Dead man - The dead man dreamed - then you will have health and longevity, if the dreamer is alive. If the dead man in a dream is actually dead - this is a change of weather.

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Kissing a dead man - a long life awaits you. Dead man in a coffin - Seeing in the tomb of someone who has long died - you are waiting for the loss of a relative or friend.

Talking in a dream with a deceased person who was a relative or friend in life — you will do your job well.

If the dead man is in a dream outside the tomb, the dead man has come to life, then a guest will come to you. If a dead man in a dream in a tomb and he is a well-known close person - then you will see a messenger of fate or there will be news of the wedding or luck of this person. If a dead man in a coffin is a stranger, then this is to the benefit.

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Pocket Dreambook by T. Lagutina

What does the Dead Man dream about, how to understand the dream:

The dead man dreamed - this is a warning. The deceased father - Talking in a dream with the deceased father - then be careful in business and contacts, your reputation is at risk.

The late mother dreamed - this is a warning about the disease, be kinder to people.

Seeing a deceased relative or friend will soon have the opportunity to help someone.

Why dream of a dead man alive, a revived dead man - To see the dead people alive and in a good mood in a dream, you should immediately get out of the influence of an unworthy person, otherwise you should not avoid adversity and loss. Dead man who died - A dead man dreamed - this is an improvement in your affairs.

Cleopatra"s Dream Book

What does the Dead Man dream about, how to interpret the dream:

Dead man - There was a dead man who did not ask for anything and did not show discontent, did not make complaints - this is a change in the weather.

To see in a dream that people condemn the one who lies in the coffin is troubles, get ready for a conflict with loved ones.

What does a dead man dream of - A deceased acquaintance - A man who died long ago as if he was still alive dreamed that it was a change of weather.

To see a man who, with his pale appearance, is very reminiscent of a dead man, is a disease.

Dream Interpretation of V. Melnikov

What does the Dead Man dream about in his dream book:

Dead, dead - To see that the dead are your relatives - this portends them many years of well-being, if they are actually alive.

If they are already dead, then this portends a change in your mood, which will depend either on the weather outside the window or on which foot you got up from.

The deceased beloved - Seeing the dead as his lover - portends a sad parting with him.

Seeing yourself as a deceased is a matter of concern and disappointment, if you are modestly and hastily buried in a dream, and if solemnly and with a multitude of people, it means that soon your circle of friends will expand significantly and you will become widely known.

Big dream book

What the Dead man dreams about - dream analysis:


To see the Dead in a dream:

The dead man - The dead man dreamed - this is to change the weather.

Everyday Dream Book

What does the dead man dream about in his dream book?

Dead person, dead - Seeing the dead person is a warning dream, which indicates that significant changes are taking place in your life, which should be prepared in advance.

Deceased relatives - To see that you saw someone from relatives or acquaintances of you who have already died in real life, then try to remember what exactly these people told you in a dream and adhere to the advice given to you in a dream. But at the same time, one should not give any promises to the deceased in a dream - this is a very bad sign warning that a period of failures is coming in your life.

If you dreamed of the dead that surround you, then in reality you will find yourself in a situation where you need help, but you will not get this help - disappointment and irritation will overwhelm you.

Deceased relatives - If you have dreamed of someone from the deceased relatives - mother or father, then such a dream should be taken as the direction of your future life. A mother may dream of those who are currently in a difficult situation - she will prompt and cut off from the wrong decisions.

A father can also give sensible advice in a dream, but at the same time he can still warn in advance against getting into an unpleasant situation.

Moon Dream Book

What does the sleeping Dead man dream of, it means:

A dead person who has died is an improvement in business. A dead person can symbolize your old habits, negative feelings that you have already forgotten about, but they have come to life again.

Dream Interpreter E. Avadyaeva

If the Dead Man is dreaming, why is this:

Seeing yourself as a dead person - happiness awaits you. Seeing this - someone will help you. experiencing a zombie attack in a dream - you will have to return to the list of your old affairs. Talking with a dead person is a bargain with a friend. Seeing a dead zombie dead man - you will have big troubles. A lot of zombies to see - to the disease.

Dream Interpreter O. Smurova

What dreams and what does the dead man mean:

To see that you have done this means that your affairs are so bad that you do not want to live and your hands have completely dropped.

