Is there a black and also white prize for having a drink or two in uniform? I\"ve looked right into AR 670-1 and found a small info. My intent is to never ever drink in ~ a bar, yet have them through a enjoy the meal at a restaurant. From my interpretation this have to be okay.

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Great Question.

What’s the Regulation Say?

4–3. Occasions for wear c. Limitations on wear. (1) Personnel might not wear the combat uniform in off-post facilities that mainly sell alcohol for usage on the premises. If the off-post establishment sells alcohol and food for consumption on the premises, Soldiers might not stay the combat uniform if their activities in the establishment facility on the drink of alcohol.

My Interpretation

If you space in a place that walk not primarily serve alcohol (Like a Bar) and the ar you room in is an facility that serves food and/or a place like a bowling alley, climate I would say Yes, you deserve to drink while in uniform as long as you room not there because that the sole purpose of drinking and also your command does not reflect poorly top top the service.

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Rich Woods
Saturday, 14 November, 2020 in ~ 15:57

Is it against regulations because that a soldier come consume alcohol addict beverages if dressed in his dress blue uniform?


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