David James (Dave) Pelzer (born December 29, 1960 in Daly City, California) is an American author, finest known for his memoir that childhood abuse, A Child called "It".Pelzer is the son of a mountain Francisco fireman, Stephen Joseph Pelzer (1923—1980), who was the Austrian descent, and also Catherine Roerva Christen Pelzer (1929—1992).Pelzer to be born in mountain Francisco, California, and also was the first of three boys. Pelzer created in his publication that together a boy he to be continually abused, mistreated, and beaten through his mother, who believed of it as a game. The publication documents how his mom starved him, compelled him to drink ammonia, stabbed the in the stomach, set him naked on a stove and also forced him come eat his own vomit. His teacher stepped in on march 5, 1973 and also 12-year-old Pelzer was inserted in foster care. In 1979, he join the air Force and later ended up being an author. The 4th child through his mother, Richard B. Pelzer, has also written about his own abuse.

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Pelzer has written a number of books:


A Child called It (1995) ISBN 1-55874-366-9 The lost Boy (1997) ISBN 1-55874-515-7 A man Named Dave (1999) ISBN 0-452-28190-3 My Story (2002) ISBN 0-7528-5371-6, Compilation of A Child referred to as It, The lost Boy, and A male Named Dave The Privilege that Youth (2004) ISBN 0-525-94769-8


Help Yourself (2001) ISBN 0-452-28276-4 Help yourself for Teens (2005) ISBN 0-452-28652-2 "
JC Penney golden Rule compensation (1990)California Volunteer the the Year (1991)Ten exceptional Young americans (1993)Ten exceptional Young persons of the people (1994)National Jefferson award (2005)
A rather heated argument has been alleged in between Richard Pelzer and his brother Dave Pelzer. Questions about Richard’s brother’s ethos have actually been raised concerning Dave’s heavily one face depiction the his childhood, consisting of accusations by his brother Stephen, i beg your pardon Dave comment to by explain Stephen was "semiretarded". Numerous write-ups have been linked with Richard’s brother consisting of The mail on Sunday ("Is the Making "It" every Up?"), the New York Times newspaper ( "Dysfunction for Dollars", by play Jordan, July 28, 2002), and the virtual magazine Slate (" Dave Pelzer - The son Abuse Entrepreneur")

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