Dream Interpretation of S. Karatov

What the Dead Man dreams of:


Seeing that you have done something you will happen misfortune through your own fault.

Another interpretation of this dream: suicide in a dream portends pregnancy, the birth of a child, as well as a dubious victory in a love field.

Dream Interpreter A. Vasiliev

What is the dead man dreaming of?

Seeing that the deceased - then you will find yourself in a hopeless or difficult situation.

Dream Interpreter O. Adaskina

What does the Dead Man dream of, what does it mean:

The dream in which you are preparing to commit suicide portends you big troubles and disappointments, as a result of which you lose interest in life.

Seeing someone"s suicide or learning about it from someone else"s words is a bad sign. It is possible that the cause of your failures will be your natural gullibility and carelessness.

Lewis Dream Interpretation

Why is the Dead Man dreaming, for what reason:

A dream of a deceased person may mean that the situation in the dreamer"s life is so unsatisfactory that he is no longer willing or able to cope with personal or business relationships in the old ways.

It is believed that the appearance of a dead person in a dream alive is a warning about the danger to the sleeper. But each dream interpretation interprets such a story in its own way. To correctly determine what the dead man dreams of, you need to study several sources at once.

In the Psychological Dream Book, the deceased is a symbol of a new life period. Such a guest of night dreams suggests that the sleeper will be able to start everything from scratch. Old relationships, outlooks on life, and possibly even work, will be a thing of the past. But you should not worry about this, because new events will replace them.

In Miller’s work, it is noted that the obsessive, revived deceased that the dreamer wants to get rid of is a sign that a person is greatly concerned about events from the past. He really wants to get rid of old problems. We must resolutely agree to such changes and take action. The first thing is to mercilessly say goodbye to all the ghosts of the past. After that, a man or woman will feel significant relief.

The Gipsy dream book says that seeing yourself as a living dead person is a great sign. He tells us that a long, happy life awaits a person.

David Loff’s dream book explains that the appearance of a revived deceased visiting a dreamer speaks of longing for this man. Surely this is some kind of deceased relative or friend. Perhaps it"s time to remember the deceased or go to church.

Dream of dead relatives alive

Most often, sleeping men and women dream of dead relatives alive. As noted above, such a plot of night visions is primarily explained by the fact that a man or woman can not get used to living without people dear to his heart. If a strong yearning for the deceased does not let a person go for more than a year, then you should seek the help of a psychologist. After all, to be happy in this state is impossible. A protracted depression can lead to serious health problems.


If a late relative who dreamed of a waking dead person asks for something sleeping, then his request must be fulfilled. For example, take some object to the cemetery and bury it in the grave, clean up near it or put a candle for rest.

It happens that in his dream a person kisses a dead man, while experiencing discomfort. Such a dream plot suggests that in relation to the character of the sleep, the sleeper feels guilty. Perhaps he offended a relative in some way shortly before his death, did not manage to say important words, ask for forgiveness, etc. An enduring and unremitting guilt will interfere with the dreamer"s normal life. To get rid of him, it will be enough to ask for forgiveness at the grave of the deceased relative. Of course, it is very important to do this as sincerely and sincerely as possible.

I dreamed of an open coffin with a dead man

If a sleeping person sees an open coffin with a dead person, and his “inhabitant” tries to get up and start a conversation, it means that in real life a person will have to sort things out. You can no longer put off a heart-to-heart conversation with someone close to you. It should take place in the very near future. Surely there is a misunderstanding between the dreamer and one of his relatives, which needs to be found out as soon as possible. Otherwise, a serious conflict between close people or a complete breakdown of relations is possible.


Does the dead man reach out to the dreamer with his hands from an open coffin? Ahead of a man or woman awaits a difficult life period. Unfortunately, it will be necessary to cope with our own forces exclusively on our own. Nowhere to wait for help.

Several dead people in open coffins are a clear sign that the work recently begun by a person will end successfully. You don’t have to worry that you have to spend a lot of time and energy on it. All the efforts of the sleeper will be truly rewarded.

