Below girlfriend will uncover everything you want to know around light bulbs for her Scentsy candle warmers.

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I have actually an idea that you may have some burn questions around Scentsy light bulbs. You may not recognize watt you don’t know, yet the hot answers can be uncovered here.

Did you see watt i did there? If you’re bright you’ll notice it was light pear humor. Otherwise, ns guess you’re dim. But you won’t be after you read below.

In phibìc America, many of our Scentsy candle warmers usage light bulbs to warm our fragrant wickless scented wax. All of our warmers that usage a irradiate bulb usage a little candelabra basic bulb and all have a lightbulb contained with all warmer orders.

15-watt Scentsy Bulb

Our smaller wall surface plug-in, mini-warmer, night lights use a 15-watt bulb. If you have to replace the lightbulb in her Scentsy nightlight make sure it is a 15-watt bulb. Ns say this because there are likewise some appliance bulbs that look the same but are less than 15-watt. You’ll have trouble through wax no melting fully if friend don’t usage a 15-watt. All bulbs have the wattage published on your base.

20-watt Scentsy Bulb

Our warmers that room three-piece through a lid – together as few of our vacation themed warmers use a 20-watt bulb. As of 2020 some existing warmers that use a 20-watt pear include: country Living warmer, Love her Journey warmer, Nova warmer, Stargaze warmer, and Sweetgrass Basket warmer.

Also ~ above the bottom of all of our warmers, other than the nightlights, you will view a tag speak it’s a Scentsy warmer and also what watt pear it takes.

25-watt Scentsy Bulb

Our flagship product was arisen in 2003 using a 25-watt warmer. Most of our warmers, various other than described over use a 25-watt bulb. Look on the bottom the the warmer if you’re no sure.

Special Scentsy Bulbs?

When I started with Scentsy in 2006 our lightbulbs to be packaged in a Sylvania box. That’s a usual light bulb brand that you can get at any home advancement store such as Lowes, home Depot, Ace, True Value, even Target, Wal-Mart and also Meijer.

Our bulbs are now packaged particularly for us. We are the biggest light pear customer in the joined States. I would certainly think that designation applies to the entire world. Package is Scentsy, the bulbs are not unique.

Where to acquire Replacement Bulbs

The finest place to obtain replacement bulbs is through my Scentsy webstore here. If you placing an stimulate for more wax or any of our other brand-new fabulous assets that you may not recognize we currently have, include some bulbs to your order. They market for $2.00 each or 3/$5.00. It is a an excellent deal.

However, if friend only need a bulb for now, or if you’re no much longer using your Scentsy simply because your bulb shed out, through all way head to one of the regional home advancement stores mentioned above and get bulbs so friend can obtain your Scentsy earlier on. Simply make sure you have the exactly watt bulb. That way you’re no paying $8 shipping on simply one or 2 light bulbs.

If you usage a pear with much less watts than required, her wax i will not ~ melt together it’s to plan to. If girlfriend use too high that a watt, you potentially developing a fire hazard. That is true though for any type of electric lamp you have actually in your home.

Won’t Using various other Bulbs Void the Warranty?

I sometimes hear of new consultants informing their customers the it will certainly void the guarantee on the warmer if they don’t usage our lightbulbs. The is no accurate.

If you usage a greater than compelled bulb and you end up having actually electrical problems – such as the pear popping and also breaking, or incredibly rare, however smoke or fire, then that would not be extended under warranty due to the fact that you used the dorn watt bulb.

It is crucial to note – the Scentsy has actually passed all UL safety and security certification and also they truly room a SAFE different to angry candles. Scentsy is safe. Let me say the again. Scentsy is safe – as lengthy as you do your part.

Any electric appliance or desk lamp is topic to a potential fire peril if you use a bulb that is too hot, or if you have problems with your electric outlets or also if friend have paper or fabric too close to the bulb.

After all, it IS a irradiate bulb and also it DOES acquire hot.

How can the Scentsy Warmers be Hot however Still Safe?

Scentsy wax melts in ~ 125 levels Fahrenheit. This is a relatively low temperature. When my kids were younger they offered to “play CSI” v the wax. You deserve to stick your finger in ours wax and it i will not ~ burn. Then you deserve to let that cool a moment and also peel it off to have small wax fingerprints.

That said, as discussed above, us still use a lightbulb that does get hot. The distinction with our candle warmers that use a light bulb is that if anyone or a pet touches the side of the warmer it i will not ~ instantly burn. You will certainly be reminded the it’s hot, yet you can leave her hand ~ above it because that three secs (Who would do that? however you can.) without it being painful or burning.

Whereas if you touch a flame on a candle or a various kind the candle warmer that doesn’t use a light pear you will certainly instantly discover that much hotter and also likely painful.


We do have actually a couple other Scentsy candle warmers that have actually light yet don’t usage a 15, 20 or 25 watt bulb. Together of September 2020 we have actually a handful of present warmers that usage an Edison 40 watt bulb – Champagne warmer, crystal Ice Blue warmer, Diamond Weave warmer, Olive Bucket warmer, Rustic Ranch warmer, Spindle warmer, and Wicker warmer, few of our previous warmers that provided a 40w Edison bulb room the Parlor Shade and also Country irradiate Lampshade. The Edison bulb is a tiny harder to discover locally, but they are still available. Girlfriend can likewise find lock online v Scentsy here. 

Add some color to her warmers

Scentsy currently offers colored 25 watt irradiate bulbs in Green, Orange, Purple, and also Red. 


We currently have one more warmer that uses an LED light – do a Scene. Over there is no way to adjust the LED light on that warmer. It’s encased. If the light goes out on it, it’ll be replaced under our lifetime warranty versus defects. Call your consultant to exchange it.

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Summary:Most Scentsy warmers use 15, 20 and also 25 watt irradiate bulbs and also it’s imperative the you change bulbs v the exactly watt.They aren’t one-of-a-kind bulbs and also won’t void the guarantee if you usage some from a neighborhood store.

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