The Creator God of Light, Horakhty————————————————Cannot be normal Summoned or Set. Must be one-of-a-kind Summoned (from your hand) through Tributing 3 monsters whose initial (printed) names space “Obelisk the Tormentor”, “The Winged Dragon that Ra” and “Slifer the sky Dragon”, and cannot be one-of-a-kind Summoned by other ways. The special Summon that this card cannot be negated. The player that unique Summons this card wins the Duel.

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————————————————Can Be found In: OCG

Yu-Gi-Oh was a diversity the types. Amongst the 23 species in the game, there’s the Divine-Beast, owned by the Egyptian Gods. This creatures became legal, and so this type. However, there’s another kind which is very own by a single creature: Creator God.

“Horakhty” is a an extremely unique creature. Since his apparition in the initial series, the fanbase wonder if it would have a legal map version. Nearly a te later, we got a playable version of this godly creature. This god has a straightforward effect: Wins the duel, and also cannot be negated by any technique (Even if “Skill Drain” is ~ above the field). However, bringing “Horakhty” come the ar is not easy task.

As in the original series, the Creator God will have the ability to whoever it s okay on the ar the three Egyptian Gods, there is no replacements favor “Phantom of Chaos”. This means we need to summon every solitary one of the gods, having all three on the field.

“Obelisk The Tormentor” and “Slifer the sky Dragon” has actually the benefits to be distinct summoned because that a turn, so cards prefer “Call that the Haunted” and “Monster Reborn” are great enough because that them. However, “The Winged Dragon of Ra” has actually lost his an effective special summon results from the original series, for this reason we’ll still need tributes for get him ~ above the field. Most likely the best card for acquire all three gods at as soon as is “Return native the different Dimension”. Banish “Obelisk” and also “Slifer” follow me three other monsters, because that be summoned v this card, therefore “Ra” will have actually his 3 tributes.

While ours deck concentrates in unique summoning “Obelisk” and “Slifer”, we need something more than a simply minimal trap map for summon “Ra”. The tool trio v “Ultimate Offering” is a classic an approach to gain various monsters on the field for the sun God. Another technique is to fill the graveyard with little Normal monsters for use “Tri-Wright” and also get 3 tributes in ~ once. Particular archetypes additionally brings a swarm the creatures through a solitary card, choose “Backs to the Wall” by 6 Samurais, “Hysteric Party” by the Harpy Ladies, or “Madolche Happy Festa” through the Madolches.

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Probably “Ra” lost his one-of-a-kind summon capacity for balance the rate someone can summon “Horakhty”. The Creator God is totally unstoppable, so they had actually to slowdown the Egyptian gods for show up in a solitary turn. Still, acquiring “Horakhty” ~ above the field rewards us with a 100% victory, unable to be negate by any kind of methods the video game offers and also might offer in the future.