawr way I love girlfriend in dinosaur, often abbreviated together Rawr XD, may be review as one infantilistic declare indicating regressed maturity could conversely be taken as a signal of social progression. The cutesy etymological maneuver that this memetic ‘baby talk’ phrase resonated through many throughout the huge digital levels as a way of expressing affection without having to explicitly state emotions or be directly vulnerable. The digital ubiquity the this early on memetic ‘baby talk’ phrase, gone into into the round of mainstream culture as a famous t-shirt slogan. Thanks, in part, come the emos and the ravers that were, by self definition, scene and club “kids”. On the social vanguard both on and also off line, your agony or ecstasy to be contingent top top the music in ~ the core of your subcultures in i m sorry costume is social currency and rejections of cursory gender performance paved the method for your radical embrace of vulnerability.

Riley Hanson(b.1995, Akron, Ohio) lives and works in Philadelphia. Hanson earn a BFA from Michigan University. Hanson’s recent exhibitions include Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Tom Cruise. No place Gallery, Columbus OH, Bunk Notes team show, curated by Olivia Williams, Pilot Projects, Philadelphia, and When You treatment Too lot Your offal Slips Out, gallery Bypass, Detroit, MI.

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James Gregory Atkinson (b. In negative Nauheim, Germany) currently lives and also works in between Seattle and Frankfurt. Atkinson earn a degree in Photography and Design native Lette-Verein, Berlin, has studied in ~ the Cooper Union institution of Art, new York and holds a Meisterschüler native Städelschule, Frankfurt. Current exhibitions incorporate “SHOW ME her SHELVES!” conceived by C& in ~ the Detroit public Library and Re: Re: black color Macho. Unleash The Queen, PPC Philipp Pflug Contemporary. Frankfurt, Germany.

Rawr means I love you in dinosaurwas arranged by Daisy Sanchez with the support Francisco Correa Cordero Download push release