If you think that business card marketing involves merely acquisition out her card and giving it to anyone, you’re regrettably mistaken. The takes a little an imaginative thinking to get a much bigger return on your investment. Make connections and building relationships is an arts form. And you should always think beyond the obvious in stimulate to was standing out.

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There are numerous ways come create new leads your company cards besides just keeping castle in your wallet. You will certainly be amazed in ~ how much a few thousand service cards deserve to go as soon as they are inserted in the appropriate location and also given to the best people.

We’ve compiled rapid tips because that effective company card marketing below. If one no fit her target demography exactly, think just how you deserve to tweak that slightly. Countless of these concepts can be easily readjusted to fit any type of product or service. Every you need to do is know your target audience, recognize your own business, and think creatively! we hope this list will inspire friend to do the many of your organization cards.

Business card Marketing Tips

1. Ask or pay neighborhood restaurants come let you place service cards near the checkout counter.

2. Find local businesses pertained to your product or service and also leave cards in ~ the counter.

3. Stick few of your organization cards on university campus bulletin boards.

4. Develop a viral video clip or photograph that consists of your business card or develop a viral organization card design.

5. Pay college students come hand out your cards on various local campuses.

6. Find for various other public bulletin boards to leave your business cards on.

7. Ar your cards in doors of neighborhood homes.

8. Partner with many hotels to leave her cards in the hotel rooms that guests.

9. Letter your company cards along with other direct mail piece to a target mailing list.


10. Hire people to hand the end your cards in high traffic areas such as in a city.

11. Provide your cards out to family and friends so they can provide them away as soon as needed.

12. Network with other local company owners and also exchange organization cards.

13. Offer people a finders fee and give them company cards to pass out.

14. Give more than one organization card, so her recipients have the right to give duplicates as they view fit.

15. Print organization cards together mini holiday greeting cards.

16. Mail service cards with promo codes the customers require to bring in to obtain a discount.

17. Produce a street team and give members organization cards and other promotional items come hand out.

18. If you have actually an area where people fall in line, such together checkout counters, leave a ridge of her cards wherein they have the right to reach it. Existing customers are one of the most most likely audience to check for your other services and also they will certainly be tempted to examine your card.

19. If you need to jot down a note to offer to someone, usage your company card.

20. Acquire taxi drivers and also companies to ar a small holder with your organization cards on the divider window of their cabs or top top the seats.

21. Clip a company card to any invoice or approximates you send out.


22. Many areas have welcome wagons to greet new residents. See if you have the right to include organization cards for your service.

23. Apartment buildings often give new renters welcome sheets through a perform of recommended services. Gain on the list and also print the end cards because that them to offer away.

24. Upload your company card style to online design galleries such as CardObserver.

25. Short article your service card style on classifieds such together craigslist.org.

26. Make certain everyone who works for you has standard or personalized service cards. Personal cards can an increase employee morale.

27. Give away a business card with every product you ship.


28. Attend ar events, network there and hand out your cards.

29. Contact shopping centers and work out a deal so you can leave business cards on automobile windshields. Examine out city and also state laws however, in case it’s illegal in her area.

30. Partner with real estate agents and also agencies to obtain your service cards to brand-new home buyers.

I hope you obtained some good ideas native our company card marketing tips list. If you’re ready to start your marketing campaign, we would certainly be happy to partner with you. Right here at tennis2007.org, we offer amazing organization card print service, lightning quick shipping and affordable pricing.

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Have you believed of any type of more an innovative business card marketing tips? Please article them in the comments listed below so us can expand this list.