If a person sees a deceased relative in reality, who weeps bitterly in his dream, then such a plot portends health problems. They will concern not the sleeping one, but one of his close people. Most likely relatives. And the "living" grandparents in the coffin suggest that waking up does not need to worry about trifles.

What does the talking dead dream about?

If the deceased in a dream says something, such a plot is especially important to interpret correctly. The main thing is to try to remember the words spoken by the deceased. Most likely, they will contain important advice for the sleeping person. For example, a hint on how to avoid impending serious problems.


A living man dreamed of a dead man

The most favorable plot of such a dream is the one in which the role of the revived dead went to the sleeping child (actually, to the living). This means that in reality in the family you can expect a quick increase.

There is one common meaning for all dreams in which a living person dreams of a dead person. Such a plot promises the character of sleep a long life and good health. But this applies to those options when the vision has no interesting details. If a person remembers any unusual details of a dream, then his interpretation may turn out to be completely different.


Is a close person dreaming of a dead and exhausted person? Most likely, in reality he lacks the attention and care from the sleeper. The latter was too keen on building his own career or simply went into himself. It is urgent to change the situation and begin to devote more time to your family. Otherwise, serious problems will arise in relations with loved ones.

A man in a wedding robe in a coffin, who is alive and healthy in reality, promises a dreamer a joyless unhappy family life. If such a plot was dreamed by a man or woman on the eve of the marriage ceremony, then you need to think repeatedly whether it is worth connecting your life with the chosen partner. Perhaps a dream is a warning about a possible error.

The value of sleep depending on the day of the week

The interpretation of dreams with a living dead person will depend on what day the plot was seen:If a cheerful laughing deceased dreams on Monday night, then one should expect material problems in real life. A series of financial troubles will last quite a long time. To deal with it, it will take literally a day and night to work hard.A dream on Tuesday, in which a revived dead personage appears, depending on the details, may portend to the dreamer help from strangers.Had a dream about a dead person reporting that he was alive on Wednesday? One should expect very significant news in real life.If a revived dead person is nervous in a dream from Wednesday to Thursday - such a plot is a dream to the potential waking risk for a man or woman.The plots of dreams seen from Thursday to Friday should be perceived as prophetic. You should try to remember them in great detail.From Friday to Saturday, the suddenly revived deceased in a dream of a free young girl becomes for her the harbinger of an imminent wedding.Talking with a deceased in a dream from Saturday to Sunday can help make the right decision.

Dead people are not so rare guests of our dreams, especially if the pain of loss is still very strong, and the separation was gone recently.

But sometimes we can dream not only close and relatives, but also unfamiliar or completely unfamiliar people from another world.

Let"s find out what the dead man dreams of, what it can mean and what to expect from such a dream.

Miller"s Dream Book

If you dreamed about a deceased relative, then wait for the test, possibly a loss. And it’s not necessary that someone will die, just for some time you may be pursued by financial setbacks or other troubles. Be careful and be sure to listen to the advice that a relative will give you in a dream. This is a warning dream!

To see a dream about death, for example, as someone dies or a funeral procession is a sleep warning, be careful in business.

Talk in a dream with a dead father - someone intends to weave intrigues against you; think carefully about all the steps before starting any business. Protect your reputation and monitor your behavior, any misconduct can be used against you.

Talk in a dream with a deceased mother - pay attention to health, and also moderate your inclinations.

A conversation in a dream with a brother who has passed away - someone needs your help and mercy.

If a dead man comes into your dream too cheerful or too lively, it means that you are leading the wrong life and the current way needs to be urgently corrected, as it can negatively affect your fate.

If a dead relative is trying to take some promise from you, then ahead of you will fail in business.

Sigmund Freud"s Dream Book

Seeing a corpse in a dream is for longevity.

If you had a dream of a deceased child - expect problems with conception.

Dream Book Wangi

If a sick person comes to you - to injustice in your real life.

To dream a lot of people who have passed away - to an epidemic or disaster.

If a dream of a deceased friend - to a change in life. Listen to him carefully, perhaps he wants to warn you about something or give valuable advice for the future.

Seeing the clinical death of a friend in a dream is a deceit of friends, intrigues are woven against you.

Dream interpretation of Tsvetkova

Seeing a deceased in a black suit - someone close will soon leave for another world.

