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Adapting a 220v appliance to a 110v outlet (fireplaces, heater, convert)
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Johnny Bananas15

I purchased 2 new fireplace inserts. Both wired 220v.They both have a light that flickers representing the illusion of fire and also they both have a heater(1500w) that can be independently turned on, if wanted, to blow out heat into the room. I set up a new 220v recepticle for one unit and also it functions fine.The second unit I want to usage in an additional room via just the light application and also not use the heater at all.Can I wire this unit for 110v and usage a 110v outlet that is already obtainable. If so, how?

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I really would recommend against doing this. The odds of also a professional electrician making adjustments that can render the device unusable or unsafe are fairly high, and that is why pretty much any kind of UL-noted device is additionally going to say "no user serviceable parts inside". That UL-listing suggests that Underwriters Labs has tested the device and also is sure that it will not add to somepoint prefer a fire or electrical shock danger. I would never take into consideration putting a 220v tool into my home that did not have actually the UL label and frankly these Shanghai-made systems look favor death machines: ELECTRIC FIREPLACE HEATER 220V | FIREPLACE HEATERIf you really desire to overlook the warnings, I intend you might obtain the schematic and recognize if the "light" is in any kind of means separable from the "heat". If it is you might then bypass the 220v percent of the gadget and simply run the light off 110v. Depending on exactly how the light is created this might or may not be feasible...Many kind of of these "electric fireplaces" that are 220v are designed to put out 4000 watts of heat and that is why they call for not just a 220v plug but additionally correct circuit breaker and wiring to proccasion dangerous overheating...