L’Oréal HiColor is specially designed for hair that was previously dyed dark. It’s used with a 30 or 40-volume peroxide. Therefore, it gets rid of the colors of the vault hair dye.

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You deserve to use it on hair treated v permanent, semi-permanent, or ammonia-free hair dye. However, girlfriend cannot usage it if you previously colored it v henna. In this case, you’ll have to wait at least one year to apply HiColor. Today, I’ll phone call you around the finest shades of HiColor follow to the shade you supplied previously.

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All irreversible hair dyes deserve to be applied over the various other hair dyes since the developer clears the an initial hair dye.

However, you should be conscious of some extr issues v HiColor.


Otherwise, you might ruin your hair.

For example, what hair dye did you use to color your hair? go you use henna?

I have actually some bad news.

In that case, you cannot usage HiColor.

Although henna is a chemical-free, plant-based, herbal hair dye, it has a metallic ingredient.

If you apply HiColor end it, her hair will fall out in clumps.


So, if you’ve provided henna, you should wait 9-12 months prior to considering a permanent hair color like HiColor.

Having claimed that, what color did you use before?

HiColor functions perfectly well on hair colored v permanent, semi-permanent, or ammonia-free hair dye.

Will HiColor job-related on her black-colored hair?


Yes. HiColor is applied with a 30 or 40-volume developer. It’s an effective enough to remove the previous hair dye.

And that’s good news because that dark color-treated hair due to the fact that you won’t should bleach her hair.

Now the you understand that L’Oréal HiColor can be used to her color-treated hair, girlfriend should select the finest shade.

And that’s what I’ll talk around next.

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Which HiColor the shade to use on color-treated hairHow to apply L’Oréal HiColor on color-treated hairStep by step

Which HiColor the shade to use on color-treated hair


If you’ve applied dark or really dark colors to your hair, friend don’t should worry. HiColor is designed especially for these species of shades. It has a broad palette of colors so girlfriend can readjust your look.

However, if you want to accomplish an even color with full coverage, it’s finest to pick wisely.

If your hair is black color 1 or dark brown 3, you deserve to apply:

H2 Cool light Brown H11 extreme Red H23 black Plum

If your hair is brown 4, you can apply:

H8 Red Fire H14 Vanilla Champagne

If your hair is irradiate brown 5 or dark blonde 6, you deserve to apply:

H9 Red hot H16 honey Blond Magenta (HiColor Highlights) Red (HiColor Highlights) Ash blond hair (HiColor Highlights)

Why carry out I indicate these colors?

Because HiColor will permit you to lighten your formerly colored hair increase to 3 or four shades.

Therefore, you should check your previous color to ensure perfect coverage through HiColor.

How to use L’Oréal HiColor top top color-treated hair



HiColor is not sold as a kit. So, you’ll require to obtain a developer follow to your new shade.
Darker shades are used with a 30-volume developer. Lighter shades are applied with a 40-volume developer.

Once you gather all the elements, you can start the application. Here’s a list of materials you’ll need.
HiColor hair dye A 30 or 40-volume developer Hair dye brush Plastic container Hair clips Gloves

Step by step

Step 1: Hair preparation

I recommend the you don’t wash her hair for 48 hours before applying the hair dye. The way, the herbal oil produced by the scalp will protect your hair.

Comb your hair and divide it into 4 sections, two in the front and two in the back, holding each ar with hair clips.

Step 2: Mix preparation

In a plastic container, mix the hair dye and the 30 or 40-volume developer.


Mix to blend.

Step 3: Mix application

With gloves on, release one of the four sections the hair girlfriend separated and also start using from root to ends.

You have the right to do this through the hair shade brush to cover every the hair to acquire an even color.

Then, cover her hair v a shower cap or nylon bag to save the mixture warm.

Leave it on for 40 to 50 minutes and check your color every 5 minutes.


Step 4: Rinse and dry

Finally, rinse your hair v plenty of heat water. You have the right to use shampoo and conditioner and leave them in because that 3 to 5 minute to aid your hair recover moisture.

You have the right to dry your hair with a blow dryer or simply use a couple of drops of anti-frizz or coconut oil. Let it air dry.


HiColor is perfect coloring line because that dark and previously colored hair that helps you get the shade you desire without walking through numerous bleaching sessions.

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You can pick from a wide range of reds, blondes, purples, and also oranges. You must take into account the shade you previously used to for sure an even and also stain-free color.

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