Coins in the eyes of the dead indicate that someone uses you for their own purposes and profits from you fraudulently.

A deceased father often comes to talk about the problems of your children. Do not ignore such a dream, perhaps the offspring are hiding something from you or they need help, but they are not able to admit it.


Seeing the deceased in a dream - to a change in the weather lying in a coffin - to unexpected guests.

Dead man in a dream of Nostradamus

Hugging or touching a carrion in a dream - getting rid of fears.

If he calls you after himself in a dream, then do not go, otherwise you may be seriously ill or be depressed.

To see how the dead man is worried in a dream means that he has no peace in the next world, to see him naked - that means he has found peace in the other world.

Small Velesov dream book

The deceased father is a failure, a change in the weather, you should definitely remember the one who dreamed.

A dead mother is grief, a serious illness.

To meet a dead man in a dream is luck, success (if a man dreams), a dead woman - to obstacles.

If a dead man comes to life - to obstacles in business, financial losses.

Being in the company of the departed - in real life you have enemies.

Seeing them alive is for longevity.

To dream of a living patient asleep in a Bose - to his soon recovery.

Hugging the inanimate in a dream is a disease, kissing is for longevity.

If in a dream you give something to the deceased - at a loss.

To move or transfer the deceased is grief.

Congratulating on something - pleasant events are ahead, talking - curious news or illness.

It should be noted that in the old days such dreams were given great importance and they tried to correctly interpret them. After all, it is possible that it is through relatives who have gone into another world that our guardian angels try to reach us and to warn of something.

According to popular belief, it is believed that the dead dream alive to change weather conditions. However, not all popular dream books confirm this information. A living dead person does not appear in dreams just like that: the deceased warns a person about something or portends life changes.

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In order to understand and correctly decipher the meaning of what he saw, one should remember in detail the night dream and emotions that the deceased aroused in the sleeping man. If joy - a good event is coming, a pleasant pastime. If the sleeping person was disgusted or afraid, he will have to overcome many life obstacles in order to get what he wants. The actions of the deceased in relation to the dreamer are also important. Beating means that a person is doing something wrong, can inflict severe pain on close people with his actions. Praise portends the successful outcome of an important event and a worthy assessment of the dreamer"s painstaking work.

The meaning of the dead in the dream in different dream books

Interpretation of dreams about the dead by popular dream books:

1. Russian dream book. The deceased person dreams of internal feelings, feelings of loss, deep anguish and regret. To see the deceased alive - to feel a subconscious feeling of guilt for what has been done, to repent of their actions in front of the person who dreamed.2. Aesopian dream book. Most often, the dead dream of a sharp change in weather conditions and various natural disasters.3. Chinese predictor. If the deceased cries bitterly, a scandal of enormous proportions, a series of unpleasant incidents will occur in the dreamer"s family. The dead man is simply standing - a bad sign foreshadowing the tragedy. It rises from the coffin - important news, a letter with good news. It revives, and then suddenly turns to ashes - the dreamer expects financial stability, he will receive a constant source of income. To see close friends alive - to great luck. If ancestors appeared in a dream, great happiness is coming.4. The modern interpreter. The dead come to life in a dream portend good health, long and happy years of life.5. Dream book of Loff. If the deceased shows aggression and anger towards the dreamer, then a person offended him during his life with something. Hugging and kissing the reviving dead means that the memory of the deceased will forever remain in the heart of a sleeping person, he bitterly regrets the loss and cannot reconcile himself to life"s injustice.6. The interpreter of Smirnov. A dead man who dreamed alive signifies peace of mind, inner harmony, changes in the dreamer"s life, and cooling. To take something from the dead is a very bad sign, promising endless sadness, a sharp deterioration in health, moral devastation. If the deceased calls with him - this portends the imminent death of a sleeping person.7. Small Velesov dream book. If the dead father dreamed alive, then the relative asks to be remembered. If he warns about something - he must be listened to and analyzed by the words of the deceased parent, as they can save the dreamer from a terrible tragedy. A dead mother who dreamed alive is a sign that a person can become seriously ill due to her own fault. Accidentally meet in a dream a deceased acquaintance of a man - an omen of great luck and good luck. The representative of the opposite sex is a harbinger of a fiasco, a serious defeat, major financial problems, ruin, a collapse of hopes. Hugging the deceased brother in a dream - to malaise, loss of strength. A friendly kiss with a deceased friend means that the dreamer will live a long and full of positive emotions life. Giving a valuable thing in a dream or giving a gift to a dead man promises monetary losses and deep disappointment. If a sleeping person sees that the deceased comes to life during a funeral, trouble will come soon. To conduct friendly conversations or communicate with the deceased on neutral topics - soon amazing events will begin to occur with the sleeping person, he will receive the long-awaited news from a loved one. Congratulating your dead grandparents in a dream means that a significant event, a joyful pastime is coming. The dead man calls with himself - a sign that a person will die soon, especially if the sleeping person follows the deceased.8. Predictor of Freud. Such a dream means a warning, unfulfilled obligations, debts from the past. It is necessary to pay close attention to the words of the deceased, they can be prophetic.9. The interpreter of Wangi. Sleep bodes a massive catastrophe, natural disaster. If the dreamer sees a living deceased who is suffering severely, the sleeper will face terrible injustice. The late comrade is dreaming - serious changes are coming in all spheres of life. To dream of a revived dead person dying anew means to make the same mistakes and not learn from them.10. Dream interpretation of Tsvetkov. This night vision marks climate change. The dead man leaves the tomb - uninvited guests rush to the dreamer. If a dead man appeared before a sleeping man in a black classic suit, then one of his closest friends or relatives will soon die. Parents who died long ago come in their night dreams to notify of an important incident or to save them from fatal mistakes.11. Farseer Hasse. Sleep portends longevity, the absence of health problems, strong immunity.12. Interpreter Longo. A dead person dreaming alive promises family frustration, the occurrence of conflict situations in personal relationships. Performing a magical ritual over a deceased, after which he comes to life, means that the problem, which the dreamer seemed to have solved, will again cause a lot of trouble. If a living dead person crumbles to dust in front of a dreamer, then a person is prone to exaggeration and takes everything to heart. A smiling deceased relative means someone else"s interference in the privacy of the sleeping person. The deceased mother, who appeared in a dream, portends a difficult life period, due to a hopeless situation, a person will fall ill on a nervous basis. The dreaming deceased dad is a warning about problems in the financial sector and professional activities. Other deceased close relatives who warn of something in a dream - a sign of danger, should not take their lives so lightly and take unjustified risks. To leave or to run away from the dead means to evade fulfillment of one"s duties, to avoid an unpleasant situation, to flee from accumulated problems.13. Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus. Hugging a living dead in a dream means overcoming your inner fears, getting rid of a phobia. If the deceased is completely naked, then a person is fine in the next world, he is happy, do not mourn his death.14. Soothsayer of Hope and Dmitry Zima. The living dead in a dream is a reminder of events and feelings that have long been left in the past. Attempts to get rid of the deceased in a dream mean that the burden of past events does not allow the dreamer to sleep soundly, he feels remorse for the vile act that was committed in the distant past. Seeing calm and peaceful parents means that events go their own way and the sleeping person will not succeed in influencing them. If they call and beckon with a hand - this is a sign of imminent death.15. The interpreter of Ivanov. Night vision means that luck will accompany the dreamer in everything, no matter what he takes up.16. Dream Interpretation from A to Z. A deceased man who dreamed alive in a dream promises the dreamer sharp mood swings and outbursts of aggression. If in a dream, a reviving dead person kills himself, such a dream marks a betrayal of a lover and deep depression.17. Ukrainian dream book. Seeing a dead man in a nightly dream is a bad omen. The sleeping person will have major troubles associated with financial issues and love relationships. If the deceased in a dream claims to be alive, then the dreamer will receive important news in the near future. If parents who were no longer alive had a dream, such a dream marks an unpleasant incident that will happen to households or pets.

If the deceased in a dream smiles, then the sleeper should carefully look at people from his immediate environment - one of them makes insidious plans behind the dreamer. If a dead man in a dream laughs out loud, then a person will have to go through difficult trials and mental anguish. The deceased rises from his grave - the sleeper should rely only on his own strength, since relatives and comrades will not provide assistance and will not be able to assist in solving the dreamer"s problems.

