How safe is it to bypass the pressure switch temporarily. My pressure switch obtained physically damaged end the winter and the wired connection ripped turn off of the "sender" if friend will. Soldering the wires back on the sender in place won"t work, it"s wasted. I setup on repairing it appropriately this weekend however we are in for hot weather this week and I need to spend a lot of time in the car. If i jumper the link at the connection plug can I cycle my air on and off when driving and also not damage anything? ns don"t really know exactly how the compressor cycles on and also off throughout normal intake or if it does in ~ all. The auto is a 2005 Infiniti G35 sedan, 6 speed manual of course.

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If the device is otherwise in great shape it have to be no problem.Just remember. Among the work of the move is to protect the mechanism in case of short refrigerant.

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Under normal problems the push switch doesn"t bicycle the compressor. That is done by over there thermostat. Plenty of systems have actually both high and also low pressure switches to defend the compressor from very low and really high pressures. However some have a binary or trinary switch which is claimed to protect against high and low pressures, but really doesn"t execute a an excellent job top top the short side. In your case, if your mechanism is functioning properly, you should have the ability to bypass the move temporarily until you can replace it.


Depends ~ above the system. Real basic systems will certainly cycle based off of the low side to store the evaporator indigenous icing over, with a solved orifice rather of a change valve.

The Infiniti does use an growth valve for this reason you need to be okay to just leave that unplugged, or shorted, relying on which means makes the mechanism work.

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While I"m not acquainted with this certain system, the use of an orifice tube in place of the growth valve go not directly relate to controlling cycling. The function of one orifice tube or a TXV are to manage the refrigerant flow. Its simply a cheap and also less effective means of controlling superheat. The thermostat is what is offered to stop freezing the the coil by cycling the compressor as soon as needed.


bravenrace wrote: In answer to Knurled:While I"m not acquainted with this particular system, the use of an orifice pipe in ar of the development valve does no necessarily median it doesn"t have actually a thermostat. The function of an orifice tube or a TXV space to regulate the refrigerant flow. The thermostat is what is provided to avoid freezing that the coil. If Infiniti is using pressure switches to cycle the compressor, then they space doing it very, very wrong, and he shouldn"t bypass the press switch since it may damage the compressor.

For what that is precious my pressure switch is situated near the condenser and it appears complicated. Like I said before the mrs plastic connector busted turn off the push switch and you have the right to kind of check out inside and there is a small circuit board integrated into the peak of the switch. The sensor itself is choose $70 native Rockauto.

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That would be one of two people a high press switch or a multi-function switch like a binary or trinary. How numerous wires room going to it?

bravenrace wrote: In answer to Knurled:While I"m not acquainted with this details system, the use of one orifice pipe in place of the expansion valve go not directly relate to regulating cycling. The function of an orifice pipe or a TXV space to control the refrigerant flow. Its just a cheap and less effective method of regulating superheat. The thermostat is what is supplied to protect against freezing that the coil through cycling the compressor when needed.

Ayup... And the short side push switch works in the same role as a thermostatic switch. If the short side pressure never ever drops listed below 30psi (or everything the details refrigerant"s pressure is at 0c, to add a security factor) then they know it won"t ice over.


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