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Hotdogs are certainly a standard bite, enjoyed at baseball games, cook-outs, and your friendly ar hotdog cart.

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But, it"s no an enig that what"s in a hotdog remains somewhat the a mystery. So, it renders perfect sense for you come wonder if it"s it s okay for her Shih Tzu to eat them. 

Can dog eat hotdogs?

In a nutshell,eating a few bites that hotdogs on chance isn"t most likely going come hurt your ShihTzu dog. However, hotdogs are extremely processed fatty foods that can lead come anupset stomach and also diarrhea and also could be harmful to her dog"s health if spend frequently.

Instead that hotdogs, you"re better off letting your dog gain an alternative treat, like some unseasoned cook chicken or beef.

Why space Hotdogs Harmful to Dogs?

People tend to joke about hotdogs, calling that "mystery meat," yet according to the national Hotdog & Sausage council (yep, it"s a thing), americans eat around 20 exchange rate hotdogs a year. 

Still, that doesn"t make frankfurters, tube steaks, red hots, or every little thing else you want to call hotdogs a good food selection for your Shih Tzu.

Okay, so you might argue that some of the ingredients in numerous hotdogs, choose monosodium glutamate (MSG) and sodium nitrate, aren"t an excellent for anyone.

In fact, details studies have attached high usage of salt nitrate to boosted heart an illness risk. (It provides you wonder why civilization eat so countless hotdogs, right?)

Plus, hotdogs generally contain sugar or miscellaneous sweeteners, i beg your pardon can add to worries like obesity, diabetes, and also low energy, among other problems.

Finally, sodium, which can lead come dehydration and high blood pressure once consumed in excess, is numerous in hotdogs.

A usual hotdog contains about 560mg of sodium.

These ingredients can not be a huge deal for a person when girlfriend eat just one or two hotdogs here and also there. However, for a dog, specifically a small dog choose a Shih Tzu, this ingredients end up being even more problematic.

For example, just one hotdog would certainly likely twin (or also triple) her pup"s day-to-day sodium limit.

Then, you need to think about some the the seasonings you discover in numerous hotdogs. Many of them contain things like onions and also garlic, which have the right to be toxic come dogs and also may reason vomiting, diarrhea, and significant GI issues.

Your dog can choke on hotdogs

In enhancement to questionable ingredients, hotdogs additionally pose a far-ranging choking hazard for dogs.

Even little children threat choking ~ above them, which is why caregivers are an alleged to slice the hotdogs or sausages lengthwise and also then cut it horizontally, creating tiny bite-size pieces.

But, dogs the stumble upon a fallen hot dog (or boldly stealing one off the table) will shot to tackle your prize whole.

Some well-intentioned but uninformed pet parents can even toss a totality hotdog to their furry friend together a one-of-a-kind snack.

This is risky, together it substantially increases the choke danger, particularly for large dogs the will frequently bypass chewing and shot to swallow the whole.

What to carry out If your Shih Tzu Eats a hot Dog

Most likely, if your Shih Tzu just snags one hotdog, you don"t have to worry.

Your dog may experience an uncomfortable stomach and diarrhea, yet it have to subside in ~ the day. That course, friend can constantly call her vet to make them mindful of the situation and ask for details guidance.

It"s very important to give your pup several water and also keep a close eye on him if he has diarrhea. You don"t want your dog to become dehydrated.

If diarrhea persists for much more than a day, or you notification any various other unusual behavior, contact your vet right away or lug your dog to an emergency clinic. 

It"s especially important if you think your pup ate many hotdogs, or you recognize it save on computer ingredients toxic for dogs.

Also, keep in mind if your dog gained a host of a hotdog v toppings, etc.

Many well-known items world like to put on your hotdogs are likewise a problem for dogs.

For example, relish consists of sugar, salt, and seasonings that can pose some wellness hazards for her dog. In addition, mustard has actually lots that sodium, which have the right to jack increase the currently high sodium content of the hotdog.

Additionally, as formerly mentioned, onions room poisonous come dogs, and other things, choose peppers, can reason digestive problems.

Finally, ketchup has a most sugar and also can mess up your dog"s energy levels and contribute to load problems.

Furthermore, hotdog buns are loaded with sugar and also carbohydrates that have the right to wreak destruction on your pup"s health.

What around Using warm Dogs as Training Treats?

Some people use hotdogs together training treats, and also although this may seem like a great idea, it just works if you save several remarkable points in mind. 

First, you have to ensure the you reduced the pieces right into appropriately-sized little bits that will certainly not existing a choking risk for your dog.

Also, even though many hotdogs come pre-cooked, it"s better to cook them again to ensure your safety and also no bacteria space present.

Finally, moderation is key. The whole allude of a training act is to provide a tiny little bit of a distinct treat once your dog performs the desired habits well.

Therefore, ideally, if you"re making use of hotdogs together training treats, her dog just gets a few small bits, which would not it is in a large enough amount to create any type of issues.

It"s additionally necessary to save the hotdogs properly, such together in the fridge inside a sealed container, to prevent spoilage which could make her Shih Tzu sick.

Keep in mind the hotdogs still have a high sodium content.

So if you"re utilizing hotdogs as training treats, it"s also more an important to ensure your dog has accessibility to new water to prevent potential dehydration.

Overall, since eating hotdogs comes through some downsides because that dogs, the best idea is to opt for alternative options together your maintain treats.

For example, you have the right to use frozen blueberries, little bits the cooked, unseasoned pork, chicken, or beef, or yes, really training treats made specifically for dogs.

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Honestly, v so many food options out over there that room healthy and also beneficial because that dogs, there"s yes, really no factor to serve your Shih Tzu hotdogs.

But, if you want to offer your furry girlfriend a tiny nibble or two at your next cook-out, it"s not most likely to do any major damage (except maybe teaching your pup come beg.)