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Elena Veselova/ShutterstockOne the the many beloved Spring heritages in America is having actually a yearly helping of corned beef and cabbage come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. If you’d like to stock up and enjoy her corned beef to reap some now and a lot an ext later, here’s exactly how to keep this briny beef for top quality flavor and safety.

What Is “Corned” Beef?

Corned beef entails the ready of beef brisket (or beef round) by curing it with corns of salt and also a brine solution—there’s no actual corn involved, the ax “corn” in this context describes the big size the the salt pieces. The beef is pack in the salt to cure and also then later on packaged in a brine and also delivered to your neighborhood store.

If you’re wondering how it gets that distinctive pink color we’ve all involved know, it’s the sodium nitrite. This ingredient helps to prevent the development of bacteria, and also it’s supplied in numerous other cured species of meat prefer ham, bacon, and also hot dogs.

Other ingredients the make their method into the brine include pickling spices, garlic, sugar, just leaf, and also peppercorns.

Once her corned beef is ready to go, a couple of hours the low-and-slow cooking in a crock pot or Dutch oven will take treatment of the rest. What you are left with is a gorgeous pink hunk the meat filled through briny seasonings that flawlessly accompany potatoes, carrots, and cabbage.

How to freeze Corned Beef

Lucky for us, you deserve to skip all the fun (and work!) that salt-packing the meat, save space in her fridge, and also purchase currently brined and ready-to-cook brisket.

Around St. Patrick’s Day, you will discover heaping piles the brined corned beef in supermarket coolers. It’s a an excellent time to take advantage of those sales and tuck part extra corned beef in your freezer. However, it’s essential to know exactly how to safely keep it in the freezer if you perform buy extra.

Before taking your ready-to-cook corned beef and also throwing it in the earlier of your freezer, be sure to drain the meat that its brine and also wrap it an extremely well. Leave the brisket in the vacuum-sealed bag friend bought it in v the salt solution will reason the flavor and texture come diminish with lengthy freezing, therefore be certain to remove the liquid.

The United claims Department of farming recommends freezing uncooked and already brined corned beef no much longer than one month because that the ideal quality. The will continue to be safe come eat as long as it stays frozen, but the texture and also flavor that corned beef decrease reasonably quickly in the freezer compared to various other meats.

After food preparation your corned beef, you can freeze the meat for two to 3 months for the ideal quality. Again, after ~ a few months the texture and flavor change.

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So, if you desire to take advantage of the sales and have a tasty corned beef dinner in the coming months, us recommend you cook it now, then freeze it because that later. For much more information about corned beef safety, be certain to inspect out this beneficial USDA reality sheet because that the complete rundown.

Emilee UnterkoeflerEmilee Unterkoefler is a freelance food writer, long enthusiast, and mama v over ten year of experience working in the food industry.Read complete Bio »