Polarity, Cellularity (specializd contacts-cells fit very closely together) , sustained by Connective tissue, Avascularity and Regeneration

1. Protection; epithelium covering body surface ar protects versus bacterial invasion and chemical damage. 2. Absorption; epithelium devoted to absorb substances present the stomach and small intestines. 3. Filtration; in kidney tubules, epithelium filter (and absorbs and secretes) 4. Excretion; Sweat is excreted from the human body by epithelial cell in the sweat glands 5. Secretion; In glands, epithelial tissue is devoted to secrete certain chemical substances such as enzymes, hormones and lubricating fluids

Stratified epithelia has an ext layers for protection, basic epithelia enable materials to move throughout them and are less protective.

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Lining the the trachea, many of the upper respiratory tract. There function is come secrete substances, mucus; propulsion of rubber by ciliary action.

- once stretched, its optimal layers room squamous, when not stretched, optimal layers space pillow shaped.

- The surface cells have the capacity to slide over one another, enhancing the internal volume the the organ.

Transitional epithelium is in reality stratified squamous epithelium v special characteristics. Exactly how does it differ structurally from other stratified squamous epithelia? just how does the structural distinction support the function?

Endocrine glands room ductless, and there duty is to release all hormones right into the extracellular fluid where they go into blood stream and also lymphatic vessels. But Exocrine glands have actually ducts, and they secrete v the ducts to an epithelial surface.

1. Rich supply that blood vessels. 2. Written of many varieties of cells. 3. Over there is a an excellent deal that noncellular, nonliving product (matrix) in between the cell of connective tissues.

There is a wide variety in the frameworks of connective tissue. This is reflect in the wide variety of functions they perform. Also, the large amount that nonliving matrix seen provides the strength needed to protect the body and also carry out the normal attributes of the body.

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- forms the larynx the costal cartilages of the ribs and also the embryonic skeleton

- firm structurally amorphous matrix heavily invaded with fibers; shows up glassy and smooth

They save on computer a large fat-filled vacuole occupying many of the cell volume. The cell nucleus is moved to the periphery, giving the cell a \"signet ring\" appearance.

Neurons command impulses over relatively long distances in the body, this is promoted by their lengthy cytoplasmic extensions