If you\"re like me and are a large fan the \"Teen Wolf\" and also love to know every fact about it, this is for all you \"Teen Wolf\" addicts. After ~ a most research and also discoveries, below are 10 facts around the teenager Wolf cast that will most most likely shock and surprise girlfriend (except reality #1, that\"s something that every fan need to know).

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Fact #1: Tyler Posey and Dylan O\"Brien are ideal friends.


Yes, her favorite boys are ideal friends in genuine life! Posey, who plays Scott McCall, and O\"Brien, who plays his best friend, Stiles Stilinski, are besties. It every started once Tyler and also Dylan to be auditioning and Tyler went approximately Dylan and also asked whereby the commodes were. From that minute Tyler knew that \"this dude to be cool.\" lock bonded end skateboarding and bands. As soon as they both found out they obtained the roles, the producer of \"Teen Wolf,\" Jeff Davis, claimed the two need to hang out and get to know each other, but due to the fact that auditions they\"ve currently hung out and chilled through each other. It\"s a bromance do in heaven.

Fact #2: Shelley Hennig is ideal friends with Dylan O\"Brien\"s girlfriend.

Shelley Hennig, who plays Malia Tate, is ideal friends and also roommates through Dylan O\"Brien\"s longtime girlfriend, Britt Robertson. Shelley and Britt starred in \"The secret Circle\" together as Cassie Blake (played by Robertson) and also Diana Meade (played through Hennig). So what go one finest friend carry out while the various other is making out with her friend for their television show? She the town hall it with her boyfriend. \"It\"s funny, it\"s choose huh, that\"s would certainly it be choose to have you cheating on me v my best friend, interesting, ok cool.\"

Fact #3: J.R Bourne was in \"The mystery Circle.\"

Before he played kris Argent, the strong werewolf hunter and also loving father to Allison, J.R played a witch hunter named Isaac on \"The secret Circle,\" acting next to Shelley Hennig and also Dylan\"s girlfriend, Britt Robertson. J.R knew Shelley prior to \"Teen Wolf\" also premiered it\"s first episode and also knew Britt before she even met Dylan.

Fact #4: crystal Reed date Daniel Sharman.


Yes, our beloved Allisaac to be actually date in real life at one point. Crystal, who played Allison Argent, and also Daniel, that played Isaac Lahey, sadly broke up prior to the start of season three and also while I\"m not certain if they were dating throughout the filming, which ns hope castle were since all the kissing would be foolish awkward, they appeared to have actually no resentment towards each other in the show.

Fact #5: Max and also Charlie Carver have various birthdays.


Twins Max and Charlie, who play Ethan and also Aiden, space born on various days in various months. Exactly how cool is that? While there is just a 7 minute difference, Charlie was born top top July 31st and also Max to be born on respectable 1st. This must have been a substantial argument as soon as they to be kids.

Fact #6: Tyler Hoechlin to be one in 2000


No, ns don\"t average he rotate one in the year 2000, by this I typical at the period of 15, Tyler to be picked come play Michael Sullivan Jr. In Tom Hanks\" \"Road come Perdition\" out of 2,000 other applicants. Native his function as Derek Hale, us knew he was an exceptional actor yet beating out 2,000 other boys is amazing. When Tyler to be one in 2,000 because that his function as Michael Sullivan Jr., that is, and always will be, recognized as one in a million because that the role of Derek Hale.

Fact #7: Holland Roden is a triple threat.


Not just is Holland beautiful and also talented, she is also really intelligent. She plays Lydia Martin, who she is comparable to in more ways than one. Season one Lydia acts very ditzy and dumb if in reality she is an extremely advanced and smart. While Holland doesn\"t try to plot oblivious and also frivolous, she comes off really bubble headed. Tiny known fact, Holland i graduated from the university of California (UCLA) in molecular biology and also women\"s studies. I mean, I\"m not certain what molecule biology really is but I can\"t even pass continuous biology therefore that states something. When she is an extremely smart, her ditzy moments never seize to make people laugh and she always takes it favor a champ.

Fact #8: Tyler Posey\"s dad remained in \"Teen Wolf.\"


John Posey theatre Conrad Fenris and if your prefer me, you might have no idea that that is. If you have actually a good memory or still to clock season one, doctor Fenris is the physician who check Jackson\"s neck, friend remember, that gross scene when the string of wolvesbane is extracted from Jackson\"s neck, yeah, that\"s john Posey, Tyler\"s dad. The was additionally in the \"Teen Wolf\" net series, \"Search because that a Cure,\" i beg your pardon you have the right to watch here. John has been one actor because that a while, even before Tyler was born, he was in movies such as \"Manhunter\" (1986), \"Robocop 3\" (1993) and also \"Legendary\" (2010). Tyler adhered to in his footsteps and became an gibbs so for that, we say thanks to you John.

Fact #9: Linden Ashby and also Susan Walters room married

Linden Ashby, who plays Sheriff Stilinski, has actually been married to Susan Walters, who plays Natalie martin for practically 30 year after conference on set of the TV present \"Loving.\" Going right into season six, the is tho unknown that Sheriff Stilinski will end up with. As of currently it\"s between two women, Natalie Martin, Lydia\"s mom, and Melissa McCall, Scott\"s mom.

Fact #10: Dylan Sprayberry\"s enlarge brother has actually cerebral palsy.

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Dylan Sprayberry plays the difficult Liam Dunbar but prior to he concerned Beacon Hills, he play young Clark Kent in \"Man of Steel.\" during an interview with MTV because that his function in the film, he to be asked what the many heroic thing he\"s ever done was. His price surprised me and also made me respect him even more. \"I don\"t know, um, probably, actually something in this movie. No, uh ... I think the I provide a many of, in reality my brother has actually cerebral palsy, i m sorry is a mental disability.\" You have the right to read the remainder of the interview here. You deserve to never phone call someone\"s background just by looking in ~ them, also though someone\"s life seems magical, they\"re humans just like you and me.

I expect you\"ve took pleasure in the article and have learned some funny facts! MTV\"s \"Teen Wolf\" will certainly be ago on November 15 because that it\"s sixth and also final season.