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Also recognized As: God of war 2 and also GoW2Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Sony computer system Entertainment America Inc. Publisher: Sony computer system Entertainment Inc. ESRB Rating: Mature release Date: march 15, 2007

Immediately after ~ you loss Euryale, you will certainly get endless magic come use with your new skill. To finish this component of the game, you should kill five opponents by transforming them to rock and smashing them. However, if you face the rear wall and place yourself directly in former of the center spawn, friend can actors Cronos" Rage, role right, cast it again, roll ago to the left two times, actors it again, and also repeat. You can develop up enormous combos by act this to get lots that Orbs. Once you obtain a 2,000 fight combo, break the combo off (do not cast for about four seconds) and start again. Girlfriend will gain over 1,500 Orbs because that each 2,000 struggle combo.

If you acquire a one million struggle combo, a secret website will be revealed. It is feasible to carry out a one million fight combo immediately after you defeat Euryale and have endless magic. Instead of utilizing the Head of Euryale to death five opponents by turning them to stone and wrecking them, usage Cronos" rage to get a one million hit combo.

This place is quite familiar to many gamers, it comes prior to the place prior to you have to burn the phoenix feathers & relax the lava phoenix. In former of the steam, there will certainly be a sheild prefer carving in the wall, it needs to be broken by Typhon"s bow (magic bow). There will certainly be a Gift of Magic however what is unknown to most gamers is the there is a hidden wall surface in the best side of the Gift of Magic. Rest the wall, there will be a lever inside. When you pull it, the spikes will certainly withdraw, making your passage v the lava room completely easy. That is do in such means that girlfriend can"t see the walland the bar properly therefore you may not find it the an initial time, but it will certainly ensure that you won"t die.

When you room going to the challenges press left right down under left one you get to play all the levels.

Just prior to the barbarian king takes you on hishorse, you check out a strange feather chest. If youcome back to the place after doing severalchallenges, you deserve to open the chest to gain about9,000 orbs!! over there is also a phoenix feather inthe other chest.

Each time an obstacle 1 in difficulty Of The Titans setting is successfully completed, friend will gain one Cyclops Eye. You deserve to repeat this as plenty of times as needed.When the Bowmen (little penguin-like creatures v axes) speak to the Cyclops v their horn, simply kill the Cyclops and not the Bowmen. After friend rip the Cyclops" Eye out, the Bowmen will certainly call another Cyclops. You deserve to keep law this till you gain all twenty Cyclops Eyes.

Once you have the Urn the Promethius and also Urn the Olympus, girlfriend willbe able come use unlimited Rage of the Titans and also magic. Turn on fury of the Titans and then store using Cronos" Rage and your combo number walk up skies high. Also, because you utilizing Rage that the Titans infinity the combo number will remain in it"s location after a battle.

Lakhesis is the very first sister that fate girlfriend confrontif you an alert there room grappling hooks around thebattle ground usage those when ever before you feeloverwhelmed through her, reflect her energy blasts andhit her with light attacks. Atropos will thenfight friend in your past trying to destroy the swordused to kill Ares, simply use your bow come fend heroff, if you require magic orbs emphasis on the gruntwarriors she sends to struggle you. The hard partcomes next emphasis on Lakhesis(the flying one) whenshe drops down from trip stop time exposing theother sisters in she mirror measurement shes stuck intime therefore beat her down and also she falls to the floor,she will get trapped in her mirror break itquickly before the effect wears off, repeat onother mirror. After this friend will have the ability to trapthem in a combined dimension rest it easily andthere beat congratulations.

After gaining the Amulet of the Fates, stand onthe push plate in the ago of the room. Assoon together the pillars prevent rising, activate theamulet which will sluggish down time. Proceed to jumpup come the TALLEST shaft on the right SIDE.Quickly confront to the wall on the right and destroythe carving in the wall. The wall will crumble,letting you gain your rewards, A Gorgon Eye. Thiswas considered, by the creators, to be the mostwell covert chest in the game.

After you"ve to be thrown by the stone titaninside the bath house, shot destroying the woodendividers at the upper balcony. There you"ll find2 beautiful TOPLESS ladies wanting you come pleasethem. You will hear a pleasing sound native thesethreesome scene. Be certain to execute/press correctsymbols in stimulate to collection the red orbs.

Once you get the golden Fleece indigenous the Cursed Cerberus, you can use it to block and also reflect enemy attacks by pressing L1 at the specific moment. However, if you continually push L1 as quick as possible, girlfriend will normally block and also return many attacks.

This Urn is discovered in Atlas. Once hanging from his underarm, you have to break 2 stalactites to continue, but there is additionally another one you can break. Break it and also then follow the hole up to find a red chest and the Urn. This Urn gives you endless Rage that The Titans.

Near the area whereby you gain the Spear of Destiny, take the time slowing statue and also push it near the waters edge from where you first came. Try to do it for this reason you have the right to start the time slowing from the various other side the the pool. Then, push R1 throughout the other pool and roll right into the room where the Urn is located. This Urn provides you countless magic.

Urn that the Gorgons: ~ you acquire the gold Fleece, backtrack come the conveyor belt with the Gorgon eye things that revolve you come stone, climate reflect the beam ago at them. There will be three chests, one of which hold the Urn. This Urn allows your tools to turn adversaries to stone.

Urn the Gaia: This Urn is uncovered in Rhodes (the first level). Take the stone block that you push with the golden bird ~ above top, i m sorry you need to first break to acquire some Red Orbs, and also push it in between Kratos and the gate. If Kratos is on the switch to open the gate, kick the block come the various other side and then quickly roll under the gate. Then, press the block come the right and you will see three chests on a ledge in the background. Press the block to the area and twin jump, climate lift yourself up. This Urn permits you to acquire ten times the variety of Orbs 보다 normal.

The Hammer you receive have the right to be a really usefulweapon, girlfriend just need to know as soon as to usage it. Thehammer is an excellent for 1 top top 1 battles or slow enemiesand can additionally do some serious damage in bossbattles. One great strategy is hitting with thehammer a few times, switch earlier to your bladesand evade.

In stimulate to defeat Athena, when she tries come slamyou with her hand, evade it and keep attackingher hand until it go limp. Then hop ~ above ledgeand litter a absent from the catapult. The shouldbe one way to defeat her!

Press R1, R2, R3, Circle and Square simultaneouslybefore the "Sony computer Entertainment Presents"screen to activate. If the code has actually been enteredcorrectly The letters on the screen will turnpurple together confirmation.

When you walk to wherein the obstacles are push left best down under left and also you deserve to unlock every the levels and play them.

Part means through Rhodes (the first level), you will certainly drop down into a bath house/sauna type area. Instead of continuing and diving down, jump out of the water onto the area about it. There should be two screens which space breakable. Behind one of the screens are 2 topless women. If friend walk approximately them and press Circle, a sex-related mini-game will begin where you must complete a collection of switch presses. As soon as you complete the mini-game, you will acquire Red and also Green Orbs. Girlfriend only acquire the Orbs once; however, you deserve to play the mini-game as plenty of times together desired.

God Mode

Beat the video game on hard.

Gift of Magic

When you are practically to the area wherein you need to burn the Phoenix feathers (the part where you space climbing on the rope over the lava and also enemies shoot the rope down and also you need to climb top top the wall surface and climate ceiling to obtain to the next place), as quickly as you turn the corner, whereby you have to jump over the lava and fly, take out the bow instead and also shoot the wall below a couple of times and also it will certainly open, revealing the Gift that Magic.

When you gain to the area wherein the 2nd translator jumps turn off the ledge come avoidreading the book, place the fate statue through the door at the end of the hall. Gothrough the winter that rewinds time, frozen time, then roll ago to where thestatue was originally. Open the chest the is now there to get the Gift the Health.

Successfully complete an obstacle Of The Titans mode with a "Spartan" or far better rank. This Urn allows you to exchange Crono"s Rage through Poseidon"s Rage.

Successfully complete an obstacle Of The Titans mode with a "Mortal" or better rank. This Urn extends your allotted combo meter time therefore you deserve to perform higher combos.

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Successfully complete the video game on any challenge setting and also save as soon as prompted. Start a brand-new game on the exact same or lower an obstacle setting to have all weapons including the tongue Of Olympus and magic in ~ the level attained throughout your previous session. Additionally, the "High Resolution" and also "Story Format" movie options and "Credits" alternative will be unlocked at the "Treasures" menu.