Talking with the living dead means that soon the dreamer will receive an important message, which you need to pay attention to and draw appropriate conclusions about further actions.

Eating (eating food) together with the deceased means that a person is looking for easy money, but instead of profit will receive big losses. Shaking hands with the living dead bodes big troubles and insoluble problems, you should rely only on yourself, there will be no help from others. If the dreamer chases away the unfamiliar deceased person, such a night dream promises a positive change in all areas of life.

A living dead person in a dream means an unfinished waking important business. Dream Interpretations are positively inclined towards the interpretation of sleep: they talk about changing weather, or resolving long-standing conflicts. To learn more about why the dead man dreams of living, remember the circumstances in which he happened to see him.

Miller"s Dream Warnings

Psychologists say: if you dreamed of a revived dead man in a coffin, you should not be afraid in advance and wait for trouble. On the contrary, such dreams are a clue from above. It is important to understand who exactly appeared in a dream. Good explanations of what the deceased dreams of are given by Gustav Miller"s dream book:

mom - a warning about an upcoming disease;father - new projects will be successful;deceased grandmother (revived) - it would be nice to complete the work begun;other relatives - to a sharp change in climatic conditions;stranger - to profit.

The return of forgotten feelings

One does not have to see a revived dead man in a dream very often. A dream is usually scary and perceived as a nightmare. In fact, modern dream books insist that it means the dreamer"s return to his old love relationship. It’s just wonderful if you dreamed that the deceased spoke at the funeral.


What the living dead dreams about in a coffin can also be understood by his mood. A cheerful, humorous, positive person indicates that it is high time to lose their complexes, forgive former grievances and return long-forgotten feelings.

Keep track of health

Seeing a mother who died long ago is also a good sign. My soul comes to you to give up all things and pay attention to well-being. The deceased grandmother (revived) at a funeral in a dream is considered a warning from above. Dream Interpretations say: it"s time to finish what you started and think about your own health.


It is very good if relatives had a dream in excellent mood. You can defeat any ailment in the initial stage of the disease. Longevity, a speedy recovery, a sharp rise in vitality and energy are exactly what a dead man, especially a mother in a coffin, dreams of.

Open your pockets

But what the father dreamed about at the funeral is worth considering in more detail. Expect big profits if dad talked in his sleep and gave advice. The same can be said if the revived dead person was not only a relative, but also a stranger, a very rich person during his lifetime.


A calm dead person can promise to receive a letter, good news about the inheritance, other unexpected profit from the outside. Dream Interpretations talk about help that no one could even imagine in reality. At the most crucial moment, the cherished desire will be fulfilled, even in cases where the last hope was lost.

comments 9

I dreamed that an old friend died, and then I met her alive. In the morning, “my ex-love” called, whom I had not seen for several years. Indeed, feelings came to life again.

I had a dream. In a dream, I was at the cemetery, my sons were brought there dead. The youngest son suddenly came to life, and the eldest son was naked and dead, and he could not be buried for a very long time. A husband with a younger son, for some reason, without waiting for the burial, left without telling me anything. I called him and screamed into the phone that if he died I would bury him just like he would his son. I cried a lot because there was nobody to put him in the grave and he was naked to dress. Then a woman came up and said that the boy was buried and I saw only an earthen hill. The eldest son died 4 years ago.

Dreamed a cousin in a coffin. He was killed many years ago. And here - the funeral again. I am offered to say goodbye to the deceased, I take him by the shoulder, and he is warm, says: Mom, well, do not disturb me, I want to sleep like that. He turns his head to me, opens his eyes, sees me and with joy: Oh, it"s you! - I told him: How are you feeling? He: Thank you, very bad. I scream: What are you doing? He is alive! Urgently to the hospital! I"m trying to find an interpretation, but everything is too scattered.

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My 28 year old son died a year ago, and I had a dream that someone was telling me that my son was dead. I cry and scream that this cannot be, I drop everything, run to his room, open the door and see my son lying alive in bed, but he is sleeping. He raised his head and, as if in surprise, asked what had happened. I did not hear his voice. She closed the door and left so as not to interfere with his sleep. What does my dream mean? Thank you for your reply. Sincerely.