Hey guys, me and some buddies space modding a 2002 Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor for a little bit of off-road fun. Go anyone have any experience or knowledge about lifting lock a couple inches? We desire to fit bigger offroad tires and also gain part ground clearance.

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Everything we have uncovered online is for jacking them up to install giant wheels for rolling around the hood. We space hoping for something a bit much more GRM and also really just 2 come 3 inch is all us need.

Thanks for any input!




Eaton springs renders 2" elevator springs for Vic's, i think it's approximately $400 for every 4 corners if i remember right. Or you might measure the diameter that the vic springs and see if probably some truck/suv springs deserve to be cut down and still net you a lift.

I personally wouldnt use any 'donk' lift components as they room barely great enough for roadway use, let alone any type of kind that offroad v meaty tires.


Crown vics usage pretty brief front arms, for this reason scrubs and also geometry deserve to get method crazy deviating too far with a spring swap.

Maybe dig v the blue oval parts bin and also see if there room some knuckles that would bolt in that have a lower spindle?


I would unbolt the fenders, obtain the point up in the air, and start measure to check out what you'll be able to fit with just some trimming/hammering/bending. You could be surprised how much tire those deserve to fit without having actually to lift it!

thatsnowinnebago said:

There's also theTrophy Vicif you wanna acquire wild.

I've never much cared about/for Crown Vics, however that is freaking SWEET.

I personally wouldnt use any type of 'donk' lift parts as they space barely great enough for road use, let alone any kind the offroad with meaty tires.

Most offroad ingredient is barely good enough for road use..

If instrumented experimentation was done on vehicles modified for offroad use and the results came to be common knowledge, a many things would be outlawed.

Some currently are,like bumper elevation laws.

I don't feel any an ext likely to be hit and also killed by a Donk that can't turn and can't prevent than a lifted truck the can't turn and can't stop and weighs even more. And also then there's typical trucks towing trailers.. And then there's semis... Slippery slope.

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I'm not against offroad mods, simply the pot call the kettle black. Mine .02

In answer to Vigo :

I think the suggest is much more that some of the donk components are blatantlybad in the sense of cheap parts most likely to fail. The problem isn't how the point reacts / performs after ~ the mods, it's even if it is the stuff favor those feather clamp things they usage to spread springs, etc. Will simply outright fail to execute its job at some suggest (with potentially negative results).

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