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I want 22" but I"m not sure if they are gonna rub. Does anyone have experience with that? Will I need to lift the frame? Air ride or something?
I know it"s possible, but I *think* you may need a lift. I may be wrong. I have 20" with no problem but I think 22" would be cutting it very close.
A buddy of mine had 22"s on his "00 deville with no rubbing that I could find/feel. Rides like shit though... But with 22"s you should be driving at about 5 MPH anyway. Right?!?
i have a 96 sedan deville with side skirts at the back and have 22"s, they tuck nicely under there, i had a two inch lift,(spacers) i have 22 inch tis rims8.5, 255/zr22 with miniumal rub. Holla Back, if u have more questions.


I got 20"s and my car rides like shit. Took em off. I might put them on for the summer though just for looks. I couldn"t do 22"s. My ass would hurt.
me personally I am in to a clean look, I was going to go with 20 inch rims but it took the clean look away. So I went with 18 inch 100 spoke rims with the bullet knockoff"s my joint look clean were the rims are not protruding so when you see my Lac you see a whole car were the rims elevate the look, style and the sexiness of the Deville I feel when you have to mod your car regardless if it"s a little or a lot just to put some big rims on it "your doing to much" keep it clean man the way a Lac supposed to be.:thumbsup:
You bet 22"s will fit but a what cost??? We all know the risk involved from rubbing to flats. I played it safe and went with 20"s but sometimes I do wish I went with 22"s.But I must say even though I hate my Deville with a passion just seeing another Cadillac owner doing it big makes me think twice about kickin her off my team.

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