There are many things that dogs do that merely defy belief and also common sense. Eating toilet rolls and also toilet paper is one together odd point they can do. I’ve certainly walked previous our bathroom prior to to see a record trail and also a guilty feather dog… but why perform dogs eat restroom paper, and also is it bad for them? I decided to discover out… 

Why does mine dog eat toilet paper? dogs eat toilet record and rolls for a number of reasons including stress, boredom, anxiety, fun, hunger, teething, hunting and also prey instinct, or a problem called pica wherein dogs eat non-food items. Part toilet roll eating behavior can be conveniently broken, others will require investigation from a vet.

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Why your dog ate restroom paper

The reasons why her dog loves to eat toilet roll are large and varied. Check out them all below and see if girlfriend can uncover one i beg your pardon might apply your toilet record munching pup.

1. To have actually fun

I think the optimal reason a dog eats toilet record is since it’s fun and also appeals to their instincts. Toilet document also has a really strange consistency come it and can be ripped come shreds fairly easily… every one of which provides it really appealing come dogs!

Think around how dogs would certainly hunt prey if they to be wild. They would pin the prey to the soil then piece it with their claws.

My dog had lots that fun as soon as we played with a toilet roll!

Whilst nobody would ever before suggest a toilet roll presents a particular complicated catch, when dogs space indoors, lock look because that fun things to store themselves entertained v in the lack of any kind of decent dog playthings or owner playtime!

2. Boredom, separation anxiety, or stress

A boring or emphasize dog will frequently exhibit attention seeking and also destructive behaviors. This might be chewing up shoes, tearing into walls, or eating toilet rolls.

Stress have the right to manifest itself in countless different ways, and will frequently occur as result of a adjust in your dog’s environment or also a one-off event such as fireworks.

Separation anxiety is one of the most usual issues that leads to disastrous behavior. When dogs room left alone for lengthy periods of time, lock will regularly chew and scratch things in the home. Offered how easily available toilet rolfes are, numerous times dogs eat toilet document to obtain your attention.

3. Teething in puppies

Puppies will eat toilet document when teething if they deserve to get access to it. The not also the fact that toilet rolls are particularly fascinating as teething puppies will certainly chew on anything because that relief.

By eat things roughly the home, puppies have the right to soothe their sore gums so store things they save chewing well the end of reach… and also invest in a teething toy prefer the ones on Amazon below!


4. Pica condition

Pica is a problem that’s difficult to diagnose together it deserve to be under to so numerous different things. That a condition that affect humans too, and also if you’ve no heard of that before, the West Park animal Hospital define pica in dogs as:

“Pica is the intake of non-food substances. The trouble with pica is that the itmes spend can cause serious blockage in the digestive tract. This items may either acquire tangled in the perceptible intestine, or be can not to pass, result in major illness followed by emergency surgery or endoscopy.” (view source)

From my very own research right into pica, the a very common factors for dogs eating toilet rolls, and also is stated to be lugged on through the complying with issues: 

Stress and anxiety.Hormonal imbalances.Nutritional deficiencies.Change in environment.Illnesses including diabetes.Possible mental health conditions. 

It can be hard to avoid a dog eat toilet file if you don’t recognize the source cause, and also this is where a pica diagnosis have the right to be hard. The best Friends Animal society also say the pica in dog is caused by: 

“Can include gastrointestinal disease, anemia, liver disease, pancreatic disease, illness causing overfill appetite such together diabetes, neurologic diseases, poor diet, gift on medications such together prednisone, behavior disorders such together anxiety, or a depraved house environment. Pica can even be a symptom of common exploratory behavior.” (view source) 

As you have the right to see, yes a most reasons why it might be happening, so is finest checked over by her vet.

5. Hunger 

Your dog might be eat toilet paper just due to the fact that he is hungry. For example, if your dog has consumed well throughout the day then gone top top a huge walk and expended several energy, he can need to discover those extra calories once you get home.

Obviously, there space no calorie in toilet paper, but once the chewed and also eaten, it have the right to clump in her dog’s stomach and also give lock the illusion that they are full. 

If your dog eats several it, climate of food it will certainly be poor for them come eat toilet paper so exercise some caution.

Is it negative for dog to eat toilet record or restroom rolls?

Toilet document breaks up an extremely easily, so no that negative for dogs to eat. As quickly as moisture soaks in the toilet paper, it will reduce in size, break apart, and in most situations will pass normally through her dog’s digestive device without causing any kind of problems.

