Most civilization who space diagnosed through a hernia will need surgery to effectively treat it. Fortunately, hernia repair surgery is common and usually successful, but it’s vital to pick a surgeon who specializes in hernia repair to aid avoid recurrence and other complications.

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Research shows that as many as 30% of patient will endure a second hernia after their initial hernia repair. However data shows that patient whose surgery is performed at a high-volume, nationally accredited school that specializes in hernia repair, such together the Hernia center of Northeast Georgia Medical facility (NGMC), often tend to have much better outcomes. That’s because surgeons at the Hernia facility of NGMC specialization in this kind of surgery, and continually track and also analyze instances to determine best practices.

Our operated doctor are very experienced and have a complication rate that is significantly lower 보다 the national average: seek clinical attention indigenous an skilled hernia specialist appropriate away to talk about the finest course the treatment.

What reasons a hernia to come back?

Recurrent hernias can take place for a variety of reasons, together as:

Infection: patient who had an epidemic that prevent the fascia, or connective tissue, from healing properly may need another surgery.Fascial weakness: If the initial hernia repair to be performed in a weak area of the fascia, hernia revision surgery can be necessary.Lifestyle factors and activities: certain lifestyle determinants and activities may strain or undermine the area that the early hernia repair and also increase opportunities that the hernia will certainly return. Because that example, gift overweight, smoking, having actually diabetes, taking certain medications that weaken the immune system and also heavy lifting or various other strenuous tasks are components that may add to recurrent hernias.

What room the symptoms of a recurrent hernia?

Many the the signs and symptoms the a recurrent hernia are comparable to those of an initial hernia. A recurrent hernia may bulge at or close to the website of the early stage hernia and cause pain that varieties from a dull pains to major pain. Pain may be more noticeable once engaging in specific activities or practice such as lifting heavy objects, or even actions as tiny as sneeze or sneezing. Recurrent hernias may additionally cause bloating or constipation.

How is a recurrent hernia diagnosed?

Like an initial hernia diagnosis, a doctor will review your symptoms and make a diagnosis based on a physics exam. That or she will additionally review her medical and also surgical history. Depending upon the form of hernia suspected, your doctor might order additional diagnostic exam such as an ultrasound, CT scan or MRI.

Do recurrent hernias call for surgery?

Unfortunately, a recurrent hernia cannot heal itself and also will practically always call for surgical treatment. If you doubt a hernia recurrence, your an initial plan of action should be to consult your doctor, even if your pain no severe. If left untreated, recurrent hernias may reason serious complications, such as a bowel obstruction the may develop severe pain, nausea or constipation; or intestinal strangulation if the trapped ar of the intestines does not get sufficient blood.

What non-surgical measures have the right to I take to avoid recurrence?

There are some preventative actions that you deserve to take to aid reduce the possibility of a hernia recurrence or other complications, including:

Maintain a healthy body weightEat a healthy and balanced dietDon’t smokeUse suitable lifting and exercise techniquesKeep your abdominal muscle wall strong and healthy by doing practice to strengthen your core area

How perform I select the right surgeon because that my hernia repair or revision?

Although there is constantly a risk that a hernia will return after it has actually been repaired, choosing an competent hernia surgeon through a high level the technical skill will substantially reduce the danger of recurrence or other complications. NGMC’s hernia fix surgeons room experienced and also highly skilled in open, laparoscopic and robotic hernia repair. Our surgeons likewise successfully treat patients who had initial hernia fix elsewhere yet need review surgery because their hernia has returned.

Nationally well-known by the Surgical review Corporation as center of Excellence for both Hernia Surgery and also Robotic Surgery, ours hernia repair and also revision outcomes are greater than the national average, while our complication rates remain lot lower.

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