ns tried placing a game Boy game in my video game Boy Color, and also it fits, but I"m not sure whether my GBC is broken.

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Will this work?



You entirely can, and also they must work fine. (I walk this every the time.) If the is a double mode cartridge (Typically dark grey or black plastic housing, in the exact same shape together the original game Boy cartridge) that should have actually colour come it (a 56 colour palette), and also if the is just the regular light gray plastic housing on the cart, that will have actually a 4-10 color palette.

This graph from Nintendo mirrors you what video game Boy era carts occupational with what systems, i beg your pardon should give you a an excellent idea.



Source: http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/systems/gameboy/compatibilitychart.jsp

That should tell you all you have to know about the compatibility. Quick answer: Yes, you can.

Update to suggest out main points:

Firstly, inserting an original GameBoy video game will display up to 4-10 colours. The color scheme can be adjusted using one-of-a-kind palettes.

A tiny number is said to perhaps not role properly as sometimes there might be scrambled images, sound problems or absent graphics.

To include to this, to adjust colour palettes, below a couple of key presses you can perform (you need to do this at the startup screen:

Brown: up directional keyBlue: Left directional keyPastel mix: under directional keyGreen: best directional keyRed: increase + ADark Blue: Left + AOrange: down + ADark Green: ideal + ADark Brown: up + BGray: Left + BYellow: down + BReverse: best + B

Hope this was a bit more informative 보다 my quick answer :).

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So far, every handheld mechanism Nintendo has actually made has been designed v a Poka-yoke such the it is difficult to insert any type of cartridge right into a device with which it is not compatible. If you obtain a GB classic cartridge, a GB color cartridge, a GB breakthrough one, and also so on, and carefully examine and compare your shapes, you"ll notification the differences and how/why larger cartridges can go into newer systems, but the more recent cartridges won"t fit into the larger systems.

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All game Boy video game Paks except maybe a half dozen will job-related on video game Boy Color.

Road Rash and also Xerd no Densetsu carry out not operation on video game Boy Color because they inadvertently rely on the effect of a pest in STAT IRQ, a feature to synchronize the CPU to video display. This an insect affects only game Boy, Super video game Boy, video game Boy pocket, and also Game boy Light. No bug, no game.The Game connect connector top top the game Boy pocket and also later is smaller sized than top top the original video game Boy. Any kind of accessory through a captive cable, such together player 1 on the 4-player adapter because that F-1 Race or the key-board for the unreleased Workboy organizer software, will not connect.Game Boy advancement Game Paks no fit no one run.
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Does the -Nintendo- logo present up as soon as you rotate it on? If ns remember correct, it should present up nevertheless of whether there is a game inserted, and also indicates the GBC is operational.

If the isn"t working, then it does sound like either the GBC is broken, or the tennis2007.orgs are broken.

The GBC was designed to be completely backwards compatible with GB games, and also it intensified them through color. Which included replay value to old GB games.

One thing I like around playing GB tennis2007.orgs in the GBC is that you can infer the Nintendo listed a well believed out game engine come GB developers, indigenous the really beginning. In my experience, for every pre-GBC games I play (Mario, Zelda, Star Trek), the player was one shade (blue?), the enemy sprites were another (red?), and the lift was another color (green?). This do the action games somewhat easier, as red moving objects are simpler to view than simply moving objects.

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Another thing I liked was the battery life, which was even much better than the GB Pocket. If the battery leads are corroded, I uncover that vinegar top top a q-tip is a an excellent way the clearing far the corrosion and/or dead battery acids.