Toilet rolls and also cardboard deserve to be more serious, as larger pieces of card won’t break up together easily and could reason a blockage in smaller sized dogs.

However, in most instances you could see a little toilet record in her dog’s poop, or your dog might construct an upset stomach with symptoms consisting of diarrhea.

But that’s yes, really if toilet paper eating is just a one off.

The bottom line is, much of that is down to size and also regularity. For example, if you have actually a little dog who eats toilet paper on a daily basis, then yes, it’s most absolutely bad.

Toilet paper could become blocked in her dog’s intestines if it’s eaten regularly.

If her dog has gained something stuck, then they will must be motivated to vomit, or in an extremely serious situations even undergo a operation procedure.

Whether that was just a small toilet paper or a lot, friend should constantly consult v a vet if you’re concerned and your dog starts to act out of character.

Possible next effects

I’ve currently touched ~ above some reasons why it’s negative for dogs to eat toilet rolls and also paper, but here’s a run-down of every those possible side results in full.

If you have actually come home to watch shredded toilet organization everywhere, it can be tough to number how lot of it her dog has actually eaten. The symptoms listed below are all points to screen for.

A lack of appetiteBloatingWeight lossA major sensitivity around the stomach areaA rapid decrease in healthConstipationLethargyThrowing upDiarrhoeaDehydration

Of course, eat toilet document is not the just reason for these type of symptom to appear in dogs, however they are all indicative of minister blockage, i beg your pardon is always a clinical emergency.

If you room in doubt in ~ all, please go to her vet straight away.

How to stop your dog from eat toilet paper

Now we’ve established why her dog ate toilet paper, us now must look at methods to protect against it. In most cases, your dog has actually turned the act of eating toilet file into a funny game and won’t prevent unless trained to carry out so – or you placed preventative steps in place.

Here space my optimal tips you have the right to use to acquire your dog to protect against eating toilet document (making all that mess about your home)!

1. Save the toilet door closed!

The simplest answer is come make sure that your bathroom door is always shut. That brings an finish to the game and will stop your pooch from getting to the toilet roll holder.

2. Distract your dog with something else

If you can commit to maintaining the door shut, you should now emphasis your dog’s attention elsewhere. This is essential due to the fact that there is one point worse 보다 chewed toilet paper… a restroom door that is gaining scratched to pieces!

Some the the best toys for huge chewers space things choose the popular Kong (view ~ above Amazon). Us will often fill one with xylitol-free peanut butter or treats as it keeps our dog Claude populated for periods – an interpretation he won’t have actually the inclination to tear up and eat restroom rolls!


An alternative could be a game that requires much more mental dexterity, such as a puzzle. This is a puzzle toy on Amazon the dogs love. It’s said to store them mentally energetic and odor them native destructive habits such as chewing points up.

either of these toys will store your dog busy and also should minimize the boredom i m sorry is often at the source of why dogs eat toilet paper.

If you carry out see your dog eating toilet paper, don’t chase or shout at them together this will certainly amplify the behavior, and will make them think the video game has started.

Instead redirect their fist towards one of their brand-new toys, do what she doing through it look favor the most amazing thing ever.

3. Save your dog exercised

Bored and inactive dogs will look to game themselves, and this can manifest itself in countless different ways. Part dogs like to chew through partition walls, others like to eat record towels.

You have the right to stop your dog from eat toilet file and developing destructive habits by maintaining them fine exercised. We try to go our very own dog at the very least twice a job which helps to tire him out and also keep his mental active.

4. Spend an ext time through your dog

If her dog is eat toilet roll to gain your attention, climate you can give her dog what that or she wants… more of you!

4. Gain a vet to check for an basic issue

I mentioned previously what the concerns could be, and often it will take a vet examination to check what the exact difficulty is.

Your dog could be hungry which will be basic to spot, but for more complex things favor nutrient deficiencies, pica, stress, and illness may need a skilled diagnosis.


Dogs are basic creatures and also often the many plausible and obvious thing will be the factor for a behavior… and also this uses to toilet roll eating too where many dogs execute it just because they can!

It’s fun, and also if you look at the image in this article, they space of mine dog after i played with some toilet organization in former of him. He want to get involved, it came to be a funny game, and he love the attention.

But the course, this won’t constantly be the reason, so please execute watch for any kind of odd symptoms, and always consult with a vet if in any doubt over her dog’s behavior.

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