ns am thinking about getting a ten gallon (ca. 38 litres) aquarium so that i can add some Neon Tetras to my tank atmosphere that already includes one Betta fish and nothing more. However, i noticed that the Neon Tetras and the Betta fish eat similar things. I don"t desire to waste money on an aquarium come hold more fish if it will be too much trouble to restrain my various other Betta if the Tetras space eating! Is there a straightforward solution come feeding tank mates separately?



Just feed them together. Usage a top quality flake or pellet food and it will certainly be fine for both types of fish.

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Also, simply mentioning this out there since of the common, low-tech / no-tech, betta tank setups: if this tank isn"t filtered and heated, carry out not placed tetras in it. Bettas execute not have actually the same water quality and oxygen saturation needs as tetras do since they have a substantially different respiratory system, called a labyrinth organ, and do not have the same temperature demands as tetras. Tetras breath oxygen v gills and also not a labyrinth organ, they are warmwater tropical fish and also need steady water temperature from about the mid 70"s °F minimum up to the mid 90"s °F (from about 24 to 35 °C). They can actually be in water in the short 100"s °F (around 38 °C) for treating specific illnesses because that an indefinite period of time if the water is thoroughly oxygenated. Yet again, security is reasonably important in tetra health.

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Tetras are among the best choices the end there to it is in a betta"s tankmates. Friend shouldn"t normally have a problem unless your betta is particularly aggressive.

If you"re concerned about him exhibiting territorial behavior, you might put him into a cup and also block his view of the tank, rearrange every his furniture (maybe even swapping out one or two pieces), add the tetras to the tank and let them gain comfortable for a few hours, then lastly put her betta earlier in. With whatever rearranged he won"t feeling so lot like he"s return to his old stomatic grounds, therefore he"ll be much less likely come perceive the tetras as invaders.

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I actually have actually a very similar setup due to the fact that a couple of weeks. Ns feed my beta small balls and feed the neon flakes (my betta doesn"t appears to choose the flakes therefore much...). Ns feed mine betta an initial by providing him one or 2 balls in ~ the time. Why? Simple! The neon room way faster 보다 the betta and they eat his food before him if i don"t carry out it this way. Sure they eat a pair of his food yet that is not my concern, I desire to make sure the betta has enough food for this reason he won"t follow the neon roughly (too much) in the remainder of the day.

As one more answer listed it is much better to add the neon very first and then include the betta. I actually did the reverse and it worked however getting the neon an initial should help minimizing the loss. In my situation I lost 3 neon over the very first week. It"s tough to to speak if it was my betta or the stress caused by the pilgrimage from the tennis2007.org shop to my home.

To give a opportunity to all her fish, make sure they have plenty of places to hide and that the water conditions are great at all time (heater, filtration, regular water test, etc).

In my instance things seems to have actually settle down and I haven"t lost any type of fish since 2 weeks. If mine betta begin chasing the neon hard (not one or 2 strike yet many times) i close the lamp of the tank and also it it seems ~ to patience them down. Ns never had to do this in the day and also only carry out it in ~ night before going come bed.

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Good luck through this fun setup and also don"t worry about your neon for the food however rather around your betta.