It can be very disconcerting if your Cadillac CTS is founding and then dies. It is most likely led to by some kind of worry via the electric or fuel system. But, tbelow have the right to be other causes as well.

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Your CTS’s engine demands 3 points constantly and also in the correct propercentage to keep running.

Air Fuel Spark

If you automobile starts up, but then instantly quits, it may be getting all three at initially, however something is clearly keeping it from gaining all 3 repeatedly.

When you revolve the key to the on position, all 3 of these mechanism interact and also are all set for you to start your CTS. Once you hit the starter it transforms the engine gradually. As soon as the engine gets enough fuel, air, and also spark it runs on its own.

At this point the starter is disinvolved and also the vehicle will require a constant supply of gasoline. If tright here is not enough fuel push to fulfill the demands of the auto, the engine will certainly shut down. This is one of the most prevalent factors why a vehicle starts and also then dies.

Modern vehicles have actually complicated computer system devices that deserve to tell you the factor that the auto is dying automatically after starting it. We recommend looking to check out if tbelow are any type of OBD2 codes prior to proceeding through any kind of manual diagnosis.

Causes: CTS Dies After Starting

Here are some of the most widespread factors that your CTS starts then stops running:

1. Lack of Fuel Pressure


Modern fuel injected engines need most fuel pressure to save running. When they don’t have actually the appropriate press, they can’t run effectively. There are a few reasons that you might not have sufficient fuel push.

Tbelow can be a bad fuel pump. The fuel pump might be providing sufficient fuel pressure as soon as founding the engine, but not offering sufficient to store it running.

The fuel pump is found in the gas tank. But, a lot of engine’s have actually a port that will permit you to examine the fuel press with a gauge that you can rent or buy from a save such as Autozone. Take note of the fuel pressure as you turn the key to the on place. Now start the engine.

Does the fuel push drop almost immediately? Does it go all the way to zero? If it drops all the means to 0 and doesn’t come ago, it’s many most likely the fuel pump relay. If it drops lower, the engine dies, but then the fuel press bounces ago, it’s most most likely a poor fuel pump or fuel filter.

An experienced mechanic via a good scanner have the right to inspect the voltage at the fuel pump relay to recognize if it is getting continuous voltage.

2. Lack of Spark


Most modern-day vehicles are powered by individual coil packs. But, some older engines aren’t. If you have actually a coil on distributor engine, a poor coil can begin a auto, but can not have enough spark to store it running.

3. MAF Sensor


The mass airflow or “MAF” sensor meters the amount of air entering your CTS’s engine. It sits in in between the air filter and the throttle body. It is one of the many essential components that the automobile uses to identify the air/fuel mixture.

If it is not effectively providing a appropriate analysis, it is known to make the automobile not start. Take a look at the wiring harness roughly it and also make sure that it is plugged in great and tight. Follow the wiring as much as you have the right to and make certain that it is not scorched, frayed, or in any kind of other method damaged. Here’s a in depth short article on just how to diagnose a bad mass aircirculation sensor. If you execute end up cleaning it, make sure that you get a cleaner especially designed to clean the sensor and also nopoint else.

4. Ignition Issue


When you start your CTS, it may be that the vehicle’s units are just coming on once you hit the starter. This is a condition that happens as soon as the ignition lock has actually worn out.

Basically, the vehicle is only being told to “be on” as soon as the starter is engaged, and all units are going off once releasing the key. Tbelow are a few points you can execute to tell if this is the problem through your automobile.

Try starting it with a different key if you take place to have actually one. A newer crucial in an older ignition may be sufficient to create the “on” circuit and also save the automobile running.

If you don’t have actually another essential, take a look at the warning lights on the dash. If they come on when you put the vital into the on place, it more than likely means that this is not the concern. If they are just coming on best as you start the auto, that can intend that you need a brand-new ignition switch.

Do not trust the radio, window, or power seats to tell if the car is on. They are regularly on a different circuit.


The first thing that you would certainly want to execute is hook up a good code scanner and view if tright here are any trouble codes current. These deserve to really assist illuminate what is going on via the car.

If nopoint is discovered, the reasons noted over are some of the a lot of prevalent factors. Otherwise taking it right into an excellent shop might be what is finest. A vehicle that stops appropriate after starting deserve to be difficult to diagnose.

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Good luck fixing your CTS. If there is anything that you would certainly choose to include that can assist the following perkid, please leave a comment below.