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French silversmith and jeweller Louis-Francois Cartier created a modest workshop in Paris in 1847. He had the good fortune to tennis2007.orge to the an alert of Princess Mathilde Bonaparte who offered him many an useful tennis2007.orgmissions, which enabled him to increase his business. Under the monitoring of his grandsons, Pierre and Jacques, the firm relocated to its existing location top top the Rue de la Paix in 1889.Cartier"s took pleasure in the patronage of many of the royalty and also nobility of Europe in the years before the an initial World War, opened branches in London, new York, Cannes and also Monte Carlo.In 1972 the organization was purchase by a group of investors and also the new York and London branches which had been offered off, were repurchased. The tennis2007.orgpany to be renamed "Les have to de Cartier" in 1981 and then "Vendome deluxe Group" tennis2007.orgbining it with other deluxe brands including Cartier, Alfred Dunhill, Montblanc, Piaget, Baume & Mercier, karl Lagerfeld.Cartier is now part of luxury goods tennis2007.orgpany tennis2007.orgpagnie Financière Richemont SA, based in Switzerland, yet founded by south African businessman Johan Rupert.

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Cartier ballpoint pen in original red suede leather pouch, stamped, Cartier, Paris, do in France, 13.5 cm long



A roadster Graine Decor Palladium ball allude pen through Cartier, styled in black color tennis2007.orgposite with silver tone steel detail and sapphire set cap, individual number J150626, boxed.


Must de Cartier ball suggest pen plated in18ct yellow gold and contrasting black color lacquer tennis2007.orgplete v Cartier equipment box. Serial number 007059


A pen by Cartier, the ballpoint pen to a fluted gold plated case with trilogy detail, length 13.5 cm, reference number 53403.

A pen by Cartier, the ballpoint pen come an engine turned yellow plated situation with thorough cap, size 13.5 cm, referral number 28249.

A pen through Cartier, the ballpoint pen to a black color tennis2007.orgposite instance with gold plated detail, the cap v trilogy feature, length 13.5 cm, referral number 606618.

A ballpoint pen through Cartier, styled in stainless steel and gold plate, reference number 715636, boxed. In great condition. This is a piece that has actually seldom been used and also shows small to no wear. Some corrosion of gold plate with age.

A should de Cartier ballpoint pen, retractable ballpoint in frosted and polished stainless steel, no. 540177, boxed.

A Trinity diamond ballpoint pen by Cartier collection with round brilliant reduced diamonds totalling approximately 0.64cts, in textured yellow plate, signed and also numbered 560499.

An as brand-new Cartier gold plated Panthere ball-point pen, through twist operation, black enamelled rhombus highlights, in original fitted box with certificate, etc.

A Pasha De Cartier vintage spring pen, in black color lacquer and 18ct gold plate, 18ct gold nib, cap has Cartier trilogy ring in 3 tone gold, s/n. 1988 9197, boxed.

A Santos de Cartier Ballpoint pen, stole colour lacquer, yellow yellow plated details, in a Cartier box.

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Cartier, Transatlantique Roadster Ballpoint pen, with rivet motif in palladium complete metal surmounted through a blue resin cabochon, significant "Cartier" and numbered, actennis2007.orgpanied by instruction booklet, presentation box and also outer packaging, length 14 cm

Cartier, Trinity fractional pen, black lacquer v rose, white, and yellow yellow bands to lid end, inscriptions "Cartier", 18ct yellow nib, stamped "18K 750", v original instance