Written through Brierley Horton, MS, RD top top October 11, 2021 — medically reviewed through Katherine Marengo LDN, R.D., Nutrition

Of every the various cuts the pork, the pork chop is the many popular, follow to the nationwide Pork Board. However not every pork chop is the same (1).

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In fact, pork chops have a selection of surname — loin, rib, sirloin, optimal loin, or blade chops — however they every come indigenous the loin meat the runs indigenous a pig’s shoulder to its hip.

Of course, just how you chef your pork chop impacts its overall nutrition profile. But the fat content also varies slightly depending upon which specific component of the pig the chop come from.

For instance, a sirloin pork chop is just one of the leaner cuts, and also tenderloin is the leanest.

Other pork chop cuts, such together the new York pork chop, Porterhouse pork chop, and Ribeye pork chop, have much more total fat than a sirloin pork chop, yet there’s really just a small amount of additional saturated fat (1).

This post explores even if it is pork chops room nutritious and how to chef them to best support your nutritional needs.

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Nutrients in pork chops
Overall — nevertheless of cooking method — pork chops are a really rich source of selenium. This is a mineral involved in her immune and endocrine systems, and it has anti-inflammatory and also antioxidant properties (2).

Pork chops are likewise high in zinc, and they offer great amounts of:


However, the cooking technique does affect how numerous calories, fat, and also sodium lock have. Fried pork chops, for example, are greater in all 3 of those categories.

That said, fried pork chops might still fit into your diet, as lengthy as the extra calories, fat, and sodium are accounted for.

Here’s a compare of a boiled or baked pork chop and one that’s breaded and fried:

Large pork chop (8 oz, or 227 g, through a bone), broiled or baked, provides (3)Large pork chop (8 oz, or 227 g, v a bone), breaded and fried (4)
Protein36 grams33 grams
Fat14 grams22 grams
Carbs0 grams23 grams
Fiber0 grams1 gram
Sugar0 grams2 grams
Sodium29% that the everyday value (DV)33% of the DV
Selenium113% that the DV107% of the DV
Phosphorus29% of the DV28% that the DV
Zinc23% that the DV23% that the DV
Potassium13% of the DV11% that the DV
Iron4% the the DV13% the the DV
Copper10% of the DV17% of the DV
Magnesium10% that the DV11% that the DV


Pork chops are inherently a lean resource of protein, but how they’re cook can significantly influence their nutrition. Much more on the various food preparation methods below.

The health and wellness benefits of pork chops

A complete resource of high high quality protein

Amino acids are the building blocks that protein, and protein is necessary for so many bodily functions, from structure muscle come assisting in the manufacturing of hormones that store our the atmosphere up.

Each that us demands a team of so-called vital amino acids since they’re miscellaneous our bodies can’t make on their own — and pork chops contain every one of them.

Pork chops are likewise a very rich resource of protein. A big one delivers much more than a 3rd of your everyday protein needs.

Another factor that protein is so beneficial is due to the fact that it’s an extremely filling — more so 보다 the other macronutrients (carbohydrates and fat). The a nutrient that gives you the staying power you need between meals (5).

Supports weight loss and body fat ns

Because protein is so filling, civilization who add greater amounts that protein to their diet are an ext successful in ~ cutting earlier on calories and also ultimately losing weight (5).

Plus, newer research shows that people who add pork specifically to your diet — and especially to a weight loss diet — efficiently lose weight and also body fat.

In a recent review, researchers imply that pork’s weight and also fat loss benefits happen due to the fact that pork increases fullness. This rises the amount of energy the human body burns and also supports much better blood sugar manage (6).

Delivers vital nutrients

Here space some nutrients discovered in pork:


Pork supplies a complete source of high high quality protein, i beg your pardon may aid you feel full. It also delivers selenium, zinc, and also easily-absorbed iron, i m sorry are necessary nutrients.

One the the more significant downsides the pork, consisting of pork chops, is that it is a red meat — despite the once-popular marketing phrase, “the various other white meat” (9).

And diet guidance for a healthy and balanced diet (like the USDA diet Guidelines for Americans) motivates limiting red meat.

That’s since a 2020 study consisting of 29,682 adults confirmed that for every 2 extr servings that unprocessed red meat, threat of cardiovascular disease incidence rose slightly (by 6%) and also risk that “all-cause” mortality went up by 3%.

According come the study, the association between eating red meat and also risk the cardiovascular an illness (e.g., heart disease, stroke, love failure, death from cardiovascular disease) and also death in basic increased with period (10).


While pork has actually been branded as “the other white meat,” the is actually a red meat. High consumption of red meats may be connected to cardiovascular disease, so it’s best to limit her intake.

Pork chops are extremely versatile — both in terms of how you cook them (think: grilling, baking, roasting, etc.) and what you chef them with (seasoned, v a fruit sauce or salsa, etc.).

Here are several of the most usual methods of cooking pork chops, according to The nationwide Pork Board’s website (11):

Grilled. as soon as the grill is hot, food preparation pork chops is fast — every side generally takes only 4–6 minutes because that the interior temperature to with 145°F (63°C).Summary

Pork chops are versatile and also can be all set in a range of ways, indigenous stir-frying or baking to grilling or smoking. Be sure to always cook pork chops to a minimum safe temperature that 145°F (63°C).

How long it takes to cook a pork chop counts on how thick the is. A pork chop deserve to be together thin together a 1/2 inch or together thick together 2 inches.

Regardless that thickness, a tender, tasty, and also food-safe pork chop is one it is cooked to an inner temperature of 145°F (63°C), i m sorry is medium-rare. Climate let it remainder for 3 minute (16).

If you favor a more well-done chop, chef it till the inner temperature will 150–155°F (66–68°C) because that medium, 155–160°F (68–71°C) for medium-well, and 160°F (71°C) for well-done (16).

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It’s necessary that your pork chop is cooked to a safe temperature due to the fact that eating raw or undercooked pork can give you a foodborne illness, such together hepatitis E virus (HEV) or Trichinellosis, a parasitic infection (17, 18).


Be sure to constantly cook pork chops come a minimum inner temperature of 145°F (63°C) to minimize your danger of foodborne illness. Cook your chop to higher temperatures for a more well-done item of meat.