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I"ve read on line that a completely dry and rebuilt 12 bolt rear finish will take approximately six quarts to fill. I thought that have to be a typo and also they should suppose 6 pints however they swear it"s six courts. I assumed it only two or three quarts but I"d like to be sure at $28/quart.Because I invested $2k on this rear finish and a small paranoid of doing damages, I"d really appreciate some advice on what others would use. I planned on making use of GM 88862624 Differential Lubricant and four ounces of GM Fluid 88900330 Limited Slip Axle Lubricant Additive.

I totally rebuilt my 12 bolt last year (1966) and if I remember best it took somewright here roughly 2 quarts, provide or take a tiny. Fill it up till it comes out of the plug hole. I"ve had no difficulties......

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i simply drained an filled my 10 bolt through posi an it took 2 1/4 qts. cant think a 12 bolt would certainly be that many kind of even more at 6 qts ?

6 quarts?!?! 12 Bolt Car differentials will certainly take between 2-3 quarts dry for many covers. Any excellent name brand also equipment oil should be simply fine. Valvoline, Chevron, royal purple, amsoil, Red Line, Peak, and so on...Miles
Many kind of thanks. I"m think that poster saying six quarters is simply a poser and has actually absolutely no idea saying 6.
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