Is It for sure For mine Red Eared Sliders to Eat Apples?

Is It safe For my Red Eared Sliders to Eat Apples?

Ok, for this reason technically speaking, no, it’s not overly safe for any kind of kind of turtle to eat apples, and also that contains read eared sliders.

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However, it is OK come feed your turtles apologize on really rare occasions, although plenty of would recommend never ever feeding your red eared sliders any type of apples at all.

Now, just like with humans and things we must not consume, such as alcohol for example, red eared sliders can tolerate small amounts that apples there is no too much risk, although it’s probably best to stop them altogether.

In other words, a small bit of to apologize here and also there may not have actually serious health impacts for her turtles, yet it’s definitely not healthy for them, and there is a threat that health impacts may ensue.

So, why room apples not great for her red eared sliders?

The Peel

One factor why apples are not great for tortoise is as result of the peel. Apologize peels usually always contain a an excellent amount that pesticides, which are of course negative for turtles.

Of course, you can peel the apples, i m sorry does assist get rid the this problem, although small amounts the pesticides might leach with the peel right into the apple’s flesh.

The Seeds

Seeds are likewise not great for turtles. Seed can reason serious digestive issues which can become painful and also lead to even much more serious issues, possibly life threaten in part cases.

That said, you can avoid this trouble by removing the seeds from the apples.

Stomach Enzymes, Sugar, & Acidity

The real problem with feeding apologize to her red eared sliders is that apples save a many acid and also sugar.

The enzymes in the stomachs the turtles are not designed to breakdown sugars and also acids. Therefore, your turtle can not digest apples.

This in turn deserve to lead come gas, bloating, constipation, minister blockages, rubbish buildup and also poisoning as result of waste buildup, and ultimately death. Tortoise stomachs just aren’t draft to malfunction apples.

In fact, since turtles cannot effectively digest sugar, it messes with their blood chemistry and also can reason glucose spikes. In turn, this may actually cause your turtle occurring diabetes, which left untreated will certainly be fatal.


How often Can they Eat Apples?


If you execute decide to feed her turtles apples, you must only execute so on rare occasions as a tasty treat.

In other words, around once per week in ~ the most, yet no more. Come repeat, most experts would strong recommend never feeding her turtles any kind of apples in ~ all.

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What various other Fruits have the right to Red Eared Sliders Eat?

There are some various other fruits which deserve to be fed to turtles on rarely occasions, although when again, many would recommend never doing so at all.