I have my weave in and also I want to take it it out 2day and maybe perm it best after or on Saturday. Those the finest advice you can provide me come ensure less damage. Due to the fact that I cant walk through my hair out after 2 months of not perming. Who likewise has done this? What measures did you take? Did you get good results? would you do it again?

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I have my weave in and I desire to take it the end 2day and also maybe perm it appropriate after or on Saturday. Whats the finest advice girlfriend can give me come ensure less damage. Since I i do not know walk with my hair the end after 2 month of not perming. Who additionally has excellent this? What steps did girlfriend take? Did girlfriend get an excellent results? would you carry out it again?
ns don\"t think this is a an excellent idea and also I personal wouldn\"t execute it. I\"d DC, execute a light protein treatment and also go purchase a wig/fall if you have to look cute, otherwise just bun it.Lemme tell you ns am 3 months post and also I had to go to a dressy affair critical night. I didn\"t wear my weave either, yet with mine cowashed slicked under bun (a scarf on wet hair go wonders) and my makeup i still looked classy.
I am no to sure. I would say wash it and also wait a week. You probably have actually alot that buildup in your hair and also the relaxer most likely wouldn\"t take well. Yet like I stated I am no to sure.
My Advice...Don\"t carry out It!


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To be ethical with you I always do this. But I don\"t recommend it if you carry out not have solid hair. What ns do when I take it my weave under is the following: obtain my girlfriend to put my relaxer in because my hair grows so fast. Once i take it my weave/braids the end it is just too much new growth to dominate on mine own. Basic my scalp, nape of mine neck, and edges. Put some olive oil on the component I am no going to placed relaxer on apply the relaxer as usual. I go ago and \"work\" the relaxer on the new growth. You understand smooth the relaxer top top the new growth. ns then rinse, neutralize, put a reconstructing conditioner, deep problem then placed a leaving in conditioner. Again, i wouldnt\" recommend it if your hair isn\"t strong enough. Ns was told by my hair dresser that hair is weak ~ braids, weave and that it is ideal to wait two weeks. But I have never had a problem relaxing the day ns take mine weave or braids out.