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As you have the right to see, there’s nothing wrong with being shy or to wonder do males like awkward girls. In fact, the can help your dating life, and you shouldn’t are afraid being yourself also if her true self is shy. However, gift shy can entice the wrong form of attention, so we’ve got some advice to assist you avoid unwanted situations.

Sometimes, a quiet, introverted or awkward girl can lure a male who is spring for straightforward mark. Abusive and also controlling males may target women through this type of personality because they think the mrs won’t stand up for herself, and this is, sadly, sometimes the case. If a guy seems favor he’s searching for the weakest member of the herd come attack, and he implies that you’re it, you’re far better off without him. You don’t want to waste time and energy that views shy girls together a conquest, whether it’s romantic, sexual or otherwise!

And although it could not necessarily be abusive, some males are for this reason entrenched in social gender duties that they refuse to believe anyone various other than a shy and subservient girl is a “real woman.” even though you might portray the traits this kind of male is feather for, you could want to think twice around his potential as a partner. Plus, simply being shy doesn’t average that you’re not an independent woman in other ways, and also that’s okay, too!

Make sure you pay attention to what her friends and also family think as soon as debating date or breaking up through someone who can be all about the negative factors why guys like embarrassy girls. Currently that’s you’re armed with knowledge, take on your shyness and look for a guy who likes it, too!

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