Difference in between Hanukkah and Christmas

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Topics about religion has actually been yes, really a talked about subject because that years. Some even take into consideration it together taboo in certain cultures. Anyhow, religious beliefs brings world together particularly in their own special occasions. In link to that, two of the world’s most famous religious celebrations room Christmas and also Hanukkah. What perform these two occasions convey in the society, and how perform they different from every other?

What is Hanukkah?

Hanukkah is the Festival the Lights, yet it is in reality a Jewish indigenous that way dedication. Therefore, this indigenous is supplied to surname the Jewish celebration to commemorate the day once the 2nd temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem in the 160 BC prior to the birth of Jesus Christ. This was likewise the time when the Maccabean Jews acquired their power over Jerusalem indigenous the Seleucids because that the second time.

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When walk Hanukkah happen?

Hanukkah is one eight-day event that happens on the 25th that the Kislev which takes location at a time nearly as close together December. The Jews use the lunar calendar which method their days are based on the moon. In the Jewish calendar, Kislev usually occurs throughout the critical week of November come December.

What happens throughout Hanukkah?

Candle lighting in a hanukkiyah is done for eight straight nights throughout the celebration of Hanukkah. This ‘hanukkiyah’ is a specific candelabra well-known to Jews as menorah. Apart from these, the Jews also have a unique candle established as a servant candle or ‘shammash’ which they utilize to irradiate the eight candles. Oftentimes, this ninth candle referred to as shammash is settled greater and in the center of the remainder of the candles.

What is Christmas?

Christmas actually means Christ’s fixed which is a preaching talked during this affair. V that, Christmas has become an yearly event celebrated by every Christian in the world to mental the bear of oh my gosh one and also only Son, Jesus Christ. The Old Testament has actually prophesied His coming as the promised Messiah of God because that the salvation that His human being from sin with the death and also resurrection the Jesus.

When walk Christmas happen?

Christians from various parts the the civilization celebrate Christmas during 25th the December. This day is thought to it is in the time as soon as pagans to be converted come Christianity. Scholar have also claimed to calculate this date as ripe months apart from that duration when the Archangel Gabriel proclaimed to mary that she would develop the son of God with virgin bear or immaculate conception.

What happens throughout Christmas?

Although Christmas is a Christian celebration, it is usually linked with the light of Christmas tree and also gift-giving through the iconic Santa Claus. Every these space not really regarded religion. In part culture, world go to church in ~ dawn because that nine consecutive days normally from the 16th to the 25th of December for your prayers to it is in granted. The 24th the December is dubbed Christmas Eve wherein Christians gather through their love ones in a feast to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.


What room the feasible similarities that Hanukkah and also Christmas?

Hanukkah and also Christmas room both spiritual celebrations that the Jews and Christians dong , but in what way do they somehow become related with each other?

Light:Both Hanukkah and Christmas combine the usage of irradiate in your celebrations. The Jews light your candles in the one-of-a-kind menorah during Hanukkah, when the christians light your decorative tree throughout Christmas.Date:The Hanukkah the the Jews falls on the 25th of Kislev and also the Christmas of the Christians wake up on the 25th the December. These two events overlap v each other somehow due to the fact that Kislev occurs virtually close come the month the December.Season that Joy:Hanukkah and also Christmas room both a time of generosity hearts when everyone gets to give and receive part special world who celebrate these occasions also play some games for enjoyment and togetherness.

What space the main distinctions of Hannukah and Christmas?

Now the the definitions and similarities that Hanukkah and Christmas have been discussed, the time to hash out the instances that make them different from every other.

History that Celebration:The publication of Maccabees claims that Judea to be a region of the Kingdom of Ptolemy until 200 BC. Once the battle of Panium happened, King Antiochus III the good of Syria thwarted King Ptolemy V Epiphanes the Egypt. By then, the Seleucid empire of Syria has caught Judea.

When Antiochus IV Epiphanes got into Judea in the year 175 BC, he brought their land come ruins and ransacked their place of worship. He also destroyed the second Temple and regulated the construction of one altar specialized to Zeus together with the ban of the techniques of Judaism.

A Jewish priest called Mattathias, along with his five sons, gave rise to a revolt against Antiochus IV. This rebellion thrived by the year 165 BC and the second Temple was freed, when the altar dedicated for Zeus to be demolished.

During the re-dedication of the 2nd Temple, the Jews lighted their traditional candle dubbed the Menorah with a pure olive oil marked with the High Priest’s seal i m sorry lasted because that eight days. Due to the fact that of that, Hanukkah has the eight-day candle-lighting tradition in honor of the liberation of the second Temple.

On the other hand, Christmas is a celebration come remember the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The is the son of God born to his Nazarene parents, Joseph and Mary, through virgin conception.

According come the Gospel that Luke, God sent the point of view Gabriel come Nazareth to Mary who was pledged to marry Joseph. She has found favor through God and also was chosen to give birth come the son of the most High, Jesus Christ which to be foretold in the publication of the Prophet Isaiah in the 7th chapter verses 10 to 25; and also was fulfilled in the publication of Luke in the 2nd chapter verses 1 to 21.

The holy bible states the Jesus Christ was born in the small town the Bethlehem close to Jerusalem in Judea. Mary offered birth come Jesus in a manger, and also a sign for His come in the human being was offered through a luminous star which came to be a guide for the shepherds and also wise guys who pertained to worship Him and to offer him presents.

The Nativity step in a manger of Bethlehem has then end up being a tradition that is oftentimes regarded the Christmas season. The gesture that the wise males who offered gifts because that Jesus Christ has also been connected with the gift-giving heritage of the present times. In spite of all that, the holy bible says that the function of Christ’s birth is to save God’s people from the bondage that sin with His death and resurrection; and also that the is the best gift that God come humanity.Origin that Celebration:As mentioned in the background of both celebrations, Hanukkah originally came from Jerusalem because that the consecration that the second Temple; if Christmas is from Bethlehem because that the bear of the kid of God and also Savior Jesus Christ.Purpose of Celebration:The function of Hanukkah is to celebrate the re-dedication of the holy Temple i m sorry is in reality the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem ~ the invasion of Antiochus IV; while Christmas, on the various other hand, is to celebrate the job God has provided His beloved son Jesus Christ to the world that everyone believes in the will have everlasting life follow to the Gospel of John.Scope of Celebration:Hanukkah is celebrated by the Jewish people, when Christmas is commemorated by the Christians. Hanukkah is only limited to the Jews, if Christmas is commemorated by virtually every Christian in the totality world.Date that Celebration:The very first celebration that Hanukkah occurred during the second century BC in Jerusalem. That method Hanukkah happened method before the birth of Christ which initiated the festivity the Christmas.In the current time, Hanukkah and also Christmas may have virtually the same day of celebration, but Hannukah’s eight nights of commemoration starts on the 25th the Kislev i m sorry is in accordance come the Jewish lunar calendar. Meanwhile, Christmas beginning as beforehand as September and also culminates top top the 25th that December based upon the Western’s Gregorian calendar.Observances:Hanukkah and also Christmas space both a season of joy and celebration over food, gifts and togetherness yet people who celebrate it vary on your ceremonial activities.Hanukkah is observed with a candle-lighting practice in a special menorah for eight right days. This annual affair is not complete without the traditional potato pancakes or the “latkes” and the deep fried doughnuts or the “sufganiyot.” This time of the year additionally includes their renowned game referred to as “sivivon”.

On the other hand, Christmas is observed with the symbolic Christmas Tree with a star on optimal of it. Families additionally gather for the Noche Buena or the Christmas eve at exactly 12 in the midnight over the traditional ham, queso de bola or cheese, wine and more food ~ above the table.

Decorations and also Representations:Hanukkah has only one symbol for the celebration, and it is the one-of-a-kind menorah v eight candles which is to it is in lighted because that eight days; if Christmas has a most decorations such together the Christmas tree, lights, mistletoe, and even Santa Claus and also more; however the most popular and appropriate symbol for Christmas is the Nativity step of the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.


All in all, Hanukkah is dedicated to the time once the Jews regained their control over the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem. This occasion is all around the rebellion versus an intrusion that taken place years prior to Christ to be born. The Jews memory Hanukkah every November or December top top the 25th that Kislev by lighting your candles in a special menorah for eight job to respect the liberation the the divine Temple.

Christmas is all about the bear of Jesus Christ who was wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger in the city of Bethlehem. This was a very humbling scene for the birth of the kid of the many High who would then conserve the human being from their sins. The most popular representation of this celebration event is the Nativity scene, however it has become commercialized together years walk by and has included other decorations such together the top Christmas tree and more. Plenty of Christians memory Christmas every year.

Table that Summary

HistoryMattathias and also his 5 sons arranged a transformation against Antiochus IV. When they succeeded, castle rededicated the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem abused by the invaders in 165 BC. The time, lock lighted a menorah i beg your pardon lasted for eight days.God referred to as Mary to lug forth the kid of the many High in this world. Jesus Christ to be born in a manger and also He was visited by the shepherds and also wise men with the indict of the angels v a glowing star. They provided Him gifts and worshiped Him.
OriginThis celebration started in Jerusalem.This celebration began in Bethlehem, Judea.
PurposeThe function of this celebration is come commemorate the re-dedication the the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem.The objective of this celebration event is come commemorate the bear of Jesus Christ, the kid of God.
ScopeThis is celebrated by the Jews.This is celebrated by the Christians.
DateThis celebration happens on the 25th the Kislev (November or December) based on the Jewish lunar calendar.This celebration wake up on the 25th of December based on the west Gregorian calendar.
ObservancesThis celebration is observed with a candle-lighting custom in a special menorah.This solemn event is observed through Christmas Tree lighting and also a feast excellent on Christmas Eve.
RepresentationsThis celebration event is stood for by the eight candle on a one-of-a-kind menorah or candelabra.

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This solemn event is stood for by the Nativity step of Christ’s birth. Many Christians also use part decorations such together Christmas tree, lights and more to stand for this.