Q: The fans from the rock Legends Cruise have been asking to check out you play. Is that something you would consider?

A: us did a cruise one time, and (laughs) we had actually kind the a bad experience as result of weather. It was a rough cruise. I just don’t know, we need to see around that.

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Q: What artist past or current that you never played through would you simply to obtain on stage and jam with? A: BB King, hand down. I’d love to get up and jam with BB.

Q: The inspirational postings that appear on Facebook, carry out you carry out that personally? A: in reality I perform it top top twitter, it comes up top top Facebook. I execute one every day, normally some scriptures scripture and I expect it’s other inspirational that will be encouraging come the people.

Q: What was her embarrassing or funniest moment on stage? A: ns was on phase one time in Washington with my trousers unzipped and I didn’t recognize it.

Q: What music or musician influenced you as an artist. A: A many of people inspired me. I started playing as soon as I to be fourteen. I wasn’t into country I was into steady music, especially when I started playing the fiddle. As soon as Carl Perkins, Elvis, Jerry Davis men came along, I acquired interested and also moved on come the other side, the absent side. I have actually been inspired by a lot of people, and a lot of styles in the music that us play.

Q: have you bring away an interest in any brand-new fiddle players? A: ns really nothing know. I don’t store up through things. I live pretty much in mine own human being out there. I’m really busy simply doing what ns do. I run into somebody when in a while, or see someone on TV but I yes, really don’t understand who lock are.

Q: Is there a details song the is just your favourite to play? A: I favor to play all of them, due to the fact that I get a chance to pat it better tonight 보다 I did critical night, and much better tomorrow than I played it today. Therefore I reap playing every the songs.


Q: perform you have actually a favourite cowboy hat? Or do you have a repertoire of cowboy hats? A: no really, ns usually store an extra one or so around. I change every summer I gain a straw hat and every autumn I acquire a feeling hat. If i wear it the end or something ok get another one. I just obtain them together I require them. I don’t keep them, ns don’t usually keep them. I give them away to charity occasions or something.

Q: execute you have any new albums or tasks in the works? A: We are recording a new album now, should be the end in the spring.

Q: What would you say is the difference in between the initial Charlie Daniels band and also your tape of today? A: Well, just different players. I have actually not changed players a lot over the years. One of our players gained killed in a car wreck a couple of years ago. Tommy Crane was in the band for a lengthy time. I have not readjusted drummers in around thirteen years now. However I think it’s acquired better. To be moral with you i think this is the ideal band us have ever before had. The players are really good, and the caliber of musician is really, really high. These guys play yes, really well. So i think it’s gained better. This band is much more capable of playing an ext different kinds of music and also it’s tighter. I simply think that a far better band.

Q: perform you follow any kind of of the brand-new southern rock bands? A: no really, ns don’t recognize what’s going on. I am so caught up in what i do. Playing a lot, i write two columns a week because that our website. Constantly creating something, I always doing something doing interviews, appearances, recordings, it simply takes all my time gift me so ns don’t recognize who anyone is.

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I would choose to thank Paula native the Charlie Daniels company for scheduling this interview, and also a very special say thanks to you to Tom Bell. Without him this interview would have not been possible.