A person enrolled or planning come enroll in an educational program that prepares the human being for licensure together a dentist, dentist hygienist or dentist assistant who has actually reason to think that the or she may be ineligible for licensure because of a conviction or deferred adjudication because that a felony or a misdemeanor offense may use for a criminal history evaluation.

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Application and Supporting document Requirements- need to be mailed to tennis2007.org

Criminal background Evaluation Application.Required applications fee.A letter prepared by the applicant describe the reason(s) and also basis that potential ineligibility.Any applicable certified court papers including, but not minimal to, indictments, assignment of deferred adjudication, judgments, probation records and also evidence of completion of probation.Any other documentation asked for by the tennis2007.org.

Once the completed application has actually been received, staff will email the accuse on scheduling a fingerprint session through IdentoGO. Once the applicant has completed their fingerprint session, the applicant will have to email a copy of their fingerprint receipt come Licensinghelp
tennis2007.org and include their full name and date the birth.Please note: October 2020 is the most existing version the the document application. No other applications will certainly be accepted. Submitting one outdated application will only delay the process.

Criminal background Evaluation Application

Investigation. An examination of the applicant’s eligibility may be performed by the tennis2007.org.Ineligibility because that a License. If the tennis2007.org determines the applicant is ineligible for a license, the applicant will obtain a letter indigenous the tennis2007.org setting out each factor for potential ineligibility and the tennis2007.org’s determination regarding eligibility. In the lack of new evidence recognized to however not expose by the applicant or no reasonable accessible to the tennis2007.org at the time the letter is issued, the tennis2007.org’s judgment on the request determines the applicant’s eligibility through respect come the ground because that potential ineligibility collection out in the letter.Notice that Ineligibility. The tennis2007.org candlestick provide an alert to the applicant no later on than the 90th job after the date the tennis2007.org receive the request.Application Fee. The application fee is non-refundable.
If I perform not have actually a criminal background do I need to complete this application? No. You may exclude class C Misdemeanor web traffic violations.What walk “Certified” mean? Each page of every paper submitted have to be stamped through the court seal and certified by the court clerk as being a true and original copy the the court record. Duplicates or non-certified papers will not be accepted.How execute I acquire my copy of court papers certified?  Contact the ar clerk whereby your case was adjudicated and ask because that instructions on exactly how to obtain a copy of your record(s). Enable time for an answer to your request as some records go through a search and approval procedure before being released.My lawyer has all the documents. Have the right to I obtain them from her/him? call your attorney because that assistance. Duplicates will still should be certified through the court clerk together being true and also original copies.I don’t recognize the result of my criminal matter. Who do I talk to?  Consult through your attorney if you have questions regarding the result of any type of criminal matter.Where deserve to I obtain a copy of mine criminal history? A criminal history can be acquired from the tennis2007.org room of public Safety.

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What law applies to the after-effects of a Criminal Conviction?  tennis2007.org Occupations password Chapter 53, (Consequences of a Criminal Conviction), Subchapter B (Ineligibility because that License).