Common over-the-counter medications like sneeze suppressants and antihistamines are generally though to be perfectly for sure – and if taken together directed, they usually are.

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However, even common, seemingly basic drugs choose these can have a lengthy list of possibly dangerous interaction with various other substances, from herbal supplements to strong prescription opiates. It’s always important to review warning labels and/or speak with a pharmacist or other clinical professional before taking 2 or an ext medications in ~ a time.

Cough medicine and antihistamines room two that the most commonly purchased over-the-counter medicines available. Illnesses that reason coughing prefer colds and the flu space passed around constantly amongst the public, and also allergies to airborne substances like pet dander and plant pollen are very common afflictions. Follow to the Asthma and Allergy foundation of America, around 30 percent of adults and also 40 percent of youngsters in the US have actually an allergy to at the very least one thing. These individuals may require antihistamines to endure the day, especially during peak allergy seasons.

Health Risks


One difficulty with over-the-counter drugs is that one bottle can contain multiple various substances, several of which have the right to be conveniently overlooked. If world don’t take the moment to look through the warnings every time castle purchase one of these medications, they can finish up placing themselves in ~ risk.

Some antihistamines come through painkiller or decongestant ingredients to combat multiple allergy symptoms. If a person who purchases this type of medication no pay attention and also takes extr painkillers or decongestants on top of it, this can reason a dangerous situation. If both the the painkillers are of the paracetamol variety, one individual could overdose and end increase causing damage to the liver. Ibufrofen overdoses can cause stomach bleeding and also intestinal damage.

Many sneeze medicines also contain painkillers and also decongestants. It’s really important to review the bottle before taking an over-the-counter medication, even if friend think did you do it taken that before. Companies often release brand-new varieties the their medications that contain brand-new elements come be more effective, and these added ingredients could communicate with your other medications. It’s basic to seize a comparable looking party that actually contains different ingredient 보다 you’re supplied to without noticing.

When it comes to cough medicines, there space special threats to think about if the drug includes codeine. Codeine is an opiate provided to law pain, diarrhea, and also coughing, and also it is thus a popular ingredient in cough medicine. Because opiate abuse can reason a satisfied high, sneeze syrup containing codeine became an extremely popular for abuse until the government started to control it much more strictly, requiring it come be maintained behind the pharmacy counter and also tracking how much every individual shopper purchases.

Side impacts of codeine include:

DrowsinessConstipationBlurred visionFeverDizzinessNausea or vomitingAppetite changesHeadacheItchingInsomniaBlurred visionShortness that breathFast, irregular, or weak pulse

Many of this side results can interfere v people’s ability to operate hefty machinery such together vehicles.

Combined with the notorious propensity of antihistamines to cause drowsiness, anyone who combines cough medicine and allergy medication, also if they space otherwise safe, must avoid driving.

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Due come the number of different over-the-counter medications right now on the market today, it have the right to be very daunting to store track of what interacts v what. Your ideal bet is to speak to a medical professional or pharmacist any kind of time you must take 2 or much more medications at once, no matter just how safe